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It’s Time to Book a Siargao Resort and Cross Off the Island From Your Bucket List

Here’s a list of Siargao Resorts and Hotel as well as reasons why you should visit the island.

Book your Siargao Resorts Room Now, for these Reasons

Popularized for its large rolling waves, which earned it the moniker “Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” the place has become the hotspot for water sports activities, specifically surfing.

But Siargao, as an island destination, is more than just about riding boards atop moving sea crests or engaging in any other activity that fits the beach and the open seas. It is also many things else, all of which compel enough to visit.

It’s not yet as crowded as Boracay or Palawan, so there’s plenty of Siargao resorts to accept you
Considered “less touristy” than the likes of the often-crowded places like Boracay or Palawan, Siargao provides enough space for visitors who prefer an almost exclusive vacation experience. A perfect place to go for soul-searching and finding solace from the vibrant world—a kind of temporary sanctuary for peace.

There are plenty of Siargao resorts and Fantastic white beaches to see

As an island that is yet to be flocked by venturing tourists, Siargao harbors some of the most untouched seashores out there. Featuring white sands and clear waters that are preserved by almost sheer isolation, the beaches at the island are at the top of the game.

 A close-to-nature experience

While the fantastic beaches and the seawater are indeed two of Siargao’s most prominent strengths as a tourist destination, there is also another part of the island that is also as appealing—the landscape itself.

The terrain is one thing in this context, but it also speaks more of how nature manifests it. Thanks to the abundance of verdant plants and trees. These add beautiful color to the overall view of the island. Only, if you like being with nature, it cannot get any better than Siargao.

 Be amazed at the Sohoton Caves

Venturing into the rocky formations of the Sohoton Caves is not easy. Given the long travel time by boat from the nearest village and the specific condition that it has to be low tide. But those who do manage to enter its premises will find themselves in a place of wonder and mystique. This is due to the many and different grottos formed after years and years of being exposed to elements.

 The mesmerizing “Cloud 9.”

To be in Siargao is to be a witness to a panoramic view of some of the most breath-taking formation of clouds there is on the planet, which the locals appropriately dubbed the “Cloud 9”. Adding more to the astonishment is the surface of the waters below, which, at certain times of the day, provide a visible mirror and mimicking what transpires from the sky.

Undeniably, it is the surfing

What is the point of the Siargao’s label as a “surfing capital” if not for people to experience its rolling waters while riding aboard? Meet surfing enthusiasts in your chosen Siargao resort or hotel.

The best time to visit the island to encounter its tall waves is between September to March and is a time where surfers tend to flock the beach. But whether you are thinking of learning how to surf first-time or already an experienced person of the sport, there’s no better time to be in Siargao than today. Book your Siargao resort room now.

List of Siargao Resorts

Listed below are listings of Siargao Resorts grouped according to price ranged. To book, simply click on the name/link of the resort below.

Please take note that prices may change without notice.


Villa Solaria Resort

Siargao Resorts: Budget: PH 1,000 and below

Pesangan Surfcamp Hotel

Pesangan Surfcamp Hotel

Siargao Resorts: Budget: PH 1,001 up to 2,000

Patrick on the Beach Resort

Patrick on the Beach Resort

Siargao Resorts: Budget: PH  2,001-3,000

La Luna Island Resort

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