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I have been to a lot of places, both international and local. As like what most travelers do, I also have some favorites out of all the places that I got to visit. Several factors affect such choice of favorite. In my case, it is more of the convenience in traveling to the place and the places or specific tourists spots to visit.

In the Philippines, my favorite place to go to whenever I feel the urge to take a break in Batangas. Found in the southern part of Luzon, this place with a total of 31 municipalities and three cities is more than what we can imagine. It is surrounded by water, making it a hub for those who would like to experience beach life or a marine adventure. Thus, one may find himself/herself very delighted with the extraordinarily diverse and rich marine resources that Batangas is filled with.

The language that is widely used by the Batangueños (residents) is Tagalog, whereas English is also widely understood by all. So, going here will not really be a hassle on the aspect of language since one may use his/her local language in conversing with the locals. The sweet and welcoming personality that the locals possess, it is inevitable that visitors and tourists alike fall in love with the place.

The distance from Metro Manila going to Batangas is not that far. In about 2 to 3 hours, you can already reach your destination. With all the activities that place can offer such as diving and swimming to different beaches, playing golf, wakeboarding, surfing, and jet skiing. For a much adventurous part, you can also do some cave exploration in the area.

As for festivities, the lively and vibrant personality of Batangueños can be felt with the way they celebrate their special events. They have the famous Parada ng Lechon (Parade of the roasted pig) and the Tapusan in Alitagtag whereas the teenagers of the province are dressed at their best and take part in the public procession. Celebrating with the locals with these festivities is much easier because of the easy access in going here as well as the available port, which serves as the center of trading in the entire Calabarzon region.

In whatever area of the place or any Batangas Tourist Spots, the beach will always be there to give you a fantastic vacation experience. This is the reason why perhaps a lot of tourists flock the area every summer season because they would like to get their annual dosage of Vitamin-sea! If you haven’t been here, then this is the time that you have to give it a try, or a stop instead.

How to Get to the Place and See Batangas Tourist Spots

If you are up to some adventure, there are two alternatives which you could choose from in heading here. First is the road via Sta. Rosa to Nasugbu. This will take you the area of Tagaytay, Calatagan, Lemery, Lian, and Nasugbu. The second alternative is via Star Highway to Lipa route. Through this road, you can reach Anilao, Bauan, Mabini, San Juan, Laiaya and Lipa City.


Calatagan, Batangas [Batangas Tourist Spot]

Batangas Tourist Spots

Batangas is famous for its beaches, recreational areas, and other tourist spots. The province is near Metro Manila, making it one of the top destination areas for those who live in the city. A lot of these has become crowded over time, yet there are still those that seem to be under the radar of many tourists. Here is the list of some of those places in Batangas.


Masasa Beach

If you want to experience the common life of people who live by the beach, Masasa Beach is the best place to do it. They have nipa huts that you can rent and you can also do activities like swimming, snorkeling, and hiking in the area. Located in Barangay Masasa of Maricaban Island, Tingloy, you can reach the beach by riding a bus to Batangas Grand Terminal, then a jeepney to Anilao or Talaga Port. From there you need to ride a boat heading to Tingloy Port. When you reach Tingloy Port, you can ride a tricycle to reach the place where you will stay.

Sepoc Beach by Eagle Point Resort

Another beautiful beach in Tingloy is Sepoc Beach. The area is private since it is owned and managed by Eagle Point Resort. The resort has its own viewing deck, restrooms, and beach center, making it convenient for tourists. This destination can be costly since you would also need to pay for accommodation, and if you decide to take a tour and diving package.

ISLANDS [Batangas Tourist Spot]

Fortune Island

Located in Barangay Bucana, Nasugbu, the island is close to the mainland and you can get here by getting on a bus that is headed to Nasugbu, riding a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort in the mainland, and then taking a ride on the resort boat that will take you to the actual island. The island is known for their Parthenon-inspired structures, San Diego Warship Museum, lighthouse, and the wreckage of a Volkswagen minibus and freight ship. If you wish to visit this place, make sure to pack everything you may need since the island lacks restaurants and shops.

Isla Verde

For the experienced divers, Isla Verde is a place that must be visited for their diving sites. They also have the Cueva Sitio cave and Mahabang Buhangin white sand beach that tourists can enjoy. You can also try their Pakaskas, a local sweet delicacy, or even buy products that are made of Buri. The countryside life on the island will feel refreshing for those who live in the city. To get to Isla Verde, ride the bus that leads to Batangas City Grand Terminal, then ride a tricycle to Tabangao Port. The public boat ride from Tabangao going to Isla Verde is only available at 9 AM, or you can ask the resort you are staying at to arrange a boat ride for you.

