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Living in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental ?

Maybe you are tired of living in super busy cities like Manila and Cebu. Perhaps you are looking for a place to settle, which offers the features of megacities yet not so crowded but still offers a modern and country lifestyle? If the answer is yes, then Bacolod is a place that you must consider.

Bacolod City is the capital city of Negros Occidental province. I am sure that this is not the first time that you read nor heard about this place. This city has been featured in both national and international media due to its beauty and its festivals.

In this article, I will share some tidbits of information on why this place is worth the settling.

Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental is loaded with all the features of the modern city yet not as busy as the other megacities in the country. Here’s an article to help you navigate the city if you are still new to this place – Bacolod City Travel Guide


Reasons Why You Should Live and Work in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental [ Lumina Homes ]

All-Smiles Locals

The warm and welcoming people of Bacolod City will make you feel at home. They are very accommodating and approachable. If you ever ask for direction or seek any help regarding your trip, they will be more than willing to assist you.

MassKara Festival

The MassKara Festival is known not just in the country but in the entire world! The costume, dancing, singing, and street dancing shall give you an ultimate festive experience! During this celebration, there is a line-up of special activities that are reserved just for you.

Crafty Arts

Bacolod city is relatively colorful – both literally and figuratively. You can meet lots of local artists here who are offering classes and exhibits. Whether you are up for gallery viewing or actual art creation, Bacolod City will not disappoint you.

Fresh Air

The fresh breeze of air is indeed one of the things that I like about Bacolod City. If I compare this place to other progressive cities, this place has less smog (smoke and fog). You can conveniently breathe fresh air without worrying about getting sick. 


Freshly Brewed Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, I urge you to visit local markets and try their freshly brewed coffee. As you delightfully drink your cup of coffee, you will be surprised at how much it can compete with coffees offered at well-known coffee shops. It is tasty, calming, and very affordable.

Play Golf

Situated in Bacolod City is the well-known Negros occidental Golf and Country Club. In this place, lots of golf players can hone their skills. If you also want to give this sport a shot, heading to Bacolod City will provide you with this experience.


Desserts and Delicacies

Would you like to satisfy your sweet tooth? Yes, Bacolod City can also offer you a variety of native delicacies, desserts, and cakes. Choose whatever dessert you like and enjoy a slice of it. After all, a little sugar for your travel experience will bring you a long way in terms of energy.

Shopping Malls

Old and new malls are available in the city. Whatever you need, you can go to the nearest mall and buy it there. Price is also relatively cheap and affordable for local goods. So, buying some souvenirs for your loved ones will not break your budget.


Healthy and Sumptuous Food

From chicken barbecues to seafood to fresh fruits, all cuisines they offer here will make you so full and satisfied. Now, if you are into an organic type of food, restaurants and food hubs here provide such an option.

Socialization with Foreigners

Admittedly, Bacolod City is also home to a handful of foreigners. These people found their home in this beautiful city, and thus, started to make a living here. If you wish to have some conversations with them, they will be more than willing to help you.

About Lumina Homes Bacolod (Vista Alegre)

Lumina Homes Vista Alegre has more than 4,000 houses, more than half of which are already sold. You can reach the place in just 20 minutes if you are coming from the downtown area. This community is equipped with a Guarded entrance or guardhouse, a basketball court, a playground, and a shuttle service. 


Aimee Bungalow Row House

If I were starting my career, perhaps I would opt for this property. This is ideal for people who are starting their jobs, especially those who are still single. Instead of renting a space, it would be great to invest in a property like this that will surely be yours. Of course, you can always have it rented to others if the time comes that you can already afford a much bigger property. 

The floor area of Aimee is 22 square meters, while the lot size is 36 square meters. The house has a living room and of course dining & kitchen. If you are staying alone, you need not put a bedroom to have a more expansive space. But of course, the house has one bedroom provision with one bath and toilet and service area.


Angelique Townhouse

This is a lovely two-story townhouse because it has a more extensive floor area of 35 square meters. The total lot area is 36 square meters.

Angelique house is perfect for those starting a small family as the property provides two bedrooms spaces. Its living area is adjacent to the dining and kitchen.

The townhouse has one bath and toilet and a service area. It also has a provision for a carport.

Lumina Homes is also offering this townhouse in duplex form.


Angeli Townhouse

Another two-story house in Lumina Homes Bacolod is the Angeli Townhouse. This property is also suitable for a small family because its total floor area is 42 square meters. The lot area is 36 square meters.

Angeli townhouse has a living area that is intimate dining and kitchen area; it has provision for three bedrooms which is good, especially if you are thinking of having a house helper. The townhouse has one toilet and bath as well as a service area. It has carport provision, and based on the model; it has a small balcony on the second level. This townhouse is also available in a single firewall building type as well as the Duplex Type.


