Kawasan Falls Cebu Canyoneering


 Kawasan Falls Cebu and Canyoneering

You may have seen a post or two about the Kawasan Falls, and you might have thought of how beautiful the place was. Well, you are not mistaken because the beauty of this place is one of the reasons why a lot of tourists opt to go to Cebu as one of their dream travel destinations. If you think that with its beauty, it might be difficult to go around and locate the place, then that is not true at all. In this article, I will try my best to provide you the necessary information which you may use in planning your vacation here.

As a tropical oasis beaming with bamboo rafts that take passengers around the pristine turquoise water of Kawasan Falls is not only famous in the country but the world in general.

In traveling the country, I urge you to include this one in one of your bucket lists because I know that you will not regret it even for a moment.


Kawasan Falls Cebu Canyoneering

How to get to Kawasan Falls, Cebu for the Canyoneering

Going to Kawasan Falls from Cebu City

If you are coming from the city center, take a bus heading to South (Bato) through Barili. This will directly pass through the Kawasan Area. You have to remind the driver that you are off there so that he can stop the bus for you when you are already at the station. The travel time will take about 3 hours, and the fare will be around P150.00 for an airconditioned bus.

Going to Kawasan Falls from Oslob

Take the bus heading to Bato. Once you are there, transfer to the bus heading to Badia through Barili. The travel time will take about 1 and a half hours while the bus fare will be about P100.00. Also, ask the driver to stop you at the station so that you won’t be confused about where to stop.

Going to Kawasan Falls from Moalboal, Cebu

From the market of Moalboal, take the color yellow bus located near 360 Pharmacy. Before you ride the bus, it is much better to ask the driver if you are riding the correct yellow bus. The journey will only take about 45 minutes while the cost will only be P20.00.

Going to Kawasan Falls from the Bus Stop

Once you are already at the bus stop of Kawasan Falls, look around and spot for large signage which states the direction of the way heading to the falls. No need for you to get a guide around the area or be convinced that it is dangerous and you need a companion. That is not true! Just follow the signage, and you will find the right path.


Kawasan Falls Station 3 [ Kawasan Falls Cebu Canyoneering ]

Nearby Destinations

Many referred to the Cebu Canyoneering in Badian and Alegria as “Kawasan Canyoneering”, while this is correct, the truth is, Kawasan is the end part of the entire canyoneering activity unless you do the activity in reverse.

Station 2

Kawasan Falls Station 2 [ Kawasan Falls Cebu Canyoneering ]

Travel Tips

  •    Set your expectation into the average or minimum level

Do not be carried away with the perfect photos being posted online. Yes, the place is lovely, but do not forget that there might also be other factors that may disappoint you such as the possible crowd or the noise coming from other visitors. But when it comes to the beauty of the place, it is no doubt that it is worth it.

  •    Do not go with the crowd

Arrive early at Kawasan Falls, Cebu if you plan for a Canyoneering or just for swimming so that you won’t have to worry about the excessive crowd by noon or afternoon time. Much better if you choose a weekday as the date of your visit than the weekends for these days to tend to become more hectic than the weekdays.

  •    Bring your food and drinks

If you are someone who is usually picky about the food, I highly suggest that you bring your food so that you won’t have to look for food here. After all, it is better than you are the one that prepared your food than doing some food hunting here.

  •    Go through all the waterfalls

Yes, Kawasan falls is not the only falls in the area. There are other scenic falls which you may visit in going here. These falls tend to be less crowded and much peaceful than the well-known Kawasan Falls.

  •    It might be tough to get a solo photo

Because of the number of people here or the crowd in general, you might find it difficult to take a solo and fantastic images. In this case, you have to be patient in finding the right timing in taking your photos. That is why as I have said earlier, it is much better to come here earlier so that there would be fewer crowds.

Station 1

Kawasan Falls Station 1 [ Kawasan Falls Cebu Canyoneering ]

  •    Be ready to queue on the rafts

The rafts at Kawasan Falls which take passengers around the swimming area usually have long ques for visitors who would like to give it a try. You have to be patient in waiting if you want to give it a try.

  •    You have to prepare some cash for the payments

There are payments that you should be aware of per person. Admission is P40.00, table and chair rentals are P300.00, bamboo raft ride is P400.00, and a big bottle of water is P50.00. So, save some cash as you go here and be ready to use them in enjoying all the activities.

Kawasan Falls is a famous place and with that, except that the natural beauty of it will always be attached to some inconveniences because of its fame among the tourists. But more than that, I would like you to see the place as something worth it and memorable. Take care and have a Happy Trip!

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