One of the most celebrated festivities in the entire country is the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. This because of the grand and extravagant preparation and presentation that offer every year. Want to know more about what other activities you can do during the Sinulog Festival? Read the list of it below.

1. Join the Kabataan Dance Craze

You might have heard of the Kabataan sa Dakbayan and the Kabataan sa Lalawigan as the top performing groups in the festivity. Well, they are not the favorite of the crowd for nothing! The different schools coming from all around the city are sending their representatives and perform in the festivity. The vibrant colors and the live music will make your song on the beat.

2. Go on a Heritage Tour

Go around the different heritage and historical places in the city. Beginning from the iconic Magellan’s cross down to the Intramuros like Fort San Pedro, the tour will be educational and fun at the same time! Better yet, bring your kids with you so that they also get to see a part of history.

3. Be a witness to the Fluvial Parade and the Solemn Procession

The fluvial parade happens on a Saturday before the celebration of the festival whereas the primary focus is the procession of the image of Santo Nino. When the clock hits 2 p.m., people gather at the Basilica Minor de Santo Nino to witness the reenactment of the baptism of Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana.

4. Party till dawn!

During the celebration of the Sinulog festival, a lot of events such as elektromundo, lifedance, and paintensity offers the Cebuanos and visitors a party of a lifetime. Dance, meet new friends, and enjoy all the party vibes of the city!

5. Shop like a millionaire

During the celebration of the Sinulog, a lot or majority of shopping malls in Cebu go on massive sale. This serves now as an opportunity for shoppers to buy their products at a discounted price. May it be the SM City Seaside or the Robinsons Galleria, both of these could offer the sale promo.

6. Fill your tummy with sumptuous food

Try out the Hanging Rice and Puso since these are some of the most famous and must-try food in Cebu. Plus, eat using your hands to be immersed with the culture of the place fully. More so, a taste of the Lechon Cebu is something that can make your vacation a memorable one.

7. A day trip in Mactan

About 30 to 40 minutes from the City center is Mactan where the beautiful Lapu-Lapu shrine is situated. As the first hero who defended the land and defeated Ferdinand Magellan, a visit in this historical place is one of the significant activity which you may choose to do. There are also sanctuaries and islands which you may decide to go to complete your day trip.

8. Watch the talented Cebuanos in their performances

May it be singing or dancing, Cebuanos seem to be blessed with such talent and skill. That is why if you would like to be in awe and be entertained, do not forget to include such performance watching in your list of activities.

9. The majestic Sinulog Parade

Bring out your camera with you and wait for the dance parade to begin. Take amazing photos of the bands, dancers, and all other vibrant activities! Just have to be cautious because this event tends to be filled with a lot of tourists who would like to get hold of the sight as well.

10. Swim on the beaches

From Oslob going to Bantayan Island and all the other beaches and island, you will get that perfect tan and adventure you’ve been dreaming of! The pristine white beaches, the calm blue ocean, and the serenity of the islands will give you a perfect vacation.

The Sinulog Festival will never disappoint you for it will offer you an experience of a lifetime. Be sure to make the most out of it and have a fantastic adventure!

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