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Here’s your updated travel guide for Taipei Taiwan.

Taipei, Taiwan Tourist Visa for Filipinos and Other Nationals

It is now official, Taiwan extended visa-free entries for Philippine Passport Holders and other countries until July 2020.

Why Tourist Spots of  Taipei, Taiwan are Must-See

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, has seen a surge in its tourism in the past decade, which subsequently makes it one of the many city hotspots there are in the world. But an influx in popularity such as this does not just happen without any good reason.

In the case of Taipei, Taiwan, it is multi-fold:


The author at Jiufen old street | Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

 A shopping haven

It is not just food that is overabundant in Taipei; it is also overflowing with other goodies, too; essentially making it a magnet for those who love to shop. While this is mostly true under the light of the day, the fun never stops if you are in Taipei as, even in the night time, there are also the night owls who sell in the night market as well.

The lovely people

Taipei, Taiwan is home to almost 3 million people who share many similarities from neighboring China, but also made distinct by the little nuances in culture. For a group of people who are considered amicable, the Taiwanese are some of the warmest and hospitable people in the world. This is especially true towards tourists who are baffled by the somewhat bizarre world that is Taipei.


  Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Amazing constructs

Taipei is home to some of the world’s most notable buildings, such as Taipei 101 which once held the title of being the tallest skyscraper in the world; the fantastic Longshan Temple; and the astonishing Grand Hotel. Inevitably, these places make common flock for tourists who like to take pictures of everything impressive.

 Dynamic museums of Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is home to several hundreds of valuable ancient Chinese artworks and artifacts coming from the mainland, initially as a repository during the heat of World War 2. To this day, all these precious items remain in the island-country for display. But the number of things to display is so vast, only 3000 unique pieces of them can be viewed at given times of the year which seems to shift at least four times in that period.

That is only speaking of the National Palace Museum which makes single out of the many others, each of which has its unique line-up and exhibits, that are scattered across Taipei.

  Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

The vibrant nightlife of Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan is a city that never sleeps. While the street vendors and the night market are great testaments to this fact, there is also another side to Taipei that also does not cease to remain wake—the nightlife. If you are a party person who likes to experience the “wild side” of Taipei, Taiwan there’s no better place for it than its thriving culture of clubs, discos, and the like.

 Lots and lots of food

Taipei, Taiwan is famous for street foods that line its many streets. It does not even matter where you are in it or what time of the day it is. Day in and day out and wherever there is always some vendors around the corner in this urban jungle that sells different kinds of food. If you are a foodie who likes to go on a gastronomic adventure, you can never go wrong in being in Taipei to expand your food discovery.


Taipei 101 (the tallest tower) | | Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Top Tourist Spots in Taipei Taiwan

Taipei 101

The construction of Taipei 101 began and was opened to the public in 2004. Designed by world-renowned architect, Chu-Yuan (C.Y.) Lee, Taipei 101 was held the record of the tallest skyscraper in the world until the Burj Khalifa surpassed it in Dubai upon its completion in 2010. The skyscraper’s design is based on the number eight (8) which is considered lucky in the Chinese culture—Taipei 101 sports eight autonomous structural units connected on top on one another to form the skyscraper’s iconic shape. Taipei 101 features an observatory with a 360 view of Taipei, the Taipei Basin and the skyscraper’s 660 tons damper can also be seen in the observatory. To climb the observatory deck, Taipei 101 is equipped with state of the art high-speed elevators that broke the elevators that only take 37 seconds to reach the 89th floor.

Yangmingshan National Park 

Yangmingshan National Park is most famously known for its display of a large clock made of flowers, 22 feet in diameter. A statue of Taipei’s late president, Chiang Kai-Shek can be seen the opposite of the flower clock between two cypress trees planted by the president himself. There is another statue built in the park of a famous Chinese scholar Wang Yang Ming from the 17th century and right in the center of the park lies the Xinhai Guangfu Building. Additionally, Yangmingshan National Park has natural hot springs, volcanic geography, and its surrounded by magnificent mountains, making it the ideal summer destination.

