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Often referred to as the “Paris of Negros Occidental,” the Silay City is a gem in the middle of the province. It has proved its worth in various ways to the locals as well as to the foreigners who happen to choose the place as their vacation destination in the province. More than the heritage houses located in the area, what is more, fascinating is the natural beauty of the place brought by the greeneries of trees, plants, and all other natural resources. One particular place that is famous for its beauty is the place of Patag.

Well, this secluded village is not that easy to reach since you will have to wait for the scheduled jeepney, the only means of transportation going there, to take you there. The one hour journey from the public market of Silay going to Patag will only cost you 60 pesos. Don’t worry! Even if the trip is long and tiresome, all the efforts would surely be paid off once you see the beautiful village. This will awaken the adventurous part of you because you can do varied activities here just like trekking and hiking. One adventure that you should not miss is the hiking going to the famous Dumalabdab Falls. With the 30 – minute struggle in hiking, you will feel so relieved and accomplished once you’ve seen the falls and once you start taking a bath on it.


Dam Falls

The additional adventure also awaits as you go to the Patag Dam Falls, the primary source of water and irrigation to the locals. Enjoy the green sceneries along with the falling hush sound of water as you breathe the cold fresh air. There is also another well-known attraction in the place called as Pulang Bato.

Now, if you think that you would like to spend the night with the rest of your friends in this place, then there is no need for you to worry because there are a lot of mountain resorts available in the area. Just choose whichever fits your taste and your budget.

The Elena Mountain Resort will only cost you 20 pesos for your entrance fee and 800 pesos up to 3,000 pesos for your room. The camping site is also available where you can rent a tent for only 100 pesos. The Patag Recreational Center will only cost you 10 pesos for adults and 5 pesos for kids for an entrance fee and 80 to 100 pesos for the room. Use of swimming pool will entail another 30pesos and use of campsite for 50 pesos. The Ladlad Mountain Resort will cost you 20 pesos for adults and 10 pesos for kids for the entrance fee. And as for the accommodation, the price can range from 150 to 1,000 pesos. The campsite is also available for only 100 pesos. The Jambaro Retreat Resort will only cost you 30 pesos for an entrance fee inclusive of pool access. And for the accommodation, the price will be from 250 up to 2,500 pesos only. The campsite is also available for only 100 pesos.

Another newest resort developed in Patag, Silay City is the Ilaya Highland Resort. The place offers a spectacular view of the surroundings and they also have the infinity pool. Click here for Ilaya Mountain Resort story.


See? It doesn’t have to be expensive to spend overnight with nature! I can also suggest that you bring your sweater or jacket with you since it is cold at the place especially at night. You may also bring your food to save, or you could even cook at the resort. Of course, you also have to schedule your jeepney ride ahead of time so that you can surely get there at your preferred time. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to visit the beautiful place of Patag in Silay City.




Please take note that the rates below may change without prior notice. Moreover, a tour guide is required if you wish to visit any falls.

TOUR GUIDE: P250.00 – Dumalabdab Falls and Patag Dam Falls

FB Page:

Entrance Fee: P20.00 per head

Resort Room Rates:

PHP 3,000.00 – Duplex house with 2 rooms, comfort room and kitchen, good for 15-20 pax

PHP P1,500.00 – Overnight stay, whole house, good for 10-12 persons with 2 family size beds

PHP 1,000.00 – Medium Native Hut, 1 double bed with comfort room and kitchen

PHP P800.00 – One room with 2 double deck bed good for 5-6 persons

Camping Site: Set-up tent – P100.00 per tent


Entrance Fee: Adult – P10.00 | Children below 7 and Student – P5.00

Resort Room Rates:

PHP 100.00 – room with individual toilet and bath
PHP 80.00 – a room without toilet and bath
PHP 50.00 – extra linen

Camp Site: P50.00

Swimming Pool: 30.00

Patag Recreational Center (Patag Camping Site, Hospital)

Entrance Fee: P10.00 for adults | P5.00 for kids below 7 years old & for students


Facebook Page:

Entrance Fee: Adult – P20.00 | Children – P10.00

Resort Rates:
PHP 150 – Open Cottage
PHP 800 – White House
PHP 1,000 – Bamboo House

Camp Site: P100.00


Facebook Page:

Contact Number: 0920-722-4066

Entrance; pool included: P30.00

Resort Rates:
PHP 250.00 – Cottage
PHP 2,500.00 -House for an overnight stay for up to 10 pax

Camp Site: PHP 100.00

A short stop over at Duyan Cafe


It would be easy to go to the place if you bring your own vehicle. The road is great and the view is just amazing. However, you can also reach the place through public transportation.

The terminal for Jeepneys servicing Patag is located at Luna-Rizal St, Silay. The first trip is scheduled at 6:00 am. From Patag, the last trip is around 2:00 PM. There are jeepneys that can reach up to Ladlad Resort for a fare of PhP 60.00. If you are dropping at the crossing/Patag hospital, the fare will only be PHP 45.00.

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    if i will be a leader or head of tourism of our country. i will promote the tourism and develop the travel site in the country. silay city has many travel sites that we can visit. to improve this i will preserve or protect forest and develop the unique spot of the country just like patag in the silay city dumalabdab falls pulang bato and tinagung dagat. this unique sites most be protect and promote to the foreign countries to visit this local sites. promoting and advertising in the local resort and foods. i will introduce kakanin piaya and all local delicacies foods the tourist to purchase it. i will give a training livelihood or training for hotel management to support the local community. thank and god bless

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