Mag-aso Falls, Kabankalan


Visiting Mag-Aso Falls

Located on the farther south of Bacolod City is the city of Kabankalan. The city is the second-most populous city in Negros Occidental. Many people are still unaware of the beauty that hides within Sitio Dug-Anon in the Barangay of Oringao, Kabankalan City called the Mag-aso Falls. The view of the falls is simply breathtaking and you would not be disappointed.

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How to Get to Mag-aso Falls From Bacolod City

Option #1

Head to Bacolod South terminal and ride a bus going to Kabankalan City. This is a two to three hours ride, so make sure you are prepared.

After reaching Kabankalan City, you can get a ride from a tricycle to get to the Mercado/Public Market.

Ride a jeep heading to Mabinay and ask the driver to drop you off at Bangga Mag-Aso, Oringao.

A tricycle or habal-habal ride from Oringao can get you to Mag-Aso Falls.
In this option, you can do a stopover at the Mercado/Public Market where you can buy any items necessary for your trip to Mag-Aso Falls. You can buy some food or some toiletries if you are planning to take a swim. It is cheaper to purchase food and other items outside than buy them inside the resort.

Option #2

Go to the South Ceres terminal and ride the bus that is heading to Dumaguete via Mabinay. This is a two to three hours ride.

Ask the conductor to drop you off at Barangay Oringao along the hi-way of Mabinay

From Oringao you can ride a tricycle or habal-habal going to Mag-Aso falls.
The second option is a more convenient commute than the first one. You can just buy your food, and other stuff in the resort or before you ride the bus.

Once you reach the area, you will be welcomed by the Mag-Aso Falls signage. From there, head to the retail store on the right side of the gate. Personnel will be assisting you for your entrance. The entrance fee costs Php 50 per head. Student and senior discounts can be applied, so make sure to bring your ID if you are one.


The Water Falls, Mag-aso Falls

Descending the 108 long steps will bring you to the falls. The blue hue of the water and the smoke-like mist from the falls gives a spectacular view. This 120-feet high waterfalls should not be missed by travelers. You can take pictures with the falls as the background in their viewing deck.

Be extra careful if you are swimming where the falls is dropping since it is really deep.

The steps can be slippery so watch your step.

Night swimming in the falls is not allowed.

Make sure to visit on sunny weather for you to truly enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

                            The ice-cold swimming pool at Mag-aso Falls, Kabankalan

Swimming Pool

The water for the swimming pool comes directly from the falls. If you have kids with you on your trip, swimming here is a better choice. The water is shallow, and you can have easy access to the cottages.

Wearing of inappropriate swimwear is not allowed in the swimming pool.

Any footwear is not allowed in the swimming pool area.

Jojo Vito, Travel Blogger

                                                 Mag-aso Falls, Kabankalan


You can bring your own food to the area just make sure that you do not litter.

Food must be kept in the cottage or rooms only.

You can buy food inside the resort for convenience, but if you prefer a cheaper alternative, you can merely pack your own food and bring it inside.

There is no corkage fee for bringing your own food.

Cooking is not allowed unless it is to be grilled.

You can try and negotiate with the chef in charge of cooking rice and chicken dishes to cook for you.


Accommodation at Mag-aso Falls

If your intention is to stay for a while, you can rent their shelter options. Otherwise, you can inform the caretaker that you are only side-tripping or traveling alone.

Cottage costs Php 200

Overnight Room (good for 2-4 persons) costs Php 1000

If you are visiting during the summer, overnight rooms should be booked ahead of time since the place is becoming a famous spot to visit. You can contact them through this number: 09285946275. It would be better to call, instead of just texting them.

There is not much of a cellular signal in the area so it would take some time for you to contact others or upload your pictures online.

This is a great trip, and it will definitely be worth your while. Whether you are visiting or merely passing by the area, Mag-Aso falls one of the beautiful destinations in Negros Occidental that you must go to.


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