LILAS PANDAN FESTIVAL | Calatrava, Negros Occidental


Lilas Pandan Festival, Calatrava, Negros Occidental

Lilas Pandan Festival

The Hu’d’yaw Festival or also locally known as Lilas Pandan festival happens in June every year. Generally, the main idea behind the celebration is to celebrate all the blessings that people of Calatrava enjoys. If you are wondering now, why they call it as Lilas Pandan Festival, then the answer is simple. Pandan provided all the Barangays the opportunity to earn and to make a living using the pandan plants. They make use of this plant in coming up with different weaved high-quality products such as maps, bags, and all other various products. These products are great souvenirs when witnessing the Lilas Pandan Festival.

This is well-known not only in the province but also internationally because of countries like Hawaii and other parts of Europe because of the export industry. That alone is already a big pride for the Calavatra, and of course, it deserves a grand celebration. Get ready to see different exhibits of products made of pandan as well as other crops and products being produced in the place.

Other Things to Visit Calatrava When Witnessing the Lilas Pandan Festival

Right after witnessing the celebration of the festival, you may also choose to explore the place and be ready to even more be mesmerized by its beauty. Here is the following place which you may visit.
• Daan Lungsod Cave: located in Sitio Daan Lungsod and is approximately 300 meters away from the main highway, this cave is 75-meters deep. Just be ready to bring protective gears and caving equipment to be fully prepared for your adventure!

• Bagacay Lungsod Cave: You can go spelunking after the Lilas Pandan Festival. This cave is approximately 8 – kilometers from the town proper, this cave has been a mat weaving area for the locals. A place where they come up with varied, beautiful products.

• Palau Beach Resort: if you would like to spend the night here, this will be the perfect place because there are available accommodations here. The wind along with the quiet and serene vibes of the place will make you all the more relaxed and comfortable throughout your stay.

• Century-old Roman Catholic Church: just a good segway for the Lilas Pandan Festival. The old church was built in the year 1880 and is located precisely in the heart of the town proper. No wonder that believers and devotees alike flock the area to have the pilgrimage.

• Monkey Sanctuary: situated in Sitio Palinpinon, the Barangay Pagumayon is known for being the haven of wild monkeys. Though labeled as “wild,” these monkeys are very friendly. They are being fed by the food brought by visitors.

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