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Whether you want to fly to an exotic locale to look for rare jungle birds, Iceland to soak in the natural hot springs, or lay on a beach in Bali, you’re going to need an airplane ticket to get there. Plane tickets can be pretty expensive and constitute a significant part of your travel budget. Searching endless airline websites to find cheap flights is quite time-consuming and often feels overwhelming.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a company that can do the searching for you? How would you like to receive email alerts when a cheap flight going to locations around the world pops up? Well, you’re in luck, because that is just what Next Vacay does.


About Next Vacay

The founders of Next Vacay, Naveen, and Shaylee Dittakavi love to travel. They also understand how challenging it is to spend hours trying to find cheap airplane tickets. So, Naveen, a software developer, created a software program that searches numerous airlines’ databases to find crazy cheap deals. Deals like $198 roundtrip to Iceland or $393 to Japan. These are some incredibly cheap flights out there!

At first, the couple used the deals themselves, and then for friends and family. Then, they decided to share their secret travel hack with the public and created the subscription-based, member-supported company, Next Vacay.

Because Next Vacay is member-supported, they make their money from the small annual fee that subscribers pay. The company doesn’t make any money from commissions or kickbacks from the airlines, only from member subscriptions. This system’s beauty is that every deal you see is unbiased and an honest, legitimate cheap flight.


How Next Vacay Works

Airlines make finding cheap airfare virtually impossible, and when good deals are available, they got bought up quickly. If you’re trying to find an inexpensive ticket, you can spend hours and hours looking for one. Unless you have lots of time and patience, you may end up paying a high cost for your ticket, going to a cheaper destination, or giving up on travel altogether.

Next Vacay’s software constantly scours databases of popular airlines with destinations that will get you to beautiful places worldwide. You get email alerts with the cheap airfare, and then you decide which location you want to fly to. If you like the price, the destination, and the dates, grab the deal and book your flights.

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It’s Easy To Travel Cheap With Next Vacay

Travel planning is hard enough, and Next Vacay wants to help make the process smooth and easy. Here’s how it works: Sign up with Next Vacay and enter the relevant information. You’ll put in your name, email address, and the preferred airport you want to fly in and out of. Every one to three days, you’ll receive an email notification with cheap airfare to different locations along with a link for you to book directly with the airline. Once your flights are booked, then start planning the rest of your trip.

The owners of Next Vacay understand that most people can’t just drop what they’re doing and hop on a plane within a few day’s notice. People have to coordinate with their work schedule, the kids’ schedules, and other details that take time to plan. That’s why the deals you’ll see are for at least one to ten months out.

If you see an email with cheap flights that coordinate with your travel schedule, grab the deal as soon as possible since cheap flights don’t last long. The flight deals you get depart from your home airport or an airport within four hours of your home. The idea of Next Vacay is to make traveling fun and easy. The deals are for roundtrip tickets to the destination, so it’s easy to plan to get to and from the location.

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Who Benefits From Using Next Vacay?

Everyone can benefit from using Next Vacay’s services. Next Vacay is ideal for busy working professionals who long to travel more but don’t have the time to search for cheap flights. For professionals who can work remotely or have a flexible schedule, Next Vacay allows them to grab a cheap airplane ticket and head to destinations that can be either relaxing or adventurous.

Families also really benefit from Next Vacay. When you have to buy multiple plane tickets, the costs are often prohibitive to the overall travel budget. With Next Vacay, the deals are for as many tickets as the airline has available, so the whole family or group can take advantage of the cheap flights.

People who may be uncomfortable trying to figure out how to use frequent flyer miles or get credit card points to fly with also benefit from Next Vacay. To open up a credit card account for flight miles may not be worth affecting your credit score or incurring interest charges. Letting Next Vacay find cheap flights is a reasonable alternative to using points and miles.

Anyone who loves to travel a lot should use Next Vacay. If you have plenty of flexibility with time, dates, and locations, Next Vacay will not only save you lots of money, but you can travel to destinations you may not have even dreamed of going to. You’ll be amazed at the places you can travel to, the people you can meet, cultures to explore, and adventures you can take with the cheap flights you’ll receive from Next Vacay. Be sure to have your travel documents in order and a bag packed, so you’re ready to go.

Newlyweds are often on a budget, and airplane tickets can be one of the most expensive aspects of taking a honeymoon. With cheap flights, the couple can spend more money on their lodging and other parts of their romantic honeymoon vacation.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Next Vacay

The pros of using Next Vacay are numerous. You get to save money on airfare, the software does the searching for you, and all you have to do is book directly with the airlines. You can travel worldwide to your favorite relaxing destinations or to exciting locations to embark on a fantastic adventure.

When you travel during the holidays, during peak tourist season, or when going to a significant event like Mardi Gras or the Super Bowl, plane tickets command a high price. If you let Next Vacay start the search early enough, you can often score a great deal during these peak times.

Being somewhat flexible on dates and destinations makes using Next Vacay a bit more useful. However, even if your destination and dates are fixed and can’t be changed, you can still see if cheap deals pop up during that time frame. For most travelers who love to explore the world and the United States, Next Vacay can help them affordably explore the world.

Next Vacay is ideal when you can book the cheap flights quickly, as they often only last for 24 to 72 hours. If you can coordinate your work schedule and make the necessary arrangements within the deal’s time frame, Next Vacay works well. Being somewhat flexible with the airport you use can also make Next Vacay beneficial. As you’ll receive email alerts for your preferred airport as well as airports up to three hours from your home, it may be worth driving to the other airport to grab crazy cheap deals.

Being flexible, having a passion for travel, and being excited to travel to destinations worldwide is the perfect reason to use Next Vacay.

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Try the Trial Subscription

Not sure if Next Vacay is for you? Try it for free with a one-month trial subscription. You’ll get all of the same benefits of a paying member, such as email notifications and links to book directly with the airline. If you feel like Next Vacay is a good fit for your lifestyle, then sign up for the small annual fee of just $25 to continue receiving email notifications. If you don’t want to continue using the service after the trial is over, let them know you wish to cancel.

Or, after six months into the subscription, you find that Next Vacay isn’t for you, let them know, and you’ll get the subscription fee back. That’s right, Next Vacay comes with a money-back guarantee during the first six months. However, after seeing how easy it is to book a cheap flight, and after traveling to several fabulous locations, you’ll be hooked and want to continue seeing what incredible cheap flight deals come into your email box so you can book your next vacation.

Next Vacay is the modern, new way of finding cheap flights. There’s no need to spend endless hours searching for cheap flights or to pay full price for airfare when you use Next Vacay. Whether you want to go on a safari in Africa, a ski vacation in Colorado, or zip-line through the jungle treetops in Costa Rica, Next Vacay will help you get there.


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