Phi Phi: Island Paradise Off the Coast of Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi: Island Paradise Off the Coast of Thailand

Not too far from the main island of Phuket, there lies a group of islands known collectively known as the “Ko Phi Phi” after a mix between Malay and Thai language, meaning “Phi Phi Islands.”

For a long time, until only recently, this archipelago was once obscure to many people. Those who dare visit the place at that time are considered wild explorers who venture in the not commonly known.

But several years later, the islands have earned the reputation as some of the most beautiful landmasses at the center of the ocean and is home to aquatic creatures underseas as they are with humans on land.

Despite being composed of six islands, however, only one major island of the area inhabited—Ko Phi Phi Don—while the rest are either towering limestones—Bida Noi, Bida Nok, and Bamboo Island—or a lesser major island—Ko Phi Phi Lee—not very favorable for human conditions.

While these limestones in mention were nothing more than just pieces of aesthetics by the sea, the major islands, Don and Lee, are places people can visit for a perfect getaway on an island.


For instances,  Don is a place of settlement for a very long time and is said to be among the oldest communities in Thailand based on archeological pieces of evidence found in the area.

Although the majority of the population in this largest island in the whole archipelago remain predominantly Thais, the island was also known as a dwelling place among Muslim fishermen which, as of the present census, is said to comprise 20% of the islands overall population. Adding more to this mix, however, are the so-called sea gypsies and Thai-Chinese who chose to drop on the island and live simple lives.

As such, for a small piece of land which is inhabited by people of different ethnicity and culture, the island of   Don is commonly a host to a variety of celebrations based on different religions.

But while you may think that a community of people in the middle of the sea is nothing but primitive, you would be surprised to know that the island that has been known to people for generations has had its significant developments—apart from the idea of roads, that is.

In fact, the island itself is far from being primitive especially when seen from the present perspective.

To get a better view of  Don, imagine a long stretch of the sandbar which is sandwiched by two different beaches on two opposite sides. Now, add some bits and pieces of architecture in it along with that piece of land. What you get is a culmination of elements that make up the overall picture of the place.

From a certain angle, it is not that difficult to mistake the island as just a massive resort. It is that developed. Yet, in a place where everything is within your reach by foot, the island has a kind of terrain where vehicles like cars are of really little to no significant value. Spacious objects such as a four-wheel-drive are nothing but a clutter especially to the densest parts of the area.



You have the options of getting the ferries and speedboat to reach the Island. Most visitors opt for ferries which would take at approximately two hours from Phuket or if you are coming from Krabi or Kok Lanta it about 90 minutes.

From Phuket

Go to Rassada Pier which is located in Phuket Town to take the ferry. The pier is about an hour drive from Phuket Airport.

Ferry Schedule: Departure (Phi Phi Island) | Arrival (Phuket)

  •  09:00 | 11:00
  •  14:00 | 15:40
  •  14:30 |16:30

Ferry Schedule | Departure (Phuket) | Arrival (Phi Phi Island)

  •  08:30 | 10:30
  •  11:00 | 12:30
  •  13:30 |15:30
  • 15:00 |16:30

From Krabi

Proceed to Klong Jirad Pier located just south of Krabi Town. The Pier is about 3o minutes drive from the Krabi Airport.
Many tourists are visiting the island so it would be best to arrive early at the Pier to get a good seat.

Ferry Schedule: Departure (Krabi Town) |    Arrival ( Phi Phi Island)

  •  09:00 | 10:30
  •  10:30 | 12:15
  •  13:30 | 15:00
  •  15:00 | 16:45
  •  16:00 | 17:45


Ferry Schedule: Departure (Phi Phi Island | Arrival (Krabi Town) 

  • 09:00 | 10:45
  • 10:30 | 12:00
  •  13:30 | 15:15
  •  15:30 | 17:00

Phi Phi: Island Paradise Off the Coast of Thailand



To ensure that you will have a place to stay on the island, you can book your rooms below and get the best deal. Just click on the link and it will bring you to the booking site.

Coco Bella Resort
299 Moo 7, Ao Lo Dalam

HIP Seaview Resort 
Phi Phi Don, Long Beach, 166 Moo 7, Ao Nang, Muang Krabi, Thailand, Long Beach

Ibiza House
Moo 7 Loh Dalum Bay , Ao Lo Dalam

P.P. Casita Hotel
129 Moo 7, T.Aonang, A.Muang, Krabi, Ao Lo Dalam, Thailand, 81210

PP Princess Resort
103 Moo 7 Ao Nang, Muang, Ao Lo Dalam

Chao Koh Phi Phi Hotel & Resort
Ton Sai Bay 

Gypsy Sea View Resort
63 Moo.7 Aonang, Muang, Ton Sai Bay

Phi Phi Hotel
129 Moo 7   T.Aonang, A.Muang, Krabi, Ton Sai Ba

Phi Phi Maiyada Resort 
Lohdalumbay 144 Moo 7 Aonang Muang Krabi, Ao Lo Dalam

The Beacha Club
125/180 Moo7,  Ao Nang, Muang, Ao Lo Dala

Uphill Cottage Bungalow
Moo 7 Aonang Krabi, Ao Lo Dalam,  Thailand, 81000

Phi Phi: Island Paradise Off the Coast of Thailand

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