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  Top 20 Destinations | Solo Female Travel 

Whether a digital nomad, a treasure hunter, a shy girl, or a fearless daredevil, a solo female traveler is a lone ranger who is never lonely. The best of spots and experiences await the unrestricted at heart—those willing to seek out the most mesmerizing destinations this world has to offer and what makes them so.

If you are an adventurous spirit, several of these hand-picked destinations will be convenient and safe to travel solo:

Japan | 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

1. Japan

From spending time with monks to enjoying long train rides, Japan will hardly fail your adventurous spirit. The country is decorated with historic cities, including Hiroshima, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto.

In this vast country, you will get a chance to learn the Asian culture and master a thing or two about the extraordinarily courteous people of Japan. A month will hardly be enough to exhaust the marvels of this country. Before leaving, be sure to ask for a lesson or two on martial arts and self-defense from the grandmasters.

2. France

If your wall needs some décor, the Trophy of Augustus, the Eiffel Tower, or the Hall of Mirrors will deliver an enviable portrait. 

Better still, as a solo traveler, France’s countryside will deliver the language of love packaged in both the most romantic language of the locals and mouthwatering delicacies. 


Spain | 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

3. Spain 

A sprinkle of nightlife on the sandy beaches of a famous Island can never disappoint a single lady. Spain is also the best destination for lovers of art, especially in Barcelona. Better still, the endless flow of unique delicacies will leave you swearing to return once more. 

4. New Zealand

If you are looking for nature, New Zealand is the place to get it. This country offers authentic tourist destinations. The unadulterated landscapes and epic mountain ranges will offer the reconnection you need when exploring alone. However, do not miss the all-famous South Island for a view of its golden beaches.

5. Canada

Canada’s long highways, welcoming people, and the Icefield Parkway drive leave nothing to the imagination. They are part, if not a whole, of the magic you have been searching for. 


Germany | 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

6. Germany

There is no better style of learning history and culture than visiting Berlin. If your timing allows, the Oktoberfest will remain a fond memory.

7. Scotland

Listening to fairy tales while enjoying the fresh breath of air in the Scottish Highlands is a heavenly experience for solo girls.

8. Australia

If you seek unknown places that are fun, Australia will deliver them to you. This place is filled with new adventures in largely unexplored islands, such as Kangaroo Island and Bruny Island. 

9. Italy

Italy is the epicenter of medieval history. The Colosseum in Rome carries ancient history, which is exactly what a solo historian would want to witness.

Thailand | 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

10. Thailand

Witnessing the artistic temples of Thailand amid the hustles of street markets is a reviving experience for solo girls who love wild fun. A visit to Thailand does not disappoint. 

11. Portugal

Like most ladies, solo female travelers can hardly hide their love for the colors of Portuguese towns, especially Lisbon. Combined with exquisite dishes, resisting the Portuguese charm is close to impossible. 

12. The United States

Contrary to opinion, the US is blessed with mind-blowing tourist destinations. The US offers several safe and accessible destinations for solo females, including the Joshua Tree in South Carolina and Disneyland Park in California. 


Slovenia | 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

13. Slovenia

Visiting the famous Lake Bled and blending with several people from around the world makes a trip to Slovenia worth a girl’s effort. It is a beautiful experience.

14. Chile

For a passionate traveler, the urge to visit South America is irresistible. However, the low safety levels of this region restrict female tourists to Chile only. More specifically, the mysterious Easter Island and the Atacama Desert are the best fits. 

15. The Netherlands

Unknown to many, the Netherlands offers more than simply Amsterdam. It is best if you travel to Delft, The Hague, and Maastricht and experience the beauty of these cities. 

Indonesia | 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

16. Indonesia

A trip to Indonesia is best if it incorporates an aspect of the business. Bali is especially favorable for female entrepreneurs. 

17. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s east coast is a gem for female tourists. This cool and hardly overpopulated area is loveable for its tranquil nature, which offers a chance for undisturbed surfing, meditation, and deep soul-search. 

18. Argentina

Argentina offers a mix of nature and culture. For the love of waterfalls, try your best to visit the Iguazu Falls. Argentinians will also make you feel safe and at home. 


Iceland | 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

19. Iceland

Iceland is adorable for both its safety and adventurous road trips. What more could a girl want other than extensive exploration in the safest place on earth. 

20. Zanzibar

Diving, swimming, watching Masai warriors performing, and other awe-inspiring things are part of the package you get from the Sunset Beach of Zanzibar. Solo female explorers who have been there loved the place. 

Few other things, if any, match the Picante feel of traveling the world alone, gaining new experiences, and expanding your scope on your own terms. To liberate your journey from any hindrances, start by booking your travel baggage with a luggage delivery company. This goes a long way to free your movement and exploration of new territories. Modernized luggage shipping services offer door-to-door delivery and take under a minute to book online. This well-scrutinized list of juicy destinations will come in handy when planning your next solo adventure.


 20 Top  Solo Female Travel Destinations

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