Singapore at Night


Apart from being a tech hub, Singapore has a lot of interesting places for tourists and for relaxation. Just like any other city, the place is not only busy in the day but at night.

Below are some of the things that are best done in Singapore at night.


Singapore at Night: Singapore Flyer

1. Appreciate the Beauty of Singapore at Night from the Singapore Flyer

There is no better time to appreciate how beautiful Singapore is than at night on the Singapore Flyer. Standing 165 meters above the ground, there won’t be an any better place to view Singapore during its most serene moments. There is more to this flyer than just its height; it is a Ferris wheel with an observation deck, moving slowly so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the night. Soak yourself into the night gazing at the beautiful city’s skyline and a beautiful color mix of lights. The flyer is open until 10:30 pm local time every day.

2. Have a Wildlife Experience at the Night Safari

If you truly love wildlife and do not visit the award-winning Singapore Night Safari on your vacation, then your vacation isn’t complete. The world’s first nocturnal wildlife park houses over 100 species of animals. Visitors can experience and appreciate the animals do their thing during the dark hours of the day and have a fun-filled and educative moment through the safari guide’s lectures about the different animals, and interaction with other visitors. The safari opens daily between 7:30 pm and 12 am.


Singapore at Night: Gardens by the Bay

3. Gardens by the Bay

With a land mass of 250 acres, Gardens by the bay is a magnificent beauty to behold during the late hours of the day. Open from 5:00 am to 2:00 am daily, the mesmerizing man-made park and garden have nature mingle with science to create a spectacle to behold. Visitors can move around the giant artificial trees with beautiful colors, the flower dome, and cloud forest to appreciate the great work put into the garden but the adventure isn’t complete until the night when the synchronized light and music show begins.

4. Cosmic Bowling

Relax after a hectic day by taking a couple of bowls at one of the six cosmic bowling outlets in Singapore. Cosmic bowling is another activity worth experiencing during your time in Singapore. It is a bowling alley with a twist. Rather than having normal lighting, the entire bowling alley glows in beautiful neon lights and the ball, pins, and even the rentable shoes aren’t excluded. One of such outlet is the Orchid bowl which opens between 10:00 am and 1:00 am from Sunday till Thursday and till 3:00 am on Fridays (Thurs – Fri), and Saturdays (Fri – Sat).

Haw Par Villa

Singapore at Night at the Haw Par Villa

5. Haw Par Villa

Take a night tour at the Asian cultural park to experience the adventure rides, and learn about some myths and history. At the park, you won’t only enjoy the rides, there are also art exhibits depicting the ancient Chinese and Buddha culture, traditions, legend, and myth. You will also learn about the interesting history of the park itself; about the change of name from Tiger Balm Gardens to Haw Par Villa. The interesting thing is that the names are within a single-family. The story of the tragic death of the park’s founders and more. All this will be done by the tour guide who will make sure you enjoy your trip.

6. Singapore Art Museum

Open from 10 am till 7 pm from Saturday till Thursday, and till 9 pm on Fridays, this museum houses the largest collection of contemporary and modern Southeast Asian arts in the world. The tour doesn’t last more than an hour but within this short period, you would have fed your eyes with a lot of beautiful art exhibits. The Museum do have some exhibitions, tours, and workshops occasionally during the year. You can check out their calendar and might probably be lucky to experience one during your visit.

The places listed above and many others including Fish@Bugis, G.Spa, Singapore’s Science Center, and the 24-hour service Mustafa Shopping Centre are some of the places that’ll make your Singapore experience a thing to always remember. So while making plans to visit Singapore, you should look to book a trip to some of these places. It is advisable to process your visa with a prominent Singaporean immigration service agent. They make the process easier, faster and will save you more money.