Shifen Old Street | | Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Shifen Old Street

Beitou Library

Beitou Library is not only for the bibliophiles to consume English and Chinese literature, but it is also for tourists looking to escape Taipei’s concrete scenery to relax and surround themselves with lush natural greenery. Beitou Library is designed by Taiwanese firm Bio-Architecture Formosana to be the first green library in Taiwan. With its liberal use of energy-efficient materials, the building blends in with the environment resembling a giant treehouse. Beitou Library is mainly built with wood and steel with solar panels lining its roof to store up to 16KW of power, plus huge French windows to let in natural light, allows the building to blend right in Beitou Hot Spring Park.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Located in Zhongzheng District, Huashan 1914 Creative Park opened in 2005 on what used to be a privately owned winery. After the government took ownership of the property, the winery underwent several name changes until it relocated due to land prices. After which, in 2004, the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) reconstructed the area into what today is known as Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Huashan 1914 Creative Park is since then used as a multi-purpose park hosting several significant cultural activities along with being Taipei’s primary creative arts center. The park is filled with shops, cafes, exhibit spaces, and even a theatre stage. The Huashan 1914 Creative Park is undoubtedly what a hipster’s dream come true is like.



Houli Flower Farm | | Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Houli Flower Farm

An Instagram-perfect place bursting with beautiful flowers. One spends at least a day for this place.

Maokong Tea Garden 

Maokong Tea Garden is famous for its charming teahouses and tea farms, add in the fact that its located 500 meters above the city, the scenic view alone makes Maokong Tea Garden a must-see for travelers looking to experience Taipei’s beauty. The garden is scattered with several teahouses or tea gardens that offer tea tasting made from the local tea farms. The Taipei Tea Promotion Center is also located here that allows visitors to experience introductory activities of picking, processing, brewing the tea. After which there is a free taste testing of the final product they helped create. Maokong Tea Garden offers a refreshing escape to the hustle and bustle of the city below it.

Taipei National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine

Also known as Taipei Martyr’s Shrine, it was built in 1969 to honor the 390,000 dead on the war to establish the Republic of China. To honor these fallen heroes, the shrine houses their spirit tablets inside its four walls of the main building in the testimony of their brave and heroic deeds. With a solemn atmosphere, the shrine resembles the architecture of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing’s Forbidden City. Tourists flock to witness the main attraction of the changing of the honor guards at the front gate every hour, trained to remain expressionless and still as a statue. Taipei National Revolutionary Martyr’s Shrine is a large complex including several small exhibitions lining the perimeter along with the main shrine.

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall  |  Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Si Si Nan Cun Village 

Also known as Sisi Nancun, Si Si Nan CunVillage was originally a complex to house soldiers in the Kuomintang army after being relocated to Taiwan. Si Si Nan Cun Village is located just walking distance South of Taipei 101. It still holds some of its original townhouses and has since become a cultural and educational zone, hosting a museum of the village’s history and culture. Its charming holiday square holds a farmer’s market, handicraft markets, and a flea market. The unique atmosphere of the village creates a feeling of going back in time for visitors wanting to experience a small piece of Taipei’s history.

Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo, named Maruyama Zoo initially, is one of the largest zoos in Asia. Home to a variety of animal life, Taipei zoo is a zoological garden that leads and promotes conservation, research, education, and recreation for their animals. Taipei zoo hosts several different animal exhibitions for its visitors, most famously being the giant panda house that houses two giant pandas. Other exhibits include displays of domestic animals, an aviary home to 12000 birds of over 130 different species, and even an insectarium, amphibian and reptile house, not to mention hundreds of different species not yet listed. The Taipei zoo is a sure destination for animal lovers everywhere.


 Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Internet Connection in Taipei, Taiwan

It is very important to stay connected while traveling. You can buy your Tourist Sim Card for Taiwan online which you can pick up the moment you arrive at Taipei International Airport.



Shifen Waterfall |   Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Guided Tours in Taipei, Taiwan [ Select Tourist Spots ]

Northeast Coast Scenic Day Tour

This guided tour will allow you to visit the following attractions in Taipei, Taiwan:   Nanya rock formations; Bitou Cape Park,  Fulong Visitor Center (where you will have your lunch); Fulong Beach; Sandiao Cape Lighthouse / Shicheng Cafe (only on Mondays);  Beiguan Tidal Park; Waiao Tourist Center, and Mr. Brown Café Castle.


Yangmingsan national park and Hot Spring Tour

This tour will get you to experience Yangmingsan National Park as well as bathing in a Hot Spring.

Please take note that hot spring offers nude bathing only. But don’t you worry, all males are separated from women.


Shifen Tour with Pingxi Sky Lantern Experience

This guided tour will allow you to experience the Pingxi sky lantern; Shifen train station; Shifen Old Street, and Shifen Waterfall


Liberty Square | Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Budget Hotels in Taipei, Taiwan

Book your hotel room in Taipei, Taiwan. Listed below are a few of the budget accommodations which you can stay if you are on a budget. Click any of the links and it will bring you to the booking sites.

One Plus One Hotel 

Bouti City Capsule Inn 

Angels Hostel Taipei Ximen 

Next Taipei Hostel-Main Station 

Near Ximen MRT /Ximending (K) 

Backpackers Inn Taipei, 

Lio Hotel Ximen 

Tomorrow Hotel 


Taipei national Theatre | Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

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 Taipei Taiwan Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

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  31. If I’m going to create an e-commerce platform I’m gonna use responsive and mobile friendly design when they browse my website, they are prone to leave my website and look for other options. Next, smart booking process. Having a booking system with a simple user interface is a must to excel my business and many benefits. Lastly, Unlimited travel packages. I must provide my guests an unlimited number of options so that they ought to be able to see thousands upon thousands of trip packages whenever they browse my website. I automatically enhance my chances of making more sales and conversions by providing additional options.

  32. Sharefha Drilon

    For me my three e commerce features are Wishlist, because wishlist is one of the great use for business and It will helps you to get acquinted with your customers. second, Related products, because when a customer can’t find a product that they want, they may eventually get to the related products and product descriptions. Lastly, Secure Payment options, because I believe safety comes first. That’s why the Secure payment Option has to be completely safe for the customers.

  33. Al Johanni S. Manoso

    For me the three e-commerce features are Multilingual Support, chatbots, and Push Notifications.

    Multilingual Support – You have two options for supporting the most widely spoken languages in a particular region if your e-commerce store serves customers in that region.
    Chatbots – The use chatbots to assist online shoppers with basic questions and navigate them to a specific product or support page.
    Push Notifications – Push notification services allow visitors to subscribe to your latest updates in their browser.

  34. E- commerce platform features
    1. Offer online selling of Taiwan’s best local food and delicacies. This is very helpful especially food enthusiasts since Taiwan is known to have lots of abundant and flavorful food

    2. Offer different modes of transportation- This is one feature that will be utilized especially for tourists in Taiwan since Taiwan has a lot of tourist attractions and it is best to give them a variety of transportation in order for them to have a fun experience and at the same time be able to fit to their budget.

    3. Booking of different tourist attractions- This feature is very much needed in order for users and tourists to have convenience and at the same be able to enjoy Taiwan’s different Tourist attractions.

  35. Al Christler Dela cruz

    This blog has a security features, especially contact pages.
    This platform also has a High quality Representations.
    It also elaborate the Place.

