Amari Resorts: Embarking on a Serendipitous Journey


Amari Resorts

Amari Resorts

Embarking on a Serendipitous Journey: Celebrating CG Hisona’s Birthday at Amari Resorts, Don Salvador Benedicto

Dear Happy Trippers,

Our journey to Amari Resorts was a serendipitous adventure that transformed a simple birthday celebration into a memory in our hearts forever. As we embarked on our quest to find the ideal location to honor the special day of our dear friend, CG Hisona, little did we know that our search would lead us to a haven of tranquility and beauty.


Amari Resorts

 A Whimsical Encounter with Amari Resorts

With eager anticipation, we delved into social media, hoping to uncover a hidden gem to serve as the backdrop for our festivities. However, our path was riddled with closed doors and unfulfilled possibilities. Many sought-after destinations were fully booked, while others presented logistical challenges that didn’t align with our plans. The allure of countless places faded against lackluster visuals, leaving us yearning for something truly captivating.

Capturing birthday moments: CG Gisona shines in his photoshoot while Mark Canieso styles his love, Cecille Dezoller.

Unveiling Amari Resorts – A Breath of Fresh Air

Just as our hopes began to dwindle, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of Amari Resorts. The images that graced our screens were a visual feast, evoking a sense of wonder that ignited our excitement. We made the call with renewed enthusiasm, determined to secure our place in this hidden paradise. Despite the challenge of fluctuating signals, perseverance prevailed, and our reservation was secured—a door to enchantment had swung open.

Amari Resorts

 Stepping into Blissful Tranquility

The day of our arrival felt like the start of a fairy tale. After indulging in a delectable lunch, we crossed the threshold into a world of leisure and wonder. The clock struck 2 PM, and the doors of Amari Resorts swung open to welcome us into a realm where time seemed to slow down, and worries faded away.

Amari Resorts: A Jewel in Nature’s Embrace

Central to this idyllic escape was a mesmerizing infinity pool, its crystalline waters shimmering in the sunlight. This azure oasis beckoned to us, promising a respite from the mundane and a rejuvenating embrace for our weary souls. Surrounding the pool were three villas, each exuding an aura of modern elegance with a hint of Asian influence—a harmonious blend of cultures that resonated with our senses.

Amari Resorts

Amari Resorts: Cozy Elegance and Togetherness Unveiled

On the fringes of the pool, two exquisite villas stand as a testament to the promise of shared moments and boundless joy. The larger villa, a spacious haven with a queen and single bed, extends a warm invitation to unwind and bask comfortably. Adjacent, a snug double bed cradles the essence of togetherness, with each nook and cranny thoughtfully designed to nurture connection.

Balconies stretch like open arms, offering panoramic views of the lush landscape and space for heartfelt conversations and tranquil contemplation. Within these villa walls, a harmonious blend of kitchen, dining, and living room welcomes guests into an inviting cocoon, where shared meals transform into cherished memories and lively discussions echo against the backdrop of modern amenities, including a television and reliable internet connectivity. This fusion bridges the realms of nature’s embrace and contemporary comfort, creating a space where bonds are strengthened, and relaxation is paramount. Meanwhile, a smaller villa, nestled at the heart of the resort, offers a sanctuary for those seeking intimate solitude. With a double and single bed, a cozy kitchen, and a private comfort room, this enclave becomes a canvas for whispered secrets and heartfelt conversations beneath a star-studded sky—a magical haven where the night weaves its tapestry of memories.

Amari Resorts

 Nature’s Symphony: The Design of Amari Resorts

Amari Resorts was a testament to architectural finesse—a harmonious blend of modernity and Asian aesthetics that transported us to a realm where time held no dominion. Manicured grounds stretched like an emerald carpet, inviting us to explore and immerse ourselves in the embrace of nature’s symphony.

Living their best lives, stress-free and in the moment: Mark Canieso, Archie Valderrama, and Engiemar Tupas. 

Gazebos of Tranquility at Amari Resorts

Scattered across the landscape like pearls, gazebos whispered promises of leisurely afternoons spent basking in the sun’s caress. These idyllic spaces, available for day travelers seeking solace, promised moments of serenity and contemplation—a tranquil refuge away from the chaos of everyday life.

Embracing the beauty of the human form with Lei Lani Dusaban and Archimedes Valderrama. 

The Enigmatic Duplex

And then, there was the enigmatic duplex, a compelling mystery that captivated our imagination. Tucked away in a secluded corner, these retreats offered the pinnacle of indulgence. An outdoor jacuzzi, a portal to celestial relaxation, beckoned to those seeking a private haven. Though we couldn’t capture their essence through our lenses, the duplexes left an indelible mark on our minds—an aspiration for future visits.

Amari Resorts

A Promise to Return

As the sun painted the sky with hues of amber and rose, a sense of gratitude and contentment enveloped us. Our experience at Amari Resorts was more than just a stay—it was an intimate gathering of souls, a celebration of friendship, and an immersion into the embrace of nature’s beauty.

With hearts full of cherished memories and a promise to return, we left Amari Resorts with a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment. The uncertainty that led us to this hidden paradise was a reminder that sometimes, the most remarkable journeys begin with unexpected turns.