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  1. Angelo T. Elare BSIT 3F2

    As the leader of the class I will motivate my classmate through giving them advices and I’ll listen them so that we can build a healthy relationship, one of the major kinds of organisational power is Personal that deprived from followership based on relationships by this I can lead the class and motivate them as well. The activities I would suggest to our teacher is we will pretend as vlogger, we will vlog our experiences in Singapore so that we can write our report accurately and can have remembrance as well.
    Angelo T. Elare BSIT 3F2

  2. Reynaldo N. Pautining Jr.

    Singapore is one of a kind. This country influenced by four different races, the Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian. In our area of specialization, which is Foods Trade Technology, this place is the best travel destination for us. As a group leader, I would definitely suggest to my teacher to visit the Chinatown Food Street where the famous street foods are located. They serve the best foods that are influenced by four different cuisines. The influence of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Indonesian makes the Singapore one of a kind. Singapore is known not only the great places to visit but also the best in different flavors of food from four different races. There’s no need for me to motivate my classmate for them to cooperate, because when it comes to food, we’re definitely cooperate.

  3. Febrei Alvarez and Basilio Germo

    Our class, the BSIT students with our teacher visited Singapore to explore Singapore especially at night. I really enjoyed staying in Singapore, the city lights were mesmerizing, the activities are enjoyable especially with my fellow students and the foods are appetizing.

    I suggested to have some team building activities while we’re in Singapore, this activities are to boost our engagement, to have some small bond in our fellow students and to improve communication skills that we can use to our work in the future. This activity is called Trivia night, trivia game or competition is one where the competitors are asked questions about interesting but unimportant facts in many subjects and I think everyone enjoyed it. While we’re enjoying our activities and staying in Singapore, I also remind my fellow students to follow our instructors or teachers so that no one will left behind. Visiting in Singapore is one of the most happiest moments.

  4. Cueva, Reniel V. & Abaño, Thea Marie T. BSIT 3F-2

    To motivate my classmate, I will talk to them that we need to cooperate because when we are there we will learn a lot. I will ask them also if they have any suggestions for our tour in Singapore. I will tell them also that there are many beautiful tourist spots in Singapore like Singapore Flyer and Haw Par Villa. But before that we need to know the beliefs and culture of Singaporean people for us to be able to know what actions will be perform while having our trip there at Singapore. I will suggest to our teacher that we will visit different restaurants and learn about their cuisine culture and try to ask if we can perform a kitchen tour in their restaurant, and suggest also to go to hawker centres in Singapore to watch how they cook their served foods and ask about their traditional foods.

    Submitted by: Cueva, Reniel V. & Abaño, Thea Marie T. BSIT 3F-2

  5. My teacher choose the Art museum of singapore. During on trip I was made some activities that will everyone will cooperate to catch their attention to do these activities. As We are Foods trade students as a leader of my section I was given first instructions that they need my classmates to make artwork by designing their own cakes by using paintings, and they need make a explanation to their artwork, so that they will figure out what design they want to, when they will make a cake in actual, after this I was provided the materials they need to use and I was make sure everyone have a materials to used. Then everyone was done I collected their finished artworks to give to my teacher. So this activity my teacher already has an idea of who the person has a great creativity when it comes in arts that has a purpose to applied in baking and cooking.

    Ann M. Dela Puerta BSIT 3F2

    If we are going to field trip to Singapore as a food trades major i will choose the Singapore art Museum and I will tell my teacher that i want to go there because i want to know and want to see their food by the art and i want to know their aspects and thoughts about food . if I have a classmate dont listen to our tour will tell them that what we will know and what will get for knowing the food of Singapore.


  6. Chandylou L. Lava, BSIT 2 F4

    I am the class leader, and I went to Haw Par Villa in Singapore with my classmates and teachers. While we are touring we capture the beautiful views we see, we enjoy knowing the history, culture, tradition and myth in their exhibit there. While we are in our walking tour some of us experience the hungriness to catch the attention and focus of the class I suggested to my teacher to do the “food tour to taste” in Haw Par Villa as Foods Trade student we will not just enjoy the view but we will also be enjoy to taste different foods. My teacher and classmate both agreed to my suggestion, so we went tour and eat food we like and we are so enjoy as we eat the food it will give as learning that we can apply in our future food business as it is a line in our course and we are happy to know more things about Singapore from their food, their culture and their tradition.