Angeli Single Firewall

In Lumina Bacolod (Vista Alegre), this property maybe is the biggest as of this writing. The two-story townhouse has three bedrooms provision because it has a total floor area of 42 square meters. Its total area is 54 square meters, big enough to have a carport and small garden and service area. Just like any other house, it has a living room, dining, and kitchen area. It also has one batch and toilet. 


Why choose Lumina Homes Bacolod?

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are more reasons you will consider buying any of the houses in the property.


The convenience of having numerous schools, especially colleges and universities, can serve that your children and future children want to study. Schools in Bacolod City include : University of St La salle, University of Negros occidental – Recoletos, STI-West Negros University, La Consolacion Collage Bacolod, Carlos Hilado Memorial Stage College, John B Lacson Colleges Foundation, Visayan Maritime Academy, Bacolod City College, Ama Computer College, and much more.


Bacolod City is dotted with many churches ranging from the Catholic Churches, Evangelical protestants, Adventists, and other Christian. Before the pandemic, some protestant churches even have their services in some significant malls making the worship services accessible to many.


Bacolod City has so many hospitals and clinics. Major hospitals in the city include the following: Riverside Medical Center, Bacolod Adventist, Corazon Locsin Montelibano regional Hospital, Bacolod South Hospital, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital.

Malls | Supermarkets

Bacolod’s significant malls include SM Shoemart, Ayala Mall, Robinsons Mall, 888 Mall, City Mall Mandalagan, and many other big department stores and grocery stores dotted around the city. Wherever you are located in Bacolod, there’s always a mall and supermarket near you.

How to get to Lumina Homes Bacolod (Vista Alegre) 

One can take a jeepney from the downtown area plying Mansilingan, Vista Alegre Entrance. From the gate, you can take a tricycle to Lumina Bacolod Area. 

If you are driving your car, take Hernaez Avenue. The moment you reach Puregold Manilingan, it is just a few meters away from Vista Alegre Entrance.  

For more information, contact:

Ms. Mariel Magallanes , Bacolod Marketing Officer | Mobile: 09989681506

You may also send a message at – Lumina Bacolod FB Page  or visit their office at Unit 14 & 15, St. Francis Bldg. (Former Pag-Ibig Bldg.) 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines


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  1. Roda A. Cordova

    There’s no missing element in this blog, in fact it is complete. It brings me back when I was new here in the City of Smiles. I was not born and raise here so at first I was afraid how can I adapt to these new environment. But yes it is true that the locals were very helpful if I ask how to go to another place. They will give you clear directions and since I am from Manila, they speak in Tagalog so I can understand them. They are very welcoming and hospitable especially to those people who doesn’t know and nare new to the place. I can say that here in Bacolod City, we have a peaceful nad happy living. Their food are so delicious. I experience the beauty of nature and the delectable chicken inasal wherein you can say it has a very unique and savory taste.

  2. Julie Ann Gallego

    Are you looking for a home that is within your budget? Why should you go with Lumina? Lumina offers a variety of affordable housing options, including bungalow row houses, townhouses, and duplexes, depending on your budget. The property is at Vista Alegre Bacolod. Basketball courts, a community center, playgrounds, and tiny gardens are among the attractions available in the community. It also gives a location where new businesses can open in the near future. The following services are available at accessible in Lumina Homes among are the airports, hospitals, and clinics in the city.
    What are you waiting for sign up now!

  3. Mae Therese A. Peronce

    Planning for your own place located strategically within the city? Lumina Homes Bacolod is the right choice for you. It is a value-priced property that is situated near schools, churches, hospitals, malls, and supermarkets. Family can access a wide range of opportunities to grow in a healthier community. It is equipped with a guarded entrance or guardhouse, basketball court, playground, and shuttle service. Moreover, there are different model houses designed suited to your needs and budget. So, be a part of our family. Sign up now and the rest is ours.

  4. Truly, enticing to read locally-made articles that speak about the vigor and enthusiasm of our City of Smiles —- Bacolod! I appreciate the effort of our post-grad professor Dr. Jojo Vito for coming up with these articles. Surely, this is a concrete example of doing more “positivity” in our not-so-good environment due to these pandemic times!

    There’s, indeed, the beauty of Bacolod asailing on top of this Covid malady!

  5. Truly, enticing to read locally-published articles that speak about the vigor and enthusiasm of our City of Smiles —- Bacolod! I appreciate the effort of our post-grad professor Dr. Jojo Vito for coming up with these articles. Surely, this is a concrete example of doing more “positivity” in our not-so-good environment due to these pandemic times!

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