LIGHTHOUSES [Batangas Tourist Spot]

Malabigro Lighthouse (Faro de Punta Malabigro)

The lighthouse was built in 1891 in Lobo, and it is a National Historical Landmark that is still used to guide seafaring vessels. The lighthouse also has a staircase at the back that will lead you to Malabigro Beach. It is a great place for sightseeing that will only cost you transportation. You will need to ride a bus to Batangas City, drop off at Balagtas Junction, then ride a jeepney to SM Batangas up to Lobo Jeepney Terminal. From there, ride the jeepney heading to Lobo town proper, and finally, hire a tricycle that can take you to and from Malabrigo Lighthouse since public vehicles rarely pass by.

Cape Santiago Lighthouse (Faro de Punta Santiago)

One of the 24 lighthouses that were built during the Spanish era, Cape Santiago Lighthouse holds important history in the maritime history of the Philippines. The lighthouse is in Calatagan, you can get there by riding a bus in Pasay Rotonda or a van in from MRT Taft or Metropoint Mall, Pasay. Then ride a tricycle from Calatagan Public Market. This place is best experienced with the stories and guide of Kuya Junior, the caretaker. You can contact him through his mobile, +63 919 8416486.


Fantasy World, Batangas [Batangas Tourist Spot]


San Nicolas Eco-tour [Batangas Tourist Spot/Attraction]

If you want to go to Taal Volcano Island, the San Nicolas Eco-tour should be on the top of your list. Part of the tour is bird watching in a Bird Sanctuary, and the Lava Walk (not to be mistaken for Catriona Gray’s “Lava Walk”). The Lava Walk pertains to the path that was built over the trail of black lava from the eruptions of Taal Volcano during the 1960s to 1970s. If you get hungry, you can bring your own food or head to Pansipit River and eat a “boodle” lunch on a raft that is anchored in the middle. You can book the tour and lunch with the Municipal Tourism Office of San Nicholas, Batangas through their Facebook or Ms. Grace Lopez with this number: +63 997 5470608.

Kapusod Treehouse [Batangas Tourist Spot/Attraction]

Experience the ecological living at Kapusod in Sitio Lipute, Barangay Kinalaglagan, Mataasnakahoy. They have different kinds of accommodations varying from treehouses, Earth Dome, or Kubokas. The treehouses provide a wonderful overlooking scenery of Taal Lake Protected Landscape. A trip to this place is both fun and educational. To get to Kapusod, head to SM Terminal in Tambo by riding a Lipa-bound bus, then ride a jeepney with the Mataasnakahoy signage, get off at the 7/11 convenience store, and finally ride a tricycle that can take you to Pusod TLCC. If you are commuting at night, opt for the private transport service of Kapusod that is in Tambo and Batangas Pier. That option is costly but definitely safer for night travelers.

Marian Orchard [Batangas Tourist Spot/Attraction]

A journey of meditation, reflection, or peace, you can do those activities in the Marian Orchard of Balete Road in Barangay Malabanan, Balete. To reach the place, ride the bus heading to Lipa or Batangas City, get off at Levitown in Marawoy, then ride a tricycle or jeepney to Marian Orchard. You can take pictures of the lovely gardens, or spend a silent time to find peace with prayer, people are welcome to the Marian Orchard. Just remember to respect and follow the house rules to preserve the solemnity of the Marian Orchard. They are open every day from 7 AM to 7 PM, but their entrance gate closes at 5 PM. They have Catholic Mass that is held from 4 to 5 PM every Saturday, Sunday, and first Friday of the month.

Il Capo: A Gentleman’s Barbershop [Batangas Tourist Spot/Attraction]

For those men who want to be treated like a boss, head to Il Capo that is located at Hotel 1925 in Pilahan Street, Sabang, Lipa. In this place, you will get a great haircut and a drink to enjoy with it. Their services can cost around Php 700 to Php 1,000. If you want to have a relaxing day, set an appointment through their Facebook page. To get there, you only need to ride a bus heading to Lipa, get off at SM Terminal, and ride a tricycle to Hotel 1925.

There are more to discover in the Province of Batangas aside from the popular tourist sites. Visit these locations while it is still not that crowded. Discovering these new different places is a wonderful and memorable adventure for anyone to experience.


Parish of StFrancis Xavier Nasugbu Batangas, Nasugbu, Philippines [Batangas Tourist Spot]

Hotels in Batangas

The place has a wide array of facilities for people who would want to see various Batangas Tourist Spots. To book a hotel room, you can click on these properties below. You can also book instantly from the site.

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The Zillion Builders Pavilion, Batangas, Philippines

Bicotels Hotel, Batangas, Philippines

Coral Beach Club, Batangas, Philippines

OYO 120 Balai Sofia, Batangas, Philippines

Pontefino Hotel and Residences, Batangas, Philippines

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Minor Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours

Taal Basilica also officially known as the Minor Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours [Batangas Tourist Spot]

Note: Batangas Tourist Spots is a contributed article. If you have some suggestions on how to improve this guide, please feel free to drop a comment below.

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