    Lava, Chandylou
    Aquino, Kyssa Marie

  7. marvelyn cabiles

    As a leader, we will motivate our classmates by telling them to have fun and that they can do whatever they want for the duration of the trip as long as they understand their limitations and that their cooperation will positively affect our grades. The activities we will suggest to the teacher are ones that the students will enjoy, such as singing on the way to our destination, learning about the culture, and offering them a variety of Singapore delicacies.

    BSIT – 3F2

  8. Haw Par Villa
    I will used my position as a leader to speak and motivate my classmates to cooperate by sharing information about Haw Par Villa.
    I will tell them that we need to Respect the place because there is a lot of religious exhibits in the Haw Par Villa, Not only the place but also the people and their culture.

    The activities that I will suggest to my teachers that will give learnings to my classmates is that we will look around in the Asian cultural park where is that we can learn about myths and their history.
    We can definitely learn in their because there is a art exhibits that we can see culture and traditions of ancient Chinese and Buddha and also there myth and legends. Also the activities that I will suggest to my teacher is we can gather knowledge about the history of the park itself.

  9. Jackie Mae Ganoy

    My experience in Singapore was one of the memorable moment in my life. Together with my groupmates, classmates and teacher we really enjoy every bit of it. In our first night we went to Singapore Flyer to appreciate the night beauty of Singapore. We ride in Ferris wheel with an observation deck, moving slowly so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the night while star gazing. That was one of the serene moments of our life where we can appreciate the beauty above and peacefully talking and laughing to each other.

    Since our first night was a chill one, in our last night we decided to have fun so all of us agreed to try Singapore’s Cosmic bowling. At first we thought it’s already closed, but luckily they are still open until 1:00 am. The Cosmic Bowling in Singapore is not your typical and plain bowling place it is full of neon lights and ball, pins and they also have rentable shoes for you to experience a full blast bowling. My team and I decided to play and divide our group to a 2 teams to make it more fun and exciting. I’m assured that bowling night was one of the best memories I have with my team because we really build strong teamwork together and we really have fun playing and laughing to each other not to mention all us are very competitive while playing. I admit I’m not good in bowling but that night I feel I’m a national player maybe because of we’re sipping some drinks while playing and chilling.

    As a leader, I will motivate my classmates to cooperate by doing “Teamwork,” and to put this into practice, I will suggest to my teacher that we do an activity or play a game called Cosmic Bowling. This Cosmic bowling is an activity that you should try while in Singapore. It’s a bowling alley with a twist, which is why I decided to do it with my classmates in groups or teams. Bowling creates a positive environment in which teams can develop social interactions. This is a “no-pressure” game where people can focus on getting to know each other while having fun, and the entire bowling alley glows in beautiful neon lights instead of normal lighting. – GANOY, MONTINOLA – 3F2

  10. Hannah Grace Villalon & Salanap, Eugene

    As a leader of the class I have the power to influence my classmates or I have the ability to affect others. As a leader I will motivate my classmates by making them understand what cooperation is and how important cooperation is during this trip. Will also motivate them by giving an idea that Singapore is one of the best countries, so in order to enjoy our trip and travel we have to cooperate and listen to our teacher. Making them participate in fun group activities during the trip can test our cooperation because I believe teamwork makes the dream work. Furthermore, as a leader I have to be an active and good listener to my classmates whenever they approach me during the trip and open whatever suggestions they may to make our trip more enjoyable and memorable. Also as a leader I may possess a positive spirit to make the ambiance and environment less awkward and more relaxed. The activity that I will suggest to my teacher is a group activity where my classmates will have fun and will test their cooperation as a team or group. This activity will be called “Finding Nocturnal Animals’ ‘. We will divide the whole class into 4 groups and each group will try to find an animal that is unusual to them. The group who gets the highest score will be the winner and will get a prize. With this, we will not only enjoy and have fun but also we will learn new things.

