Sakada Restaurant : A Taste of Tradition and Innovation, Silay City



Sakada | L-R: Sonny Cabahug, Jojo Bayona, Joshua Marei Alarcon, myself, Lei Lani Dusaban, and Geff Sagala; do we look like sakadas or hacienderos and haciendera?


SAKADA: A Culinary Haven in Silay City

Nestled along Dr. Jose Locsin Street in the heart of Silay City, Philippines, Sakada stands as a testament to culinary excellence and entrepreneurial ingenuity. Owned and managed by the talented Joshua Marie Alarcon, a student at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod. Together with other USLS teachers Dr. Bayona, Dr. Lei Dusaban, Sir Sonny Cabahug, myself and Dr. Geff Sagala of the University of San Agustin Iloilo, we visited Sakada to explore its offerings and discover why patrons keep coming back for more.

During our first visit, Lei Lani had her truck washed 

Joshua’s Culinary Odyssey at Sakada

Joshua Marie Alarcon, a student pursuing a double major at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Sakada. Starting as a modest car wash service, Joshua’s passion for food and innovation drove him to transform Sakada into a bustling coffee shop and restaurant. His dedication to excellence and keen business acumen have been instrumental in Sakada’s growth and success.


Joshua’s academic pursuits, including completing his BSBA major in Operations Management and currently working on another major in Marketing, reflect his commitment to learning and growth. Despite the demands of his studies, Joshua has managed to successfully manage Sakada, showcasing his exceptional organizational skills and determination.

Being Joshua’s teachers in marketing, we have witnessed his growth and development firsthand. His willingness to listen to feedback and implement changes has been key to the restaurant’s success. Joshua’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft serve as an inspiration to his peers and a testament to his potential as a future leader in the business world.

Sakada Restaurant : A Taste of Tradition and Innovation, Silay City

A Symphony of Flavors at Sakada

Step into the place, and you’re greeted with a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Each dish is a carefully orchestrated masterpiece, designed to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. One of their standout offerings is the platter, a generous serving that includes 2 spareribs, 2 sticks of pork barbecue, 2 sticks of sate babe, 5 pieces of chicken tenders, and 4 servings of java rice. Priced at only 607 pesos, this platter is perfect for sharing and showcases Sakada’s commitment to providing value for money.

Sakada Restaurant : A Taste of Tradition and Innovation, Silay City

For those seeking a taste of local flavors, Sakada offers Bam-e, a noodle dish that combines savory and spicy flavors in a delightful medley. Priced at 170 pesos per serving, this dish is perfect for sharing and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Their Pork Sisig at 138 pesos is just as flavorful, perfect as a pulutan or appetizer, and is a favorite among patrons.

Another must-try dish at the resto is their back ribs, tender and succulent, served with rice for only 198 pesos. This dish is a true delight for meat lovers and is sure to leave you craving for more. Each bite is a burst of flavor, a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to creating dishes that not only satisfy hunger but also ignite the senses.

A Touch of Innovation

One of the highlights of dining at Sakada is their concoction of Pinakurat, a spicy vinegar condiment that pairs perfectly with any grilled dish. This unique condiment adds a flavorful kick to every bite and is a testament to Sakada’s commitment to offering a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Aside from their Pinakurat, they also offer their version of Achara, a sweet and tangy relish made from pickled vegetables. This homemade Achara is the perfect accompaniment to any dish, adding a burst of flavor and texture that complements the main course perfectly.

Sakada Restaurant : A Taste of Tradition and Innovation, Silay City

Dr. Jojo Bayona puts on a show, hilariously mimicking a haciendero as he confidently orders food, complete with exaggerated gestures and a hearty laugh that could fill the room.

A Vision for the Future

As Sakada continues to flourish, Joshua envisions a future where the restaurant becomes a hub of social activity and gastronomic delight. One of his major plans is to expand the space to include an air-conditioned area, creating a more comfortable and inviting ambiance for patrons. This expansion will not only cater to the growing demand for a relaxing dining environment but also provide a venue for small functions and meetings, adding a new dimension to their offerings.

Moreover, Joshua aims to enhance the overall dining experience at Sakada by introducing new menu items and innovative concepts. He plans to collaborate with local suppliers to source fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every dish is a culinary masterpiece. By continuously updating and refining the menu, Joshua aims to keep Sakada at the forefront of Silay City’s dining scene, offering patrons an ever-evolving selection of delectable dishes and beverages.

Furthermore, Joshua is keen on exploring opportunities for growth and expansion beyond Silay City. He envisions establishing Sakada as a recognized brand, not just in Silay but soon in Bacolod City. By maintaining his commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Joshua is confident that Sakada will continue to thrive and become a household name in the culinary world.

Sakada Restaurant : A Taste of Tradition and Innovation, Silay City

After our delectable meal, we were treated to their much-improved Halo-halo. Joshua was waiting for my comment, knowing I always had something to say.

A Memorable Dining Experience at Sakada

During a recent visit to the place, I had the pleasure of dining with the Blogger’s Cast, including Sir Sonny Cabahug, Dr. Lei Lani Dusaban, Dr. Jojo Bayona, and Dr. Geff Sagala of the University of San Agustin Iloilo. We were all impressed by the quality of the food and the warm hospitality of the staff. The pricing at Sakada is very competitive, making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious diners.

In conclusion, Sakada is a true gem in the culinary scene of Silay City. With its innovative dishes, warm hospitality, and commitment to excellence, it is no wonder that Sakada has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. If you find yourself in Silay City, be sure to visit the place for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Sakada Restaurant : A Taste of Tradition and Innovation, Silay City

As we eagerly waited for our other orders, we found ourselves with plenty of stories to share and laugh about. Can you guess what was the topic of conversation at that moment?

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