Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions


Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions



The Silay City located in the province of Negros Occidental is part of the Metro Bacolod and one of the most promising cities in the country because it has continuously developed and progressed starting from the previous decades up to now. The city may not be as famous as the other cities in the country, and yet the opportunities and possibilities found in this place are working on its way to being on the pedestal. With its unique features, craftsmanship, and attractions, the place is ready for the next level of beauty and grandeur. In the old years if the city, it was then labeled as the “Paris of Negros” due to varied reasons. One of which is the fascination of its people to the venture of knowledge as well as arts and thus, claiming its title as the “cultural and intellectual hub of Negros.” This, of course, is manifested by the number of ancestral and heritage houses located in the city which also serves as tourists’ spots. Another flourishing industry in the city is the sugar mill which is also the top contributor to the economy of the town started by the very first Negrense sugar baron, Yves Leopold Germain Gaston. Additionally, the city is also part of the top 25 tourist destinations in the entire country as released by the Department of Tourism. This may be attributed to the different characteristics and features of the locals and the place. First and foremost, the locals just like the traditional Filipinos are very hospitable. The warm welcome given by them to any tourist would surely make anyone feel delighted and welcomed. People are accommodating most especially if they know that you are a tourist and you know little about the place.

Another factor that drives tourists in this place is the fact that they serve a lot of sumptuous delicacies just like the senoritas, pastillas, piaya, bukayo, fresh lumpia, and empanada! If you are now interested to visit the place, all you have to do is book a ticket and fly to the beautiful city of Silay! The convenient airport in the area is the Bacolod-Silay airport, the general airport of Silay and the entire Negros province. It is just 15-kilometers northeast of the Bacolod. Right after landing the airport which you might find busy because it is also capable of catering international flights, you may easily head out and find an available taxi that may take you to your desired location in the City.

Once you are settled in your hotel or choice of accommodation, merely approach some locals and ask for recommendations as to which heavenly place to visit. You may also search the internet, and you will for a sure see a lot of articles featuring what Silay City has to offer. The beauty of culture, character, and of the scenery of Silay is undoubtedly one of the best things you can ever experience; it is simply incomparable to any place because Silay merely is a unique paradise destination. SILAY CITY TRAVEL GUIDE | TOURIST ATTRACTIONS


Spanish Occupation Houses

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) declared that 29 out of more than 30 ancestral houses in this place as Heritage Treasures. All of these are being often visited by tourists around the country and even around the world because of their historical origin, aesthetic architectural design, and the likes. One of which is the Hofilena Heritage House and at the same time the museum is the first-ever ancestral house in the place to launch it to the public. Amazingly, aside from the fact that this was the first-ever house built in the area, it is also still inhabited by the present generation of the family as well as the first house to be considered as a heritage house. It would be best to explore these heritage houses riding a trisikad especially if you are traveling alone or with a friend. These houses are located near each other and it would be easy to stop anytime if you are riding the trike. It would be best also to drop by the tourism office for a map. SILAY CITY TRAVEL GUIDE | TOURIST ATTRACTIONS

Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions

Bernandino Ysabel Jalandoni Museum

May it be antique furniture, books, dolls, or glassware, this place got it all for you! This museum also familiarly known as the Pink House was built and established in the year 1908. To make sure that the materials will be of good quality, the original owners exported woods from Mindoro. Visit this place and take a look at the different items on display.

Café 1925

Once you are tired of roaming around all the heritage houses, then stop by in this area located amidst those houses. Have a coffee or any other food available on their menu and enjoy the vibe of the historical place as you take a sip of coffee.


Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions

Barangay Balaring

Just a few kilometers from the City proper of Silay is a small village which offers a panoramic view of the place along with a stunning sunset! Isn’t romantic? More than that, tons of seafood restaurants are available on the coastline so that you can enjoy watching the view and at the same time eating your sumptuous meal. An example of this one is a native restaurant that is made up of bamboo. Must read: Melken’s Seafood Restuarant

El Ideal

Why not come and grab some bread or cookies from the oldest bakeshop of Silay? Located in one of the ancestral houses (Locsin y Lacson), this historical bakeshop is the perfect place for you to buy some goodies for your family or friends back home. SILAY CITY TRAVEL GUIDE | TOURIST ATTRACTIONS

Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions

Hugyaw Kansilay Festival

Hugyaw Kansilay is the annual festival held in the City of Silay. For more, read Hugyaw Kansilay

Silay City Public Plaza (Mini Park)

Just located in front of the City Hall and ride after the San Diego Parish church, why not take a photo in front of its iconic structure? Though some may not notice this attraction all the time, I can assure you that this place is merely gem amidst the city. SILAY CITY TRAVEL GUIDE | TOURIST ATTRACTIONS

Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions

San Diego Parish Church

Just located near the Mini Park and the City Hall, this church is built just like the famous churches in Rome. The dome structure of this is just perfect to visit.

Lantawan View

Ready for a Garden of Eden experience? Well, this place offers an extraordinary experience and encounter with what nature has to offer. With the breathtaking view, this is a place to visit.


Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions


This small village which happens to be the last fortress of the Japanese during the World War of those who had tuberculosis is now a place of attraction in Silay. The cool and fresh breeze of air, as well as the highland position of the place, makes it ideal for tourists to visit. Must Read: Patag Travel Guide

Mangrove Eco Park

As one of the City’s tourist attractions, this mangrove park is the best place is you would like to feel the freshness and the peaceful part of the city. It has a long bamboo walkway leading to the Mangrove trees. A day far from the busy town will be simply amazing if you happen to choose this park as your place to stay.

Punong Gary’s Place

Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions

Punong Gary’s Place

Located near the city center of the city, the natural beauty of this place surrounded by tall old trees is as beautiful as Bali Island in Indonesia. Why go for a long trip if you can experience it here? Address: Gary’s Place Hacienda Tinihaban, Barrio San Jose Silay City Must Read: Punong Gary’s Place

Lantawan Zigzag Road

The breathtaking view this place has to offer is indeed a photo-worthy. Photographers would usually go to this place and do a lot of shots simply because it is just so beautiful.

Silay City Tourist Spots/AttractionsTravel Tips

  1. Silay City is the place where the airport of Negros Occidental is located. It is therefore easy to drop by and explore this city when visiting Bacolod City or Negros Occidental Province.
  2. Getting around the city proper would be best if done riding the tricycle or trisikad. Other destinations like Patag need bigger vehicles because of their distance.
  3.  It would be best to bring an umbrella when visiting the town proper both wet and dry season.
  4. Silay City is less than an hour’s drive from Bacolod City. You can stay in Bacolod City during your trip or you can also opt to stay in some of the accommodation available in the city.


Silay City Tourist Spots/Attractions

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