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There will be no shortage of Pattaya hotels to choose from as expected of a premier party destination. Where you want to stay will depend on your priorities – do you want to be close to the party, or do you want somewhere quiet to sleep? Proximity to attractions and traffic congestion also needs to be considered. I know you’re excited to party, but we need to find a safe place to drop off your luggage first. This article would discuss the different regions of Pattaya and their offerings. That way, it would be easier to decide where to stay and start partying first.

Pattaya Hotels Near Walking Street

Stay on the popular areas if you want to be close to the action. Walking Street is at the heart of the party place, home to entertainment centers as far as the eye can see. The place can be so crowded that vehicles are prohibited in the area during the evening. However, you can walk or take the baht bus (in the nearest intersection) to other areas of Pattaya. During the day, you can go shopping and dining in the Royal Garden Mall and nearby shops. The adrenaline junkies can parasail at nearby Beach Road while visitors wanting to take it easy can watch a movie at the cineplex. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Pattaya is also located in Walking Street. At night, you will be bombarded by the bright neon lights and deafening music of the numerous bars and clubs coming to life. The main draw for visitors are bars and sexy shows. Expect to get barely any sleep in the Pattaya hotels here as Walking Street thrives with activity 24/7.

Pattaya Hotels Near Central Pattaya Road

This area is a good alternative to Walking Street if you want to party somewhere more “laid-back”. Central Beach is more about food and drinks than dancing and partying. Central Festival Mall hosts cafes and restaurants serving every cuisine imaginable. More can be found outside the mall, meaning your stomach will enjoy here. The area is also a popular sunbathing spot. Don’t let that put you off though – bars and clubs offer cheaper drinks here. However, many of them are closing to make way for more upscale Pattaya hotels. Like with Walking Street, sleep is hard to do here, especially if you are near Sois 7 and 8. Those are the two places where most of the bars and clubs are concentrated in. Being the central area allows easy access to the other hotspots and districts, although traffic is an issue.

Pattaya Hotels at the  North Pattaya Road

Although Pattaya is known for nightlife and parties, not everyone visits because of it. Some want to swim at the beach or admire the view of the sunset. This area caters to them being the quietest part of the region. However, Pattaya hotels here are on the high-end spectrum, thus more expensive. The amenities make up for the cost (and the lack of entertainment centers in the area) as the majority of the hotels have their bar, club, restaurant, and pool. There are a few “independent” restaurants and shops around, but they’re few and far between. Those wanting to enjoy the livelier areas of Pattaya can easily take a baht bus south, in the Dolphin Roundabout.

Pattaya Hotels at Central Pattaya

This area is the urban center far away from the beaches and nightlife. Just as quiet as North Pattaya Beach but has its fair share of bars and clubs. The only reason you might prefer staying here is to find a comfortable Pattaya hotel for less. Accommodations here provide more amenities but at a lower price compared to their counterparts in the livelier areas. Some even offer shuttle service to the nearest baht bus stop or taxi bike center. However, having a personal vehicle is recommended to avoid getting stuck in commuter lines or traffic.

Pattaya Hotels Along at Soi Buakhao, Soi Diana and Soi LK  

This area is a subsection of the central beach known for its abundance of entertainment centers and restaurants and cheap rates on goods and services. Restaurants dot Soi Buakhao, bars are a dime a dozen in Soi Diana and dance clubs are popping up all over Soi LK. A single item purchase in other areas is worth at least three items here. The place for cash-strapped tourists. However, practice due diligence and research as some accommodations have no online presence. Many are even unknown to locals and considered illegal operations. Popular Pattaya hotels here, such as the Areca Lodge, also offer weekly or monthly rates. For those wanting to enjoy the beach (the area is far from it), they can either take a 30 – 45-minute walk to the closest one or ride a baht bus to the other areas. Like the rest of Central Pattaya Beach, sleeping is difficult here, especially if you are near Soi Diana or Soi LK.

Pattaya Hotels Along at Jomtien Beach

This area, south of Pattaya Beach is currently being developed as a new tourism destination. Hotels and business centers are springing up amidst the residential districts, shops, and groceries in the area. Like Central Pattaya, there isn’t much to do here so feel free to ride a baht bus north to Walking Street for the nightlife. Those who decide to stay can enjoy a meal at one of the seaside restaurants or a few drinks at the local bars. Pattaya hotels in the area offer 3-star service or fully-furnished apartments, where even some locals live. In the east lies Dongtan Beach, famous for being frequented by gays and the area’s rising upscale accommodations.

Hopefully, this article made choosing your Pattaya hotel and tour easier. Each area offers something different, but all contribute to the one big party that is Pattaya. A friendly competition exists among them on who can attract the most visitors. Even drab Central Pattaya and sleepy Jomtien are being redeveloped as tourist destinations. What matters most is that you slept well before arrival as you might not be doing that while in Pattaya. Why would you spend your vacation cooped up in a hotel room when there’s partying and swimming to be done?


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