    The trip was very exciting and as a leader of the group it was a great chance to bond and have fun with learnings together with my members. During the trip on the first day, we went to Singapore flyer. In this day we enjoy and appreciate how beautiful Singapore at night on the Singapore flyer. We took a lot of pictures every moment in order not to missed each moments, we laugh, we talk and we socialize. After enjoying the ferris wheel, gazing at the beautiful City’s skyline and the beautiful color mix of light, we gathered together to get something to eat in the nearest food court. After a long, tiring night we went back to the hotel and rested.
    On the second day, we went to the wildlife experience at the night safari. Visiting the award winning Singapore night safari is a dream come true. We are amazed by what we saw in the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park Houses. The night safari in Singapore is composed of different nocturnal species. We experience and appreciate the animals do their thing during the dark hour of the day. In this place we learn a lot about nocturnal animals/species. We discovered new things about them. We took a lot of pictures because it like a one lifetime experience. The Safari experience is one of the best experience because with this we can able to know what are the other nocturnal animals. After that night we are tired but we finish our day eating different street foods in the place and go to rest.


  11. Claire M. Miravelis and Kimberly Betic BSIT 3F2

    I can inspire my fellow students to work together throughout our trip by serving as a role model for them. It is our duty as leaders to provide a positive example for our followers. Second, be friendly. Being friendly with your group members will give you the chance to have an impact on your classmates and eliminate any awkwardness that may exist within the group. Finally, respect your fellow classmates in order for them to behave well as a group. Fairness and equality in the group are very important for having good relationships with your members. As a leader, assist them in gaining confidence in themselves so that they will in order for them to enjoy their travels to Singapore.
    And the activities that I can recommend to my teachers are team-building exercises to create a strong bond and connections as a group, ensuring success as a whole and positive outcomes in the future.

  12. Marien Alcantara & Alyanna Silverio

    During the trip at Haw Par Villa, Singapore, me and my classmates enjoyed every single moment of it. Haw Par Villa is a theme Park located at Pasir Panjang Road in Singapore. The park consists over 1,000 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese methodology, legends, folklore, history and illustrations from Confuciasm. This kind of trip is really a big help for us students especially we are also taking up World Literature. Exploring Japan helped us expound our knowledge about those topics. With the help of different statues that is very realistic it was a great help for our imagination.

    Since I was the leader of the group. I am responsible to lead and guide my classmates. It wasn’t easy but, still, I enjoyed it because they are all cooperating, even we have to follow the Health Protocols. As a leader, I have to be a effective role model. I have to show them that I am disciplined, that I can still enjoy even we have limitations. Also, I have to communicate well to them in order to monitor them if they are in some troubles. If they are not comfortable, not feeling well, etc.. And I can suggest to my teachers to have buddy system. a procedure in which two individuals or “buddies” for them to monitor each other and do activities together. I will suggest to my teachers to make an activity like the students will pick 3 of their favorite piece or part of the museum and explain it to the class. To share what it is all about, and what is very special about it in order to share what they know and learned about it. For me, its a good idea in order to give interest to my other classmates.

    The trip went great. Travelling to Singapore especially in that Museum is a very great opportunity and experience. “Leadership is unlocking peoples potential to become better.” And as a leader, I wanted to help my co-students to be the best-version of themselves.


  13. Nathanael D. Pabiania

    I’ll choose Haw Par Villa so being as the leader of the class and a group I will motivate my classmates to enjoyed and experience our trip to Singapore in Haw Par Villa the Asian cultural park . To get some new learning to the history of the place . So I’m the one who can encourage my classmates to be a responsible to their movements at the park and to be respectful to the other people and to their religious and cultural appearance. And the activities that I may suggest to my teachers in the end of the trip in the park he/she may ask some questions what we learned about in the Haw Par Villa.

