SOUTH COTABATO Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide

SOUTH COTABATO Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide

South Cotabato Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide


South Cotabato: “Breadbasket of the South”

For a country whose majority of lands are reserved and used for planting crops, the Philippines, despite the dictates of modernity, remains as a predominantly agricultural nation. No other province perhaps best showcase this notion than South Cotabato from down south which is regarded as the “Breadbasket of the South.”

With produce which ranges from a variety of fruits, vegetables, and corn, South Cotabato is not without its merit to the title. This is also primarily owed to the province’s expansive lands which measure 3,935.95 square kilometers, a good portion of which is used to grow crops.

Yet, of all those yields, no product is probably as much more pronounced as the pineapple because of its sheer amount after harvest. For this, South Cotabato is made renown as a major producer of the fruit and, consequently, home to some big plantations which processed them for canning.

Apart from the tasty pineapples, however, the province’s other consumable exports include the Bongolan banana, fruit preserves, and asparagus.

Sure, the province’s choice of product is not at all capable of toppling Nueva Ecija as a major producer of rice in the country, but its own set of production alone is more than capable of raising the province’s local economy to the top as among the fastest-growing.

SOUTH COTABATO Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide

South Cotabato Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide

More Than Just Its Produce

Although its harvests are probably most enjoyed by its natives as generously provided by Mother Nature herself, even non-locals find something on this land, apart from its produce, that makes it worth the visit.

As the only home to a handful of indigenous people, some of which are resistant to the dictates of modernity, no other place in the country do you see natives such as the Samal, Teduray, B’laan, and the T’boli.

While this group of people—the T’boli—may not openly embrace the amenities of modernity, they are not necessarily ill-developed as a culture. If there is one word that would best describe the T’boli tribal people, it has got to be the word “colorful” which demonstrates their prowess in the art of textiles. But wait until you see the T’boli at their most grand as they perform their dance at the T’nalak Festival.

Yet, it is not just the indigenous tribe that makes the province a sight to see, even among their fellow Filipinos. The natives of South Cotabato themselves tend to be as diverse as they come due to a mixture of different ethnicities. Overall, this heterogeneous nature of the inhabitants of South Cotabato creates an overlapping of many cultures but with enough common ground to be harmonious.

Then, of course, there is the geographic make-up of the land. While most of the province remains flat—which thus makes it the perfect place for plating crops—it is not absent with terrains of towering elevations. In fact, looking at South Cotabato’s topography, it has plenty of mountains that had sprung up from place to place.

Lastly, there is also the province’s own climate which is distinct from its neighboring regions and the rest of the country. No place is this notion more ostensive than at the Lake Sebu which is dubbed as the “Little Baguio” for its relatively cooler temperature. When every other place in the country is in heat, this tiny region in South Cotabato remains a significantly cooler place.

Where else, then, can you be during summer or even at any time of the year with the intent of munching on delicious yet affordable fruits?


SOUTH COTABATO Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide

[ South Cotabato Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide ]


South Cotabato is one of the most of the time underestimated places in the country due to its far distance from the country’s capital, Manila. Called officially as the Province of Cotabato located in the region of SOCCSARGEN in Mindanao, this place has a lot of things to offer to the tourists who are planning to go for an adventure in this place. We are going to give you the top things to do in the South Cotabato.

  1.    DOLE Plantation and Mt.Matutum

Placed at the base of the Mt.Matutum is the plantation (pineapples) of DOLE Philippines with around 12,000 hectares of land area, this is considered as the most significant pineapple plantation in the country. There is also an existing exclusive residential area with a 9-hole golf course in the middle of the manor. The Dole Kalsangi Clubhouse (famous for its steak) is also located in this place.

  1.    Tarsier

The existence of the Tarsier Sanctuary at the Barangay Linan, Tupi, made it famous to the tourists. Most especially that they have here the Tukal, the smallest primate in the world.

  1.    Surallah Rotunda

This cultural landmark established in the year 2011 has been gathering sound reviews from tourists due to the beauty of the masterpiece designed and created by Kublai Ponce Millan.

