Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island

The Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin Island

Visiting a cemetery may not be a top priority in anyone’s travel list. Personally, it is something that does not belong to my itinerary. With all the mountains, parks, malls, museums, and churches to visit, why on earth will I choose to go to a cemetery, right? The eerie feeling it brings seems to haunt me. But then, there will always be a place which could change someone’s perspective. In my case, it is the Sunken Cemetery located at Camiguin Island. 


History of Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island

The 1871 eruption of Mount Vulcan was the reason behind the sunken cemetery. Because of this calamity, the majority of the places of Camiguin were submerged. A cross was built in 1982 to signify the sunken cemetery, but it collapsed later on. After some time, a new cross as a replacement was made in the area, the cross that is bigger and more studier than the previous one. With such an incident, the birth of the sunken cemetery as one of the tourist spots on the island started. It may not begin in a beautiful beginning, but the ending and the place that it was able to produce are definitely worth it. 


What to Do at Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island


Just the view of the cross from afar gives a different level of creepy and excitement. Imagine sitting at the shore, enjoying the view of the cross in the middle of the sea. It gives one the idea of life, and death, situated in the middle of a vast body of water. Thus, the sight it provides is different compared to other usual tourist spots. 

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 View of Mount Hibok-Hibok

As you ride the boat heading to the diving spot of the sunken cemetery, you will also get the chance to get a glimpse of Mount Hibok-Hibok. Out of the total of seven active volcanoes on the island, this mountain is one of these. 


Jojoy, The Happy trip’s traveling Mask at the Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island


Getting to see what lies beneath the water is another story. For one, you will be able to see the buries tombstones and graveyards. Along with these, colorful corals and synchronized movement of schools of fishes are also evident. Just don’t forget to bring a camera that could work underwater because this is a must-capture view and experience. The 20-feet depth of the sunken cemetery seems to be an unlimited journey that may even bring a scary feeling. But as you are there at the bottom, all the worries and fears will be gone. 

Lifevest, snorkeling gears, and underwater cameras are available at an affordable rate at the site. You just need to hire a guide when you do snorkeling in the area.



Who does not love a sunset? Yes, a visit to the sunken cemetery in the afternoon and getting back to the island before the evening is recommended. Admire the combined red-orange rays of the sun as it sets in the ocean as if being devoured by the vast body of water. This romantic view is refreshing and inspiring enough, it gives the feeling that the day is done, and tomorrow will come anew.

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The Island of Camiguin is known for its several attractions. If you happen to visit the island in the future, please consider visiting the Sunken Cemetery. This spot may not be as grand as the other items on your itinerary, but this will give you a refreshed and renewed perspective on life. After all, that is what traveling is all about. 

Travel Tips

  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen when visiting the place especially midday and afternoon.
  • There are eateries around the area so don’t be afraid to go hungry.
  • Souvenir shops offering budget-friendly souvenir items are also available in the area.
  •  Don’t forget to give a tip to the boatmen. They really tried their best to make their guests happy and they have great photography skills as well.
  • During my recent visit to Camiguin Island, I hired the services of a guide whose rate includes all the entrances and transportation during the tour.
  • Sunset or sunrise is a great time to visit this place as it offers opportunities for some dramatic photos.
  • Be a responsible tourist, don’t always dispose of your garbage properly.

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If you need a habal-habal/tour guide for your visit, you may contact Gilbert Cashine at .09268681318


while waiting for the sunset at the Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island

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