Diamond Seafood Restaurant | Bacolod City

Diamond Seafood Restaurant

Savoring Flavors at Diamond Seafood Restaurant: A Bacolod Culinary Journey for Food-Loving Happy Trippers

Calling all food enthusiasts, fellow foodies, and adventurers with hearty appetites – we want to introduce you to a hidden culinary treasure in Bacolod. Hailing from the City of Smiles, our group – Lei Lani, CG Hisona, Mark Canieso, and I – are not culinary experts, but rather a band of passionate eaters who find pure joy in indulging in delectable dishes. Our mission is simple: to take you on a culinary journey and share the pleasures of Diamond Seafood Restaurant, a place that has delighted our taste buds.

Discovering Diamond Seafood Restaurant 

Bacolod, famous for its smiles and vibrant culture, also boasts an array of delightful culinary experiences. Our group, not known for our expert opinions on food, is known for our love of eating and our knack for discovering mouthwatering hidden gems. Diamond Seafood Restaurant is one such treasure, a spot we can’t wait to introduce you to.


Exploring Delights at Diamond Seafood Restaurant 

Upon entering Diamond Seafood, we sensed something special about this place. Our goal was simple: to explore the menu and relish the finest dishes, ensuring you don’t miss out on the culinary delights Bacolod has to offer.

Our culinary journey began with the Yangchow fried rice, a delightful blend of rice, prawns, and fresh vegetables that awakened our palates. Each forkful offered a promise of the delicious adventure that lay ahead.

Unearthing Delicious Surprises

Next on our tasting adventure was the hot and sour soup, a steaming bowl of sweet and spicy flavors, setting the tone for the feast that was to come.

The star of our meal was the buttered chicken. With its crispy exterior and tender, flavorful interior, it was love at first bite. The subtle blend of sweet and savory notes made it an absolute standout.

As for me, I had a special love for the crab foo yong, a luxurious dish that combines the richness of crabmeat and fluffy eggs, enveloped in a savory sauce. Each bite was a celebration of flavors.

Diamond Seafood Restaurant | Bacolod City

A Cozy Bacolod Experience | Diamond Seafood Restaurant

Despite its specialization in Chinese cuisine, it offer a cozy ambiance that feels far from traditional. The setting is intimate, with just enough tables to create a welcoming atmosphere. The waitstaff, dressed in bright yellow uniforms, are friendly and attentive, making your dining experience feel like a homecoming.

Budget-Friendly Delights at Diamond Seafood Restaurant

For groups and families, the place is a good choice. Generous portions come with reasonable price tags, allowing you to savor Bacolod’s culinary treasures without emptying your wallet. The hot and sour soup is priced at 250, the Yangchow fried rice at 420, and the buttered chicken at 350.

Diamond Seafood Restaurant | Bacolod City

Conclusion: An Appetizing  Adventure Awaits at Diamond Seafood Restaurant

To all the happy trippers venturing into Bacolod, this place is a hidden gem waiting for you to uncover. We may not be culinary experts, but our love for good food and the thrill of delightful dining experiences have led us to this spot. As you traverse the charming streets of Bacolod, make sure to explore the culinary treasures at Diamond Seafood Restaurant. It’s a place where flavors come to life, where every bite tells a story of Bacolod’s rich culinary heritage. So, embark on this culinary journey and savor the delectable dishes that await you, including the unforgettable crab foo yong.

Address: JQ Building, Taal Lopez Jaena

Diamond Seafood Restaurant | Bacolod City

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Diamond Seafood Restaurant | Bacolod City

Diamond Seafood Restaurant  

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