  1.    Lake Sebu

A trip to the summer capital of the south will undoubtedly be one of the to-do lists for your summer get-away. So better brace yourself as you indulge in the magnificent beauty of Lake Sebu while boating and dining with Tilapia dishes on varied restaurants available in the nearby area.

Click here for Lake Sebu Travel Guide

  1.    Seven Falls Zipline

Those who have the dare-devil spirits would surely enjoy this adrenaline rushed activity. In trying this, you will have to fly above the three up to seven falls of the entire Lake Sebu with the speed of 100 – 120 kilometers per hour and with a total height of 180 meters. In fact, this is considered as the highest outdoor activity in entire Southeast Asia.

Read more about Seven Falls Zipline

  1.    T’nalak Weaving

Ready to indulge in the cultural aspects of the place? Then this is the place that you should pay a visit. You will get to see the old and new weaving industries and you will also get to listen to their past and ancient tribal stories.

Read more about  T’nalak Weaving/Tboli Dreamweavers

  1.    Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park

The world-class beauty and effect of these is incomparable to all other resorts in the area because they offer the mobi wave pool technology, something that is unique in the entire country.

  1.    Water Zorbing

Located at the Cresta Del Rio Splash Resort, these resort offers an extreme water adventure to all visitors. Starting from pools, slides, and all other outdoor fun activities, they have it for you.

  1.    Community Museum

A cultural and historical visit to the community museum will help you inevitably get to know the place. This is an opportunity for you to establish a connection with the site given the fact that you will get to see a glimpse of their colorful past.

  1.    T’nalak Festival

Being celebrated yearly every second week of July, this event portrays and showcases the rich culture of South Cotabato. Through this, varied provincial activities are being done throughout the festival.

Read more about T’nalak Festival

SOUTH COTABATO Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide

Costume made of the famed T’nalak Cloth in South Cotabato [ South Cotabato Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide ]


The nearest airport to get to South Cotabato is found in General Santos City. From the airport, there are various rides available to bring you to the Yellow Bus Terminal to get to the capital city of South Cotabato, the Koronadal.

Below are the options:

1.Taxi  – P300
2. Jeepney – P50 (but you need to wait until they get full, this is also true with the van)
3.Van (Air-conditioned) – P100
4. At times there are Vans which can take you straight to Koronadal- P350

The moment you get to the  Yellow Bus Terminal in General Santos, take the bus going to Koronadal for P 100.

Upon reaching Koronadal Yellow Bus Terminal, just take a tricycle to bring you to your hotel.

South Cotabato Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide


Since you will be passing General Santos City, you can spend a day or two before or after your South Cotabato Trip to maximize your Trip. Here’s General Santos City Travel Guide  

If you decide to visit General Santos, you might as well want to visit one of the best beaches in the south, The Gumasa Beach in Saranggani. Here’s the Gumasa Beach Travel Guide

While in South Cotabato you can also have a side trip to Baras Bird Sanctuary in Tacurong and Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol.  Here’s our Baras Bird Sanctuary Travel Guide 

Visiting South Cotabato will never be complete without experiencing Lake Sebu. Summer is the best time to visit Lake Sebu. However, if you are visiting the place for the first time and would want to maximize your trip, you might want to consider visiting the place during the T’nalak Festival which is held every July. Here’s the T’nalak Festival Guide ( I will be posting here the detailed schedule upon released by South Cotabato Tourism.)

South Cotabato is generally warm, especially during summer. So travel essentials such as sunscreen, cap, etc. are a must. You must wear also very comfortable clothes and shoes if you wish to explore the place.

Tricycle is the most common mode of transportation in South Cotabato. However, in Lake Sebu, you can take a Habal-habal especially if you are traveling alone or with just one companion. This mode of transportation is relatively cheap.

Yours truly with some tour operators from Davao City, during our visit in Lake Sebu [ South Cotabato Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide ]


Presented below are itineraries to help you plan your visit to South Cotabato. I have linked quite a number of travel guides to help you out.

Itinerary 1

This itinerary is best during the summer.