  36. Hilary Danielle Bana-ag

    1. Discounts :
    Discounts will be included in my e-commerce platform, there will be a bot that would assist the viewer should they have any questions to me with regards to prices, of different activities that they may do there, (Food, Places to visit within the area, recommendations about where to start first, and tickets if they want to have a personal request and talk)

    2. Clearer pictures:
    As viewers will be relying on your website, it must have a clearer picture of the place, especially the activities that they could do there when they visit.

    3. Easy to navigate:
    There should be instructions on how to go there upon clicking a tab by putting pictures of Trademarks.

    4. There will be an “order your tickets now” at the bottom of my site that would direct to my affiliated/partner company. People love it, if it is more convenient to them (You may at first, find a company in the airline/boating sector/Industry that will allow you to advertise their services, in exchange of that, you may ask the company to give you discounts on your next travels. )

  37. Charles Bryan Mañgao BAMK 3-C

    If I am going to create an e-commerce platform for this place the 3 features that I am going to include are.
    1. Budget Hotels in Taiwan – The budget hotels in Taiwan is an important feature that an e-commerce website must have, because in order to give tourist a not so expensive stay in Taiwan.
    2. The must see places in Taiwan – The must see places in Taiwan is the 2nd thing that must be included in the website in order to attract tourist into visiting Taiwan, also adding the areas where there are good food and nice people.
    3. Internet Connection in Taiwan – It is very important to have a good internet connection in visiting a place as a tourist in todays day and age, that is why putting the top speed internet connection of Taiwan is a must in the e-commerce website that I would create.

  38. Gyrr Lynn O. Maglasang

    Creating an e-commerce platform should include information about the place, services, or product regarding my topic. However, not just broad information but there are also headings on particular topic for the buyer or visitors of my website to be able to grasp properly regarding my offering. Another thing is that I will provide the social media websites connected to my e-commerce platform in order for them to have more or additional information about my e-commerce platform. Furthermore, I will also put another or related topic or product on the posted website, for the reason that it will give insight to anyone visiting my website that I have another offerings.

  39. Lester Neil Bustillo

    1. HEADER- having a good header invites people and entices them to scroll thru the website even more, giving them the feels of what Taipei is.

    2. HOTEL RATES- hotel are crucial when family or group of friends visit the place. So it must be important to add in to the website accessible and affordable hotels around Taipei.

    3. PLANE TICKET PRICES- before going into a certain place we must be mindful how expensive plane tickets can be. So we must include in websites the different plane ticket prices and schedules.

  40. George Alee P. Morales

    In this website i will first chose the feature User-Friendly Navigation because Effective navigation is one of the key elements of a user-friendly website. Whatever design you decide on, it is essential that it enables guests to reach their destinations quickly and effectively. Second High quality pictures it will make the visitor to spend more time if they saw a lot of good quality pictures. Lastly is I will put a FAQ question because it boosts your internal link-building, which is an important search ranking factor.

  41. i would suggest more descriptions about the place and more pictures then use promotions in order for the viewers to get interested about the place and for them to know more about the tourist attractions of taipe

  42. Keith Marie P. Flores

    If I were to create a e-commerce based on the features that i will put is high quality images, comment section, and user friendly navigation. I would put high quality images so that the people that are browsing the site could appreciate the place. I would place comment section so that the people can share their thoughts about the site or the images. I would put navigation so that the people can easily locate the place indicated in the image

  43. Cyril John Alojamiento

    Taipei, Taiwan has a lot of tourist attractions that people would love to go to. If I am going to make my own e-commerce platform for this place, I am going to put up the best features for it.

    – One feature that I’m going to put up a multiple contact page and information in my e-commerce platform to make sure that I convinced my customers that my website is legitimate and trustworthy. This is where I build my relationship to my customers by gaining their trust to my website and they can freely reach us, ask questions, clarifications, concerns, and feedbacks.

    – The second feature that I will put up is the User-Friendly Navigation. Most of the tourist will go to a website and search for an article or blog about the place and I will use this an advantage to in making my e-commerce platform to be easy and efficiently to navigate.

