Mimbalot Falls Iligan

Mimbalot Falls and Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park Travel Guide

The Hidden Beauty of Mimbalot Falls You Should Never Miss Out

Mimbalot Falls attraction is one of the awe-inspiring and breathtaking places of Iligan City, aside from Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls. If you are looking for the perfect getaway spot, you should not miss out on the beauty of this nature. The city has 39 waterfalls, and Mimbalot falls is one of those.

Undisturbed, relaxing ambiance, and feels of nature – these are the inner feelings of visiting this majestic place, the same as how happy I was when I traveled here. Bring your friends and family and get along splashing and dipping on Mimbalot Falls.

Its water drop is 90ft while it has 18ft wide frontage. The natural ambiance of the place will make you feel as if you’re in your home.

Since it is the undeveloped area, you have to bring your necessities before traveling. You will regret if you go there unprepared. Restaurants and convenience stores are not available.

If you need to buy something, you still need to go in a 30-minute ride – which is approximately 11.3 kilometers – before you reach a store. Take it as my piece of advice, or else you’ll end up starving instead of enjoying the tour.


Itineraries in Mimbalot Falls, Iligan

Mimbalot falls is part of Iligan’s Paradise Resort and Eco Park.  Please take note, however, that you can simply go to the waterfalls straight without paying the entrance at the resort. I don’t know the reasons why, but I suppose the waterfalls belong to the government. However, it would also be worth to pass through the resort because they have many facilities that you can enjoy.

Bring yourself to adventure by experiencing the zip line. You will see the bird’s eye view from above. Go on and try cable cars, ATVs, or riding a bike if you are not into with Zip Line’s adrenaline rush.

Another unusual thing in this vacationist’s spot is the picnic concrete tables and chairs at the center of the water. Be cautious enough as you step on the slippery base. I enjoyed my stay here except the fact of the need for extra caution when in terms of possible falling rocks due to the fall’s strong force.

It can be dangerous if you are not observant enough, but you will undoubtedly enjoy the hydro-massage experience as you place your back at the Mimbalot Fall’s rushing water. The pressure feels so good, better than massage therapy that I experienced.

You can choose from swimming at a deep level or shallow basin level of water. Take a waterproof bag where you can put all your necessities with you. You can either swim or try the river trekking, whichever you prefer. Both are travel-worthy anyway.

Always check on your kids if you bring them with you since the pool basin has deep areas and slippery rocks in there.

It’s nice to enjoy your travel, but going home free from accidents can be the best feeling ever. It gives you nothing but good memories.

Jojo Vito, Travel blogger

Checklist before going to Mimbalot Falls, Iligan

  • Waterproof bags or ordinary bag with cover. (You need to keep your things dry.)
  • Camera or phone cameras
  • Foods
  • Emergency kit (Always prepare ahead of time)
  • Extra clothes
  • Shower needs
  • Extra money


Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park Rates:

Entrance Fee- PHP 50
Kids 5-12yrs old / Senior Citizen- PHP

Cottages- PHP 200 to 1,000  depending on the size
Open Hall- PHP 2,000 PHP / 4 hours
Function Room – PHP 1,000 PHP /hour

Rooms Packages:

Couple Room – PHP 1,000  /night
Dorm for 5 pax- PHP 2.500
Dorm for 6- PHP 3,000
Dorm for 10- PHP 5,000
Dorm for 12- PHP 6,000
All Accommodations come with free breakfast, free cable car ride, free access to the pool areas and free cottage beside the pool.

Cable Car- PHP 150
Zipline- PHP 150
Hanging Bridge- PHP 50

Time opening: 8am
Closing: 5pm

Jojo Vito, Travel blogger

 How to Get to  Mimbalot Falls, Iligan

  1. Ride in a jeepney from lligan’s City Proper to arrive in Brgy. Buruun. The travel expense is Php15. Ask the driver to take you on Iligan City National School Fisheries, or inform him you are going to get off at the corner road of Mimbalot Falls. Keep an eye on the off-road trail next to National School. Follow the path, and you’ll get to Mimbalot Falls in 5-7 minutes.
  2. The easier route is to ride a taxi and ask the driver to drop you off to Mimbalot Falls. Remember, though, the fare based on your mutual agreement, and not on the metered system. The price starts from Php150-200.
  3. If you have your private service, follow the road from National Highway to Southbound. You will see the Timoga Spring while driving. Continue driving, and ICNSF is few kilometers away. Ask the locals if you want to make sure on the road.


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