Day 1. Arrival in Gensan; proceed directly to Lake Sebu; Explore the place (Lake Sebu Travel Guide)

Day 2.  Lake Sebu Cruise, 7 Falls, and Zipline (7 Falls Zipline Guide )

Day 3. Travel Back to Koronadal City, Check-in Hotel, Travel to Baras Bird Sanctuary, Visit Sultan Kudarat Provincial Building

Day 4. Travel to General Santos City; Explore the City (General Santos City Travel Guide  )

Day 5. Visit General Santos City Fish Port early in the morning (Fish Port Travel Guide), proceed to Gumasa Beach (Gumasa Beach Resort Guide ); overnight at the beach. You can also go back to General Santos City for your trip the next day or catch the last flight back home.

Itinerary 2 

This itinerary is designed with the T’nalak Festival being one of the highlights of the trip. T’nalak Festival is one of the most authentic tribal festivals in the country. This itinerary would be for the month of July.

Day 1. Arrival in General Santos; travel to Koronadal South Cotabato; hotel check-in and visit festival exhibit   ( please make sure that you should arrive in Koronadal City, a day before the highlight of the Festival.)

Day 2. This must be the highlight of the Festival (grand parade and arena dance competition) which started at exactly 7 AM. In the afternoon you can visit Baras Bird sanctuary and Koronadal.

Please take note that if you want to see a lot of birds, you must either visit the place very early in the morning or wait for them to get back late in the afternoon. Please read well my review of the place and make sure to rent the tricycle during your entire visit to Baras to ensure that you will have the vehicle going back.

If you wish to enjoy the festival for the whole day, you may do so and visit Baras early morning the following day.

Day 3. Travel to Lake Sebu.

Day 4. Lake Sebu and travel back all the way to General Santos City; Explore Gensan

Day 5. Early morning visit to Gensan Fishport; travel to Gumasa. You can stay overnight in one of the resorts here.

Day 6. Going home

South Cotabato Tourist Spots, Itinerary, Hotels + Travel Guide



Koronadal City

FB Hotel and Convention Center
Address: Alunan Avenue, S C, Philippines

My Home Trio Dormitel
Address: Blk. 5 Zone 4, Bonifacio Street Koronadal City

Bedrock Garden Resort
Address: Purok Diaz, Barangay SanIsidro, City of  Koronadal

The Farm @ Carpenter Hill
Address: National Highway, Brgy. Carpenter Hill, South Cotabato, Philippines

Cresta Del Rio Splash Resort
Address: Barangay Concepcion, City of Koronadal

Casa Gemma Hotel & Restaurant
Address: Aquino St. General Santos Drive, City of Koronadal, South C., Philippines

SPDA Business Hotel
Address: SPDA Compound, Alunan Avenue, South C., Philippines

Jasmine Farm
Address: Prk. Upper Valley, Brgy. Sto.Niño, South C., Philippines

Marbel Lyka’s Pension House
Address: Lower Balmores Street, South Cotabato, Philippines

Orange Place
Address: Brgy. Morales

Nearby Suites
Address: Zulueta St., Brgy. Zone 4, South Cotabato, Philippines

Address: Arellano St., Brgy. Zone III

Aqua Guesthouse
Address: Amurao Subdivision, Brgy. Santa Cruz City of Koronadal, South Cotabato

Agua Frio Garden Resort
Address: Prk. Ramos, Barangay Sta. Cruz

Barney’s Baby Bop Place
Address: Gensan Drive, Brgy. Morales

Danielle’s Pension House
Address: Osita Subd. Ist Block

Davao Realty Development Corporation
Address: Gensan Drive

EMR Suites
Address: National Highway, Barangay Morales Koronadal City, South Cotabato, Philippines

EMR Center
Address: National Highway, Gensan Drive

Green states Suites
Address: Arellano Street. Brgy. Zone 3

Grand Westerly Inn
Address: 479 Abad Santos street City of Koronadal, South Cotabato, Philippines

