Places to visit in Cebu



Places to visit in Cebu

Cebu City is one of the most famous cities in the country. With its festivals along with tourists spots, it is inevitable that such a place will make a name for itself. In this article, I will be sharing with you the top activities to do in the City of Cebu.

Places to Visit in Cebu / Things To Do

  1. Try out the Cebu Westown Lagoon. The jacuzzi for adults and the kiddie pool for kids will surely be an enjoyable experience.
  2. Go to the Terrazas de Flores, the pioneer of the terrace garden in the entire country. The view, air, and the food will be the catch in this place.
  3. Take a selfie with the icon of the SM Cebu City’s “The Cube”. This iconic one is not found in any other SM malls.
  4. Be mesmerized with the grandeur of the Temple of Leah. The air and viw in this  Cebu Tourist Spot is simply relaxing.
  5. Go for a hiking adventure at Mount Babag! Once you are able to do this, it means that you already an expert or advanced in hiking.
  6. Do not forget to try the famous lechon of Cebu! This is not famous for nothing! I am sure that you will crave for it once you get to taste it.
  7. A romantic and mouthwatering dinner at Lantaw Floating Restaurant located at Cordova. Yes, love is in the air as you visit this place.
  8. Take a glimpse of the well-known 10,000 roses at Cordova. This Instagram worthy place will surely fill you with bliss.
  9. Try the Larsian barbecue in Fuente Cebu. the sauce and the way it is cooked is something that you will never forget.
  10. Go for an exotic food trip by trying the Tuslob Buwa. This will be an exciting food trip activity in your lifetime.
  11. Tisa food trip will include a taste of the classic siomai, pancit canton, chicken inasal, and a lot more!
  12. The chicharron bulaklak here or locally known as ginabot is also a must-try food!
  13. Upscale dinner? Head to The terrace located at Ayala Center and get to taste different cuisine such as Italian and Vietnamese.
  14. Visit the Sirao Peak (Cebu Tourist Spot) and have a panoramic view of the entire Metro Cebu.
  15. A walk in a beautiful memorial park called Celestial Garden or also known as Go Shepperd will not be as scary as it sounds. It is also a fun and peaceful activity.
  16. The well-known Santo Nino should never leave your list. Witness one of the oldest and culturally-rich tradition and culture by going here.
  17. Adrenaline rush at Crown Regency Hotel. The zip line, coaster, and all other death-defying activities will make your life a roller coaster one.
  18. Be at the Tops and sit in this park. Better do it in night time for you get to see the city of lights at the bottom part.
  19. Take a look at the blooming flowers at Celosia Flower Farm located at Sirao. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you for this will be another picture-perfect place.
  20. Tabo-an seafood is one of the Cebuano trends that you should not miss. Try this our in different hotels and restaurants.
  21. Fresh fruits coming from Carbon Market will be the perfect treat for you. You will never run out of choices in going here.
  22. The heritage of Cebu Monument will offer you a glimpse of the historical past of the city.
  23. Magellan’s cross is famous not only locally but worldwide. So, do not forget to include it in your bucket list as you go here.
  24. Indulge in the Spanish colonization remnants as you visit the Museo Sugbo. A former prison and now serves as a museum.
  25. Another historical landmark to visit is Fort Santiago. It looks similar to the Intramuros of Manila, and it is also equally beautiful.
  26. The Fuente Osmena is an essential symbol displayed in the middle of the circular park. Do not forget to take a photo with it.
  27. A Popular Cebu Tourist Spot, the Taoist Temple will make you feel like you’re in Taiwan or China. So, be here and be amazed by the place.
  28. Be part of the celebration of the Sinulog Festival! The vibrant color of the festivity is a beauty to behold.
  29. How about a meet and greet with the top and finest animals in the city? Head to the Cebu Zoo for such fun activity.
  30. Immerse in the beauty of the little butterflies as you head to the Jumalon Butterfly Garden. Yes, butterflies of different species are here, waiting for you.
  31. A park at the peak, that is what Plaza Independencia is all about. Thus, utmost serenity and peace can be felt while you are at the top.
  32. The JVR Island located at Sky Resort is also a catch if you want to go something higher in terms of location. This hidden gem is also known as the little Baguio of Cebu.
  33. Fishing at Liloan freshwater will be a hit activity most especially if you are with your kids. Let them enjoy nature and the simplicity of life through this activity.
  34. Papa kit’s 800-meter zip line is also a must-try activity! Why walk on the ground if you can fly right?
  35. Swim with the whale sharks or butanding at Oslob Cebu! locals and foreigners alike describe this one as one of the best things to try in the entire Cebu.
  36. Sumilon Island sandbar is another Instagram worthy place, the clear blue water, the fresh air, and the fine white sand is just so perfect.
  37. Dalaguete hiking located at Osmena’s peak is one of the favorites of hikers since it also offers a scenic view from the top.
  38. Nalusuan Island diving provides an opportunity for swimmers to see the rich marine life from below. Thus, this is a fun activity.
  39. Well-known Cebu Tourist Spot, the Kawasan Falls is beautiful, relaxing, fresh and serene. These adjectives will never suffice if you will ask me to describe the beauty of it.
  40. Bantayan Island may be one of the places you’ve heard. And yes, this is extremely highly recommended! In fact, a lot of celebrities come here to behold such beauty.
  41. The Simala Shrine is being flocked by the devotees of Mother Mary. The architectural and overall beauty of the church and of the monastery is incomparable.
  42. Jump and swim at the Alegria waterfalls in order to feel very refreshed and rejuvenated.
  43. Trekking at Mount Lanaya gives a panoramic view of an amazing view of the bottom part.
  44. More of hiking? Head to the Candongao Peak and once you’re at the summit of it, the tiresome feeling of hiking will be relieved.
  45. The Capilla Santa Ana Garden is similar to those that we see from western movies, the maze-like structure of it will bring out the kid in you.
  46. A man-made lake near the Capilla Santa Ana called Biga Pit is also a view to behold.
  47. Try camping activity at Ablayan Peak. Yes, spending a night in a tent in this place is simply remarkable.
  48. Mount Mago hiking is another picturesque sight to see. Yes, it may be tiring but all of it will be worth it once you’re at the top.
  49. The unexplored Carnaza Island is also a place which you may choose to visit. Because it is unexplored, expect that it is more serene and peaceful here.
  50. The Casino Peak will let you see a lot of mini green hills from the top. Yes, this is perfect for sightseeing.
  51. Danasan Eco Adventure Park is another adrenaline rush spot reserved just for you. Go on the rides and shout your lungs out.
  52. Have a glimpse of the Mount Naupa’s Sea of Clouds. You just have to look at the weather before heading here for you might not really get to catch such beautiful clouds at all times.
  53. Mount Makatol hiking is a gift to humanity. Here, you will get to see God’s creation from a different perspective.

Cebu City has a lot of undiscovered gems when it comes to places and activities to visit. If I were you, make the most out of it and complete every activity on the list. Have a Happy Trip!


Places to visit in Cebu

Cebu Tours and Activities

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  • Travel time from Cebu City would take around 3-4 hours


kawasan falls

Places to visit in Cebu

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