Sinulog sa Kabankalan Schedule of Activities


One of the most awaited and biggest festivals in the whole island of Negros, Philippines, Sinulog sa Kabankalan City is an annual festival celebrated during the 3rd Sunday of January. During the celebration, countless people coming from the different parts of Negros Island to join the festivity.

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The festivity will officially start on January 10, 2020. The highlights will be on January 19, 2020. Events during the last day will include the much-awaited Grand Tribal Street and Arena Dance Competitions. The festival will be concluded by a fireworks display.

Things to do When Visiting Kabankalan City

The city is located in the Southern part of Negros Occidental. It hosts 2 major festivals namely: Sinulog sa Kabankalan and Udyakan Festival.

While in the city you can visit its tourist attractions: Mag-aso Falls and Balicao-cao Resort.

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Explore Bacolod City

if you are coming from Iloilo City, you will surely be passing by Bacolod City. So you can explore this beautiful city either before heading to Kabankalan or on your way home.

Bacolod offers many attractions and “things to do” which can make your trip more meaningful.

Listed below are useful travel guides which can help you in making your itinerary:

Visit Sipalay City

Sipalay City is just a  few hours away from Kabankalan by bus. Sipalay is known for its beautiful beaches and diving sites.

We have outlined below important article to help you decide on your travel plan:

Segway to Dumaguete City

Another beautiful city which you might want to visit when in Kabankalan City is the city of the gentle people- Dumaguete.

Dumaguete is just a bus ride away and buses from Bacolod going to Dumaguete are passing the city.

To more about Dumaguete City, please read the articles below:


fiesta costume

Sinulog sa Kabankalan Schedule of Activities

How to Get Kabankalan City

Kabankalan is less than two hours’ drive south of Bacolod City by a private car while public utility vehicles reach the place in about two hours. The city, which serves as the center of economic activities in southern Negros, is also the take-off point for various destinations down south and links the province to Dumaguete City, capital of nearby Negros Oriental via Kabankalan-Mabinay.


Sinulog sa Kabankalan Schedule of Activities

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Sinulog sa Kabankalan Schedule of Activities


  1. Renz Laurence

    Kabankalan Sinulog Festival I believe one of the best events in Southern Negros Occidental. But many residents choosed to stay at home because of the numerous gangsters and trouble-makers on the streets who are drunk harassing and creating inconvenience to people who are supposed to enjoy. How could it be if they are worried and annoyed?
    We hope that this problem be addressed as soon as possible with the help of the local authorities.
    May I suggest to the city council to make an ordinance against this issue? Thank you!

  2. Jenelyn Bobo Christiansen

    For those who wanted to visit my place, Sinulog festival is really full of adventures, dances, fun, and happiness but as what we know that there are good as well as bad people everywhere. Some people are taking advantage of the newcomers, foreigners and even to the locals. Those bad people are nabbing, stealing and even taking away the young girls into their vans because usually, they are armed individuals so as a concerned Kabankalanon which means had once lived in Kabankalan City be vigilant and do not wear ornaments, cellular phones or bring money in your bag. Know whom you go with. Go simple and enjoy the fun.

  3. What an amazing list of celebrations and events! I love how colorful and exciting everything looks!

  4. Won’t be bored during that time! Would be so cool to be one of the dancers so that I can wear a costume too!

  5. This is a beautiful festival but unfortunately I never watch it in person when I was still living in the Philippines.

  6. They have a lot of vibrate colors. This looks like it would be a fun experience to be at.

  7. this will definitely another well celebrated feast, hope i can experience it someday

  8. It’s nice that the whole schedule is laid out like it is. That kind of structure takes the guess work out. 🙂

  9. I love cultural celebrations they are a facinating insight into their traditions and values.

  10. Elizabeth O.

    It sure is a wonderful festival to be part of! I would love to see it live for myself someday. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of places to see them, and with the times perfect for whatever you have scheduled for the day!

  11. What an amazing experience. They are filled with activities

  12. that is quite the schedule of activities. it looks like there is something for everyone

  13. Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Lots of great stuff on the schedule. Thank you for sharing all the events with us.

  14. I’m sure those in the area are going to have fun at these events. I wish we had some (any) events in our area but we don’t.

  15. what a beautiful celebration full of color and so much life

  16. jobeth marie

    Pwede ask, if how to join your Arena Dance competition? We would like to join the event. We are from mabinay. Thanks.

  17. Jenn Peters

    Wow! This looks like such an amazingly fun experience!

  18. I have always wanted to witness this Sinulog festival. I only wish I lived closer. Someday I will make time to witness that festival myself!

  19. This looks like an interesting celebration and the festive clothing is so bright and colourful. it looks fabulous.


  20. I have always wanted to experience the festivities of the Sinulog. The headdress competition is something that I would like to see – channeling creativity and most likely sticking to tradition, this should be interesting.

  21. Wow these look really good! WIsh i could be there.

  22. Oh wow…there is a lot to do for 2016 and seems like loads of fun too….Good share

  23. So colorful. Happy celebrations

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