    – Lastly, I will be putting up High Quality Photos and Videos to my e-commerce platform. The photos and videos are greatly influence by the customers first impressions about the place, so it needs to be in high quality and it brings message on whoever will see it.

  44. Junel Britanico

    On a platform, Taipei, Taiwan. If you give the readers the knowledge they required about your website, it is highly beneficial to them. One of the most important elements that might aid in increasing website traffic through an algorithm is search engine optimization (SEO). Promotional chances to make the most of my platform, and last but not least, website design.

  45. Mykah Marie Tacsagon

    2. My personal top three site features in making an e-commerce site for a travel guide would be; Smart Booking Process, Effective Payment Integration, and Google Map Integration. Since you’re promoting places for their visit on Taipei, it would be effective and efficient for your site to have advance booking reservations so that your viewer would have minimal navigation for booking sites and it would serve them great site visitation experience. Since there is an existing booking process, it would be amenable to be followed up by an effective, fast, secured and stress free payment integration. Cashless payments and online bank transfers are now viable to everyone in the net. Lastly, a travel guide would be much appreciated by a traveler if it comes with an effective map integration. Your customers would be most likely be tourists and new to those places so google map would be a big help to their travel journey.

  46. Japheth Benedict P. Busbus

    If I were going to create an e-commerce platform for this place my first feature that I will conclude is to put more advertisement about travel essentials or travel things. If I were going to create an e-commerce platform for this place my second feature that I will conclude is to be more minimalist in design in order for it to be easier for the viewers. If I were going to create an e-commerce platform for this place my third feature that I will conclude is more itinerary so that the viewers will know what to do to travel and how to travel.

  47. Carlos Malapitan

    If I would make an E-commerce platform I would like to include this following features High quality content, Mobile & tablet friendly and User – Generated review. This features can make the users browse the website easily and can be informative for the users because there are User-generated reviews that the users can see their experiences or their reviews about the website.

  48. Hans Gerard L. Katalbas

    First feature would be having pictures and information of the places/trademark where most tourists go. 2nd would be the location of the restaurants that is a must to try when visiting the place. Last would be to choose a theme for the website that would match the place being featured.

  49. Victor David Camposano

    If i had the chance to make an ecommerce platform firstly i would like to add a contact page, It’s easier for you and your customer. A potential client will find it easier to call or email you if you have a contact form. It will be more convenient for you to respond to their inquiries if all your messages are organized. On the other hand having high-quality images will help potential customers to your business and the people who work there. Using quality, professional photography and video content across your website, social media and other digital channels not only catches the reader’s interest but also improves your visibility online. Lastly shoppable image and videos Optimizing your images and videos to be ‘shoppable’, meaning that your customers can buy your products straight from your visual content. Social media platforms and even Google Lens now allow customers to use images as a direct link to purchase products.

  50. Jay L. Escalante

    First is to create a website that could create and describe the different things that could describe what Taipei and Taiwan is all about. The Second is give different types in your own platform that can attract and that are common not only to the local but also who are first time Traveller. The is third is by giving them the 3D view of what the country can give and offer not only the local community but also to its tourist sector.

  51. Jun Cary Besa

    I think the first feature I would do is being able to have a conversation to the author, in that way, curious travelers would be able to get the idea and features of places like Taipei and Taiwan. Second feature I would add will be a 3D view of a place, so that viewers can somehow be engage to the website. Last feature I would add is a good website layout that would match the site and the places featured and information about the popular places.

  52. Gregorio Romeo P. Montinola

    If I am going to create a platform that is related to this blog, the platform of mine will look like pages of interactive photographs and videos of the said place, where customers online could see and feel the place virtually just by seeing it. Also I would include a bot or an assistant where inquires and question will be entertained by the bot or the assistant. Lastly, I would include prices and trip plans that can be selected by customers. For example for this price “$” the trip includes, a hotel to stay and the itineraries of the place

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