Amari Resorts

Embracing the passage of time, I now find myself submerged in a water shoot. A new phase has arrived, where I playfully conceal my body in photos.

How to Get to Amari Resorts

Getting to Amari Resort is a straightforward journey. If you’re coming from Bacolod or San Carlos City, you can take a Ceres bus via Don Salvador Benedicto and ask the driver to drop you off at the resort’s location—beside the highway at Km55, Barangay Bunga, 6117. GPS will ensure you reach your destination without hassle if you’re driving your car. Friendly locals along the road are also happy to provide directions if needed. With these options at your disposal, reaching the tranquil paradise of Amari Resort is a breeze.

As we bid farewell to this slice of paradise, our hearts brim with gratitude, and our spirits remain forever captivated by the magic of Amari Resorts.

With wanderlust and cherished memories,

Jojo Vito

Amari Resorts

The “Happy Trip” embodies joy and adventure, a sense of peace, tranquility, and profound relaxation. It’s about savoring the most precious gift of all: time. Jojo Vito

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Amari Resorts

Amari Resorts


  1. Amerah Barajan

    1. As i read the article, it highlighted the beauty of Amari resorts. There were a lot of features that are noteworthy. However, one of the Amari features that stands out the most is the enigmatic duplex wherein you can enjoy your time privately with your love ones. I reckon that when you want to relax and enjoy, all you want to have is a tranquil space that you can leisurely enjoy your vacation. Further, this sets apart from other competitors because not all are able to offer this. And i think this is the most selling point because not only because it offers a quality service and a nice pool but also because of the picturesque.

    2. I think there are a lot of beautiful places here in the Philippines as well as there are a lot of beaches that can compete with the aforementioned resort. Moreover, the biggest challenge is by not having a good social media presence as there are a lot of popular resorts. By being said, this could be a reason why most of the tourist are sucker for places who has a good social media reputation. However, if they are able to build nor established a strong social media presence this could sell and attract to international market.

  2. Michelle Ann Ducay

    1. Amari is one of the recommended resorts for tourist/guest. A you can see in the article will be easily captured by the good ambiance and unique stylish interior construct by the Resort partner with good cold temperature as it was located in Don Salvador Benedicto where the coldness hug you. The large Villas makes the resorts standouts, as you can see in the picture if feels like it’s welcoming you with warmth and good scenic views that you will surely enjoy. Also, it has a large space offering relaxation that will your stress and problems fade away.

    2. What should be the biggest challenge (just 1) should you sell/promote this property or place to the international market?

    I think it’s location, because Resorts location is located in the highlands where it not that kind a accessible to all commuters. You can also take a ceres bus in order to reach the resort and it will take I think 2-3 hours from the city to reach the resort. But if you have a personal car it kind a hassle free. But it kind a challenging to those who commutes.

  3. Jose Mari Cariño

    1. One top feature or trait of the resort is the homelike feeling. The fusion of Modern and Asian architecture gives a cozy and warm vibe that feels like home. This is an aspect that I want to highlight to tourists because the main purpose of vacation is to relax. After all, what better way to spend time in a place that promotes relaxation?

    2. The biggest challenge when promoting the resort is the absence of cellular service since the place is located away from the city. We all know that almost everyone is stuck on their phones 24/7, and this could be detrimental to business. Furthermore, the area is home to a large number of resorts, making promotion more difficult due to the abundance of competitors.

  4. Ianne Clarisse Reboton

    1. ” A home away from home”
    I would like to feature how at home it looks like but also a place to relax. The view of the place will capture the attention of visitors and tourist. The view alone is a huge selling point and would be beneficial to the growth of the resorts sales., Since a lot of people would always say ” tigto ta kay nami ang lugar”. It is also away from the city giving visitor a relaxing feels.

    2. The biggest challenge is that there are a lot of this kinds of resorts in other countries. It is a challenge for the owners to make it unique that will capture the attentions of tourists

  5. Marie Angelie Bacong

    1. If your having a hard time or stress lately, this would be a nice place to relax and be peaceful with nature. As this place gives cozy vibes, nice view and a relaxing mind.

    2. Since we all know that DSB or Don Salvador Benedicto has been very popular and on its peak in terms of rest house vacation. Of course, there would be a lot of competitors but what make us unique is that AMARI RESORT are pet friendly.

  6. Yrha Mae I. Tingson

    1. The breathtaking nature view of the resort. As well as the beautiful landscape and architectural designs. This is perfect for those who wants to take a break from city life and have a fresh breath of air.

    2. No – Low Signals. Tourist might have a hard time connecting online because of the signal. Specially for those “working from home” who still wants to work while enjoying their vacations.

  7. Krissa Jean Sabio

    1 feature of resort i love is its fascinating and have natural surroundings which makes them feel stress-free. It is calming and revitalizing. This will be the greatest location for them if they’re looking for a stress-free environment. Like adapting their culture and to share the beauty of place that cant seen in their country.