Earl Traveler’s Inn
Address: Tuburan, Brgy. Sta. Cruz

La Pamela Suites
Address: Sinsuat Street, Zone IV

Jenny’s Inn
Telephone: Gensan Drive

Lola Terry’s Inn
Address: Upper Aurora

Ramona Plaza Hotel
Address: O.C. Building, Gensan Drive, City of Koronadal, South C., Philippines

MD Square Pension House
Address: Abad Santos Street

County Guest House
Address: Maglantay Subdivision

MDFI Training & Resource Center
Address: Pantua Street, Brgy. Zone III

My Dream Residential Suites
Address: Block 1, Lot 6, Purok Malipayon, Bo.2

Rhonica Lodge
Address: Block 3, Marañon Village, Barangay Zone III

Sheila’s Park Family Resto and Purple Patch Residence
Address: Balmores Street, Depita Subdivision, Barangay Sto. Niño

Tajmia Economy Suites
Address: Block 1, Osita Subdivision

Vertex Dormitory
Address: Aquino Street, Pantua Village

The Inn @ Lyndale
Address: Baldostamon Subd., Brgy. Zone IV

Rem Ching
Address: Guanzon Subd., Brgy. Morales

Jade Inn
Address: Prk. Ramos, Brgy. Sta Cruz

Eduardo’s Lodge
Address: Datu Piang, Brgy.Zone IV

El Mansion and Resto
Address: Prk. Ramos, Brgy. Sta Cruz, City Of Koronadal

Lax Citi Galleria
Address: Paredes St.,Brgy., Zone IV

Villa Princessita
Address: Jabido Compound, Arellano Street, Barangay Zone II

Paraiso Verde Green Rooms
Address: General Santos Drive, Brgy Morales


Lake Sebu

Dolores Lake Resort
Address: Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

EL Galong Waterpark Resort
Address: Sitio Tukofol, Barangay Poblacion, Lake Sebu, South C., Philippines

Estares Resort
Address: Barangay Poblacion, Lake Sebu, South C., Philippines

Punta Isla Lake Resort
Address: Sitio Tokofol, Barangay Poblacion, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Merl Garden Resort
Address: Barangay Lake Lahit, Municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato,Philippines

Mountain Log Resort
Address: Purok Pag-asa, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Mountain Lake Eco Resort
Address: Barangay Bacdulong, Municipality of Lake Sebu, South C. , Philippines

Nadine’s Resort
Lot 70, Barangay Poblacion Municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines

Monte Cielo Resort
Address: Purok Pagasa, Barangay Poblacion Municipality of Lake Sebu

Gono Lemobung (Tourism Lodge)
Address: Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Hillside View Park
Address: Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines

Sunrise Garden Lake Resort
Address: Barangay Lake Seloton, Municipality of Lake Sebu, South C., Philippines

Tourism Lodge
Address: Barangay Poblacion, Municipality of Lake Sebu

Municipality of Banga

Fortune Field Resort
Address: Crossing Kipot, Rizal Poblacion, Municipality of Banga                                                                               Numbers: +63

Aqua Vista Farm and Resto
Address: Barangay San Vicente, Municipality of Banga, South Cotabato, Philippines

Blue Haven Resort & Durian Park
Address: Barangay San Liwanay, Municipality of Banga

Fortune Field Resort
Address: Crossing Kipot, Rizal Poblacion, Municipality of Banga

Phil Florencia Resort
Address: Barangay San Jose, Rizal Poblacion, Municipality of Banga

Municipality of Surallah

Emily’s Pension House
Address: Surallah, South Cotabato

Sto. Niño

The Signature Place
Address: Poblacion, Sto.Niño, South Cotabato,Philippines


Sars Paradise Resort
Address: Lugan Village II, Poblacion
Tboli, South Cotabato, Philippines
Municipality of Tantangan

ATI Dormitory
Address: San Felipe, Tantangan

Municipality of Tupi

Sweet Waters Garden Resort
Address: 650 Balayon Street, Brgy Poblacion, Tupi

Municipality of Polomolok

Tropiland View Apartelle
Address: Ligtas Subdivision, Dole Cannery Road, Polomolok

Durian Garden ATBP
Address: Polomolok

Dolores Farm Resort
Address: Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines

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