  14. Daisy Jane S,Impit

    As a Leader the way to motivate my classmate is to ask them first my intention and to clear to them that they need to cooperate with me and the Activity that I would suggest to the teacher on our trip to Singapore is the Ferris wheel or Singapore flyer,There are lots of realization and learnings they will get in riding the Singapore flyer,To begin with the appreciation beauty of Singapore on how astonishing and lovely it is to experienced known highest ferris wheel in the world where you can refrest and reset yourself,In addition to this you will also realize that life is like a ferris wheel wherein experiencing top and bottom is a normal process in life,we sometimes experienced hardship in life but always remember that life doesn’t stop there time will come and we will experienced the life we dreamed of having,lastly it arouses everyone to see the beauty from within,the beauty in every situation,

    Submitted by: Daisy Jane Impit
    And Sunshine Fuertes
    BSIT 3F2

  15. Torreña, Khien D. And Yulatic, Junmer Paul

    Amidst the pandemic, when traveling outside the Philippines, we need to secure our travel requirements and follow the proper health protocols. My classmates and I, together with our teachers, travel to Singapore to go to its Art Museum. As we all know, when traveling to other countries, they have their own culture, tradition, beliefs, and so on. As a student leader, I will be a role model to our class and remind them that we should exert respect because, as Filipinos, our culture is not the same as Singaporeans. Despite Singapore’s abundance of world-class museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces, the Singapore Art Museum is where we would go in seeking a creative spark. As a BSIT student majoring in Foods Trade, our trip to Singapore was engaging because we got to experience and learn the different kinds of art that we would incorporate into our course by integrating our creativity in ourselves to produce food that is an inspiration for what we learned about the culture and arts, especially the food in Singapore. As a student leader, Connect with your team members. Leading a group of people is essential to trust and understanding your team members. To accomplish this, leaders must practice connection. Maintain a positive attitude. Problems will inevitably arise if team leaders prefer that everything goes as intended. How you handle a difficult situation speaks volumes about your leadership abilities, regardless of how severe or minor the error was.

  16. Reyes Efren John

    Haw Par Villa in Singapore is one of the greatest spot to begin with in our trip in Singapore. In this spot we can achieve a higher understanding about Singaporeans culture, history and also at the same time enjoy on the rides and lastly to learn about the Park itself.
    Having the power to lead the group I will suggest to my teacher two main points to encourage them. One is to have a Reward in which we all have the chance to get a reward, Second is to have a coercive action just like we are not allowed to join the next activities. By having this set of terms we will be able to achieve our Goal and that is to enjoy and to make the most out of our trip. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy Singapore?

    But in order to encourage them I as a leader must also consult them about their suggestions and wanted to happen in our Trip. We all have different wants, desires, interest, so by asking them I will be able to lead them into what is the best activities to have. Allowing them to see and feel that their opinion and suggestions are valid and matters.

    Having them the assurance that this trip will be a memorable trip they will definitely cooperate and at the same time enjoy.

    Reyes Efren John A.

  17. I only did two of them. Night Safari and Gardens by The Bay is really worth it. I’ll definitely go back there!

    • Queenee A. Villarias

      Gardens by the Bay is one of the most famous places in Singapore where different kinds of plants are. They also have a Chinese Garden. They also have a section where all you see are flowers, which they call “Floral Fantasy.” In addition to this, you can go to the Dragonfly Lake, where you can see a statue of the dragonfly itself. A supertree is what they call that big dome, a flower dome. You will see in the trunk that it is just an artificial plant, yet the plants on the ground are real. And if someone talks about Gardens by the Bay, Supertree is the biggest tourist attraction there. Speaking of which, at the top of that beautiful Supertree is one of their restaurants. There is also a restaurant there called the “Hawk Center,” where delicious barbecued chicken wings and hainanese chicken are served. It’s a bit expensive, but worth it to satisfy your cravings. Their transportation can be taken by a double-decker bus, a taxi, or you can also rent a car. Furthermore, a one-day tour is not enough to roam around Gardens by the Bay.

      • Queenee A. Villarias

        My answers are all gathered up information from may relative and friends that has been to Singapore.

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