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Are you looking for a one of a kind adventure with your Barkadas? Then the province of Catanduanes is the perfect place for you! Located in the “Bicolandia” region of Luzon, the area is well known for its pristine beaches and one of a kind waterfalls.


Filipinos are known to be one of the happiest people in the world, and it is fascinating to know that somewhere in the Bicol region is a province known to many as the “Happy Island.” By just hearing this nickname, who wouldn’t want to visit this place that can offer such a positive vibe? This province is the Catanduanes.

This 12th most significant island in the country is a landmass that is closest to the Pacific Ocean, therefore gaining its other nickname, “The Land of the Howling Winds.” This province consists of islands and islets such as Catanduanes / Virac Island, Lete Island, Panay Island, and the Palumbanes group of islands (Tignob, Porongpong, and Calabagio). The name Catanduanes is a Spanish term derived from the word “tandu,” which means native beetle and samdong tree; both are abundant in the whole island. However, it is said that the island’s first names were actually “Isla de Cobos.”



Catanduanes Tourist Spots/ Binurong Point by Maffeth.opiana

The name “Happy Island” has been tagged on the province as beach and nature lovers will surely enjoy strolling around the place. A breathtaking view of nature that makes anyone feel calm and blessed and have numbers of IG-worthy photos is just one of the reasons why Catanduanes is very popular with tourists – both Filipinos and foreigners. It also caters surfing activities, and the Pururan Beach in the municipality of Baras will not disappoint you as the resort is considered to be a world-renowned surfing destination. For waterfalls experience, the most famous destination is the Maribina Falls in the town of Virac can give you a majestic view.

The government has been giving importance to the mangroves and marine ecosystem, and tourists can see this by visiting the Batalay Mangrove Eco Park located in the town of Bato. Another destination in this town is the Bato Church, which is the oldest church in Catanduanes, which dates back from 1830. This heritage church of Bato has been part of the province’s history as it stands the test of time from all the natural calamities such as storms and earthquakes.

Catanduanes Tourist Spots/ Rock Formation at Igang Virac, Catanduanes. Photo by FroyAgta

Catanduanes is also rich when it comes to their culture, and their list of festivals has proven their passion for it. First will be the Catandungan Festival, which is held in the latter part of October. This is the island province’s annual celebration to commemorate its independence from the region of Albay. The next known festival is the Abaca festival that is celebrated to give importance to their primary economy, which from the festival name’s itself – the Abaca. This festival is celebrated every May 4th. On the other hand, other festivals of some municipalities are the Dinahit Festival (of Pandan) every April, Kalbaryo (of San Andres) every Holy Week, which re-enacts the passion of the Christ, and Sugbo Festival (of seven barangays of Hitoma, Caramoran) every May.

The cuisine has been part of the Catanduanes’ culture as well, and some best foods to try on after enjoying the magnificent nature are fresh seafood like steamed lobster and crabs, octopus adobo, prawns; for a dessert, a must-try is their unique Chocolate-Chili cupcake and popular Pili Nuts products.

Catanduanes Tourist Spots/  Photo by jackylim


With the number of islands found in the province, it is impossible to run out of adventure in this place. Here is the list of the MUST-SEE PLACES in this beautiful province:

Balacay Point  

If you’re looking now for a higher place to go, then this place is what you are precisely looking for. This place provides an amazing 360 degrees view of the province. If you would like to do it by car (if you’re not really into walking), then all you have to do is bring your car with you and start driving going to the hilltop. An entrance fee of 10 pesos is needed for the maintenance purposes of the place.

Green Lagoon  

This is a secluded area that even local tourists are not all aware of. It might be difficult to find this place, but once your eyes laid on the beautiful scenic lagoon, all your hardships (as it includes trekking) in reaching this place will be paid off. Enjoy the serenity of the place as you take a refreshing dip into its water.

Catanduanes Tourist Spots/  Binurong Point. Photo by Maffeth.opiana

Binurong Point  

This place is perfect for those who would simply like to enjoy the view and interact with the locals. This place was used before as a pasture land of carabaos, and now it turned to be a scenic attraction. The simplicity of the area will make you even more excited and thrilled to get to know its history more.


Three waterfalls can be found in the province, the Nahulugan Falls, Dororian Falls, and Maribina Falls. Tricycle or “Habal-habal” is the most common mode of transportation to get to most of these falls. Try to visit these falls and get to see this breathtaking view.

Puraran Beach  

Surfing adventure at its finest is what this place has to offer! Located in an isolated cove of the town of Baras, this place has been a top destination for tourists, most notably for the surfing enthusiasts.

AddressPuraran, Baras, 4803 Catanduanes

Bring the entire Barkada with you and head on to Catanduanes! Enjoy the place, and have a Happy Trip!


Catanduanes Tourist Spots/ Puraran Beach by Rotherham


To get here in the province of Catanduanes, you can take a direct flight from Manila to Virac Catanduanes (available flight in going to this place in once a day based on the Cebu Pacific flights). Another way is to head to Legazpi through a bus and be ready for a 12-hour ride adventure. Once you arrived in Legazpi, go to the Tabaco port and ride in a boat that will take you to San Andres (3 hours travel). Be cautious of your schedule since the ship traveling from this Port heading to Catanduanes are from 7 AM to 1 PM only.

You will have two options for flying to the island. First is by flying direct to Virac, Catanduanes, or make a segway when you are visiting the province of Albay.

Bato River

Catanduanes Tourist Spots/ Bato River by  Irvin Parco Sto. Tomas


To get around the island, you have the option of taking a bus, jeepney, tricycle, or motorbike. As of this time, there is no taxi company yet operating on the Island.


Should you like to explore Catanduanes Tourist Spots, we have listed below Hotels and Resorts, which can host you while experiencing your vacation in this island province.

You can book your hotel room in advance by clicking on the links below.

Ardci Corporate Inn

Balacay Inn

Catanduanes Midtown Inn

Catanduanes Twin Rock Beach Resort

Casa Remedios Bed&Breakfast

Marem Pension House, Catanduanes, Philippines

JoSurfInn, Puraran at Majestics

Puraran Surf Beach Resort

Rakdell Inn


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