    2. The challenge would be, how to connect their preferences. some international people don’t want to try some new.


    1. Identify one top TRAIT/FEATURE (identify its value proposition) of this hotel or place or tourist destination (whichever is applicable) which you would like to highlight should you be promoting and selling the services of this property or place to foreigners/tourists. Explain why its the top selling point of the place.
    – Nature’s Symphony: The Design of Amari Resorts because of its aesthetics designs and a nature vibes that gives as a fresh air and nice ambiance that people love too.

    2. What should be the biggest challenge (just 1) should you sell/promote this property or place to the international market?
    – I think is the place where it is located because it is too far for the others who don’t have a car or service and also for the people who always choosing for a budget meal trip.

  9. Don Steven Santillan

    1. After reading the article, one thing that highlights the place is the “Enigmatic Duplex”, where it is secluded in a corner and offers an outdoor jacuzzi. A safe haven where you and your friends or family can relax and create unforgettable memories together. For me, this would be the top selling point of the place because when you sell a place/property to a foreigner or tourist, they would often look for a spot where it is cozy and relaxing. A place where they can unwind and bond.

    2. I think one of the biggest challenge this place would face when selling/promoting the property to international market is the view. While checking the photos in the article, it came to my attention that the views are not mountains, it is mostly trees, then cables are also present which destroys the wonderful view of the relaxing villa.

  10. Maria Alesandra Apurado

    1. The rendezvous: Your go to meeting place. No matter if its a destination of your choice or a choice by coincidence, it is a paradise that can surely captivate people’s hearts. Amari simply has that vibe of peace and reposefulness. A place perfect for finding comfort away from home.

    2. Offering top-quality products and services surely comes with a price. It would be a real risk offering a price that exceeds the budget of a consumer especially to tourists or people from other countries. But at the same time, an advantage for those who are into quality over quantity.

  11. Althea Joy O. Verdadero

    1. Embracing nature. This place really enables its visitors to connect with nature. Located away from the city and with mixture of sunny yet cold aesthetic and cozy environment, tourist would surely enjoy Amari Resorts.

    2. Market saturation and competition. Mountain resorts are not necessarily new to the market. It will be a challenge to bring or to promote this kind of business since its strategic location in Don Salvador is what makes it unique. With the promotion or selling of this business, innovation and strategic planning is really needed in order for the business to stand out.

  12. Antonio Andrei B. Esteban

    1.) Nature and ambiance this is a big trait for the market as most of the people that goes to a resort wants to have break of the city. People from the city are existed by the pollution and noise which is why they prefer somewhere out of the city like being with nature clean air and greenery is what they crave. Also having a gazebo is a very big pro in a resort as people who tend to go on an outing are usually a big family who wants to have a bonding.
    2.) The place itself is common for the international market lots of resorts have pools and natural surroundings. This makes promoting and hard for the international market the foreigners are traveling outside of their country in order for them to try new things and being common wont attract them. If you want to attract the international market you have to do something that is unique or attractive

  13. Gimeno, Lyra Melle F.

    1. The resort’s most appealing feature is its expansive views of the surrounding landscapes and natural environments, which are what most guests search for when looking for a quiet, peaceful spot to unwind.

    2. The biggest challenge to selling or promoting this property or location to the global market is its location, its unstable signals, and its satisfactory amenities.

  14. Lyann Marie Abeto

    I think one top feature of this tourist destination is its breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. This feature provides a feeling of serenity and scenic beauty for the people who will visit this place. However, the challenge is that there are many beautiful places to visit in Don Salvador there are competitors. Nevertheless, Amari offers a more relaxing and luxurious experience. It’s like a peaceful and fancy getaway where you can chill out in style.

  15. Carmela Gonzaga

    1. For me, the top feature of this hotel is the pool, because as Filipino’s we are always looking for the pool in any resort to dive into to refresh and relax considering we live in a humid country. Looking at the pictures in the article the pool looks nice and cool and the overall ambience looks nice, the blue crystal waters can really attract someone to take a leap into it and enjoy the cool water

    2. The biggest challenge in my perspective when selling this property in the national market is where you have to travel a certain distance to get to this hidden gem of a destination. Other foreigners might want something convenient to go to near in the city because a hotel is where they consider to relax already instead of travelling a distance, but all in all it still depends on the consumer who is willing to explore this magical place.

  16. Joehaney Marie A. Requitillo

    1. Enigmatic Duplex – For me this is the top selling point of the business as it has a serene jacuzzi nestled amidst lush mountain greens to an inviting infinity pool, a stylish bar and kitchen area, and a leisure space designed to elevate your experience. Your stay promises not just relaxation but memorable fun moments.

    2. I can promote it by posting my reviews on my Facebook account. You can Experience Bali, an hour away from the city. Take a breather amidst the highlands in a modern cabin, with your private jacuzzi for a truly deserved break.

  17. Johnleh Robert S. Apuhin

    1. Modern and aesthetic facilities. This will contribute to enhance the overall guest experience and satisfaction.
    2. Expensive start-up cost.

  18. Ellen May Gomez

    1. Amari is located in the mountains which is highly in demand in today’s world. People look for peace and quiet especially during the weekends.

    2. Based off experience, places that are this wide and out of the city is more difficult to sell as other people complain of the distance and not many people look for “rest houses” or houses this big.

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