Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora  Photo by miguel jaime Valcarcel

Baler + Other Towns of Aurora | Tourist Spots 

I usually hear people talking about the great surfing adventures in Aurora. I was indeed very excited to see the place and get to experience such mighty waves. Later on, as I came to the site and got to witness its beauty, I can say that the province of Aurora is far more than just its famous waves. It holds a lot of special hideouts, which you may also want to explore.


  Quezon Memorial Park ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )  Photo by  randomtraveller

Baler Tourist Spots and Other Towns in Aurora

Quezon Memorial Park 

The park is located at the heart of Baler, right in front of the Museum. It is also near the church and Aurora Quezon’s house. The place used to be the location of Quezon’s house.

Ampere Beach and Rock Formation

Another rock formation spot paired with the beach with high waves will welcome you to Ampere Beach. Another added feature of that going here is no cost since there is no entrance fee or admission fee to pay.

AddressBaler – Casiguran Rd, Dipaculao 


Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora ) Photo by  Ramon FVelasquez

Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House

The ancestral house of the family of Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon, one of the oldest structures in the province. So, it is also recommended that you include this one in your itinerary for a more educational aspect of your vacation.

Address: Rizal Street, Poblacion, Baler 

Balete Tree 

Also known as Millenium Tree, the Balete Tree has been here for 600 years now. Thus, it had begun to produce lots of myths and stories. Now, why not head to this spot and get a glimpse of this ancient tree? I am sure that it will be memorable.

Address: 3202, Maria Aurora, 3202  


Baler Catholic Church ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )   Photo by Elmer Domingo 

Baler Catholic Church

The Saint Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish Church or popularly known as Baler Catholic Church is one of the historical spots to visit in Baler. If you would like to visit something more peaceful and reflective, then head to this church.

Cemento Beach and Reef

Cemento Beach and Reef have white sand mixed with crushed shells and corals. May it be swimming, surfing, or snorkeling that you are after, the unexplored beauty of Cemento Beach and Reef will give you what you want.

  Baler Hanging Bridge ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )  Photo by Gelomaics photography

Baler Hanging Bridge

The Baler Hanging bridge is more than just a landmark that connects one area to another. Those who are looking for some sightseeing in a natural environment may find this place suited for them. The view and the fresh air of the bridge ad you walk in it will leave you speechless.

Address: Zabali Rd, Baler 

Banju Spring

The terraced steps with overflowing warm water are highly therapeutic. Hence, heading to the Banju Spring is one of the recommended areas to visit if you would like to relax physically. The surroundings of the spring are decorated with natural ferns and mosses.

  Bulawan Falls ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora ) Photo by Gelomaics photography

Bulawan Falls

Bulawan Falls is situated in a remote area of the province. But despite that, taking an out of the ordinary trip and visiting something far and distant is also a unique and undoubtedly fun adventure.

Address: Bgy, Dinalungan, Aurora

Casapsapan Beach

This mangrove forest is proud to have its turquoise waters and beige-colored sands. Campers and those who want to see a glimpse of this beach will find this place a fantastic area to visit. So, you might as well give this place a chance.


  Dicasalarin Cove ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )   Photo by Carlo Jose Garcia

Dicasalarin Cove

Dicasalarin Cove is situated in a remote area. Its location adds up to the total beauty and mysterious vibe it holds. The beaches paired with the majestic verdant hills will satisfy your much-needed away from the city experience.

Diagwan Beach

The verdant mountains and preserved condition of Diagwan Beach are very photo-worthy and activity. As far as it may be from the mainland, a trip on this beach is rewarding and satisfying.


  Ditumabo Falls  ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )    Photo by Kleervyu

Ditumabo Falls

Ditumabo Falls or also called as Mother Falls is a 150-feet waterfall. As it hits the deep and wide pool at the bottom basin, you will feel the fresh and cold water as you swim. Pristine forests also surround the falls.

Address: Ditumabo Mother Falls St, San Luis, Aurora

Cunayan Falls

The close distance of the Cunayan Falls to the dirt road makes it easily accessible by travelers. The lush green surrounding paired with the falls and its clean waters will be an enjoyable spot to visit.

Address: Barangay Road, San Luis

Diguisit Rock Formation ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )   Photo by Ramon FVelasquez

Diguisit Rock Formation

I have always admired the beauty of rock formations. Fortunately, visiting Diguisit gave me the experience that I needed. Watch the waves hit the incredible rock formations – the view itself will be enough to refresh your mind.

Dialang Falls

The rustic-vibe of Dialang Falls will make you experience a very nature-oriented environment. The lush green environment paired with the gentle flash of waterfalls is a refreshing must-try area to visit and experience.

  Dinadiawan Beach ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )  Photo by Richardsmarcelo

Dinadiawan Beach

The creamy white sand matched with the clear waters brings a lot of good experiences. Do some swimming, photoshoot, or any other relaxing activity that you would like to do.

 Address: Dipaculao

Ermita Hill ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )  Photo by  Gelomaics photography

Ermita Hill

The Ermita Hill offers you the astonishing view of both the Baler Bay and Aniao Islets. Reaching the place may entail some hiking, but I can say that the journey is worth it as the view welcomes you once you reach the top.

Mount Mingan

Heading to the Mount Mingan takes hiking and trekking. As you reach the top, you will be welcomed with the view of nature. More so, the numerous species of flora in the area adds up to the total beauty of the place.


Museo de Baler ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )  Photo by Devinceoy

Museo de Baler

Getting to know the more than 400-year history of the province is much more comfortable and fun by visiting the Museo De Baler. The collection of art pieces, artifacts, documents, and pictures will let you get to know the place on a more personal level.

  Sabang Beach ( Baler Tourist Spots + Other Town in Aurora )  Photo by schlawginski

Sabang Beach

Strong winds paired with high waves? Those who would like to try extreme surfing adventure, then this is the best spot for you. Hold your breath as you maintain your balance at the top of the waves. Plus, don’t forget to enjoy the moments!

The next time you plan visiting Aurora, do not forget to consider this list, for you may find a place or two that interests you. Have a Happy Trip!

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