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Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur: An All-in-One Countryside Adventure

Coming from the city, the rural areas would remind us of the simplicity of life where nature makes for a centerpiece. For a region so remote as the Caramoan in the province of Camarines Sur, this notion is true with it being so rustic and relaxed as enjoyed by the people who understand that life need not have to be complex to be cherished.

But like many underdeveloped areas of the country, Caramoan is a region that is preserved for its natural beauty and is something that will remind us of how amazing Mother Nature truly is as is, without human manipulation.

Cagbalinad, Caramoan Island by JannahTepace

Caramoan Island, Location and Geography

Bounded by seawater on three sides, the land that which the municipality of Caramoan belongs to is a peninsula around the northeastern part of the province. At the north and the east lies the Maqueda Channel which separates Caramoan from its neighboring island-province of Catanduanes; at the south is the Gulf of Lagonoy; and at the west, the municipality of Presentacion.

In general, much of Caramoan’s terrain is considered rugged. This easily gives the region an image of mountains and jungles to climb and venture to, respectively. But Caramoan is also an area that has an offshoot of islands by the sea, namely Haponan, Batibagan, Basul, Quinabungan, and Lahuy, to name a few.

Caramoan Island by Richardsmarcelo

 Brief History

It is not known how the natives called Caramoan before the time of colonization by the Spaniards. However, the earliest recorded name of present-day Caramoan was “gluta de leche” which was given by the Dutch merchants who conducted a gold mine operation in Lahuy and visited the nearby inhabited region for trade. With a name that hints of “milk,” the name was derived from the image of the “milkdrop-like” stalagmites seen around Guta Port.

By the time the Spaniards came, the name was subsequently changed to Caramoan based on the name of the sea turtles called “Carahan” which were abundant in the area at the time. BuT the name “Caramoan” did not have its official use until 1619.

Sabitang Laya
Sabitang Laya, Caramoan Island by Tuderna

Things to Do In Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur

Caramoan is quite an expansive place with so many offerings. Whether it is on land or water, the place has unique sights to get excited for.

As a land of both flat and uneven terrain as well as being a host to sites that mostly only tourists venture to by foot, Caramoan makes for an interesting prospect to stretch, not just only one’s legs, but also one’s horizon.

However, there is no denying that some of the best sites in Caramoan are to be found by doing some island-hopping. While the islands may be few, these small numbers make for just a perfect amount to explore them all in just the same day.

Perhaps, one major perk of even doing so is the idea of getting a dynamic experience with the activity. As each island is unique in both feature and location, each landmass offers a unique angle that partially describes what makes Caramoan inherently attractive.

Allow me to introduce to you the top tourist destinations which you may wish to visit one day. These may vary depending on your taste as well as the season of your visit. Here is the list.

Bulang-bugang Cave, Caramoan

This underwater cave which can be reached by passing through a small opening at the bottom part of a massive rock formation is a must-see place for those who would like to try a much extreme activity. You have to be careful since it tends to be slippery and the rocks are a little bit sharp.

Cagbalinad Island

The rock formation which also serves as a place for rock climbing is so serene. If you feel that you need some quiet time away from the busy and chaotic environ, head here and do some sightseeing, rock climbing, or just a restful night.

Cotivas Island, Caramoan

The pinkish color of the fine sand found on this island is what makes it unique compared to the other beaches or islands. The palm trees around the area along with the clear water is very inviting and refreshing. I would suggest that you visit the place during low tide for you to fully enjoy your stroll experience.

Kulapnit Cave

Kulapnit is also known as a bat in the local language. With that being said, this cave houses a lot of bat species! The photos you could take here might be a bit eerie, but I can assure you that this is a fun and thrilling activity to try.

Lahos Island, Caramoan

The swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling activities here are what makes the place unique than the other scenic beaches. Might as well head here and experience the beauty of the place plus the thrilling adventure through the activities.

Layahan and Hugsad Falls

The distance of these falls may be a little bit far, but these are also equally amazing. Going her entails trekking, but the view and the freshwater of the falls and the bottom or basin area are very indulging.

Manlawi Island, Caramoan

The sandbar which is possible during low tide, as well as the roaming floating cottage, is the best experience to see and try in Sabitang Laya. On the cottage, you can ride in here and have your lunch while on tour! While the sandbar will give you the chance to enjoy the picturesque scene or take a bath in the blue-green waters.

Matukad Island

A hidden lagoon seems to play a mysterious role in this place. Why? The lagoon is only visible if you reach a particular area. Though the hike to this viewpoint is tough, the view of the biggest milkfish on the lake is satisfying and rewarding. The trees will provide a translucent shade for those who would like to stay overnight for a camping experience.

Omang Cave, Caramoan Island

The stalactite formation found inside this mystique cave is what makes it famous. The cathedral-like view of it which allows the light to enter from the top area illuminates a different array of colors and shines on the rocks. Thus, it is a sight and an experience to behold.

Sabitang Laya, Caramoan

This is a combination of two stretches of an island, and I am sure that you will find this place not only scenic but at the same time, fun and exciting. The 1.2-Kilometers stretch length of the powdery white fine sand allows one to take a quiet and serene walk while the water is merely indulging in its every being.

Tinago Island, Caramoan

The narrow passageway will lead to this island, and from the name itself, it is something that can be considered as “tinago” or hidden. The sandy beach paired with the freshwater is perfect for some swimming, picnic, or merely sightseeing activity.

Gone are the days that you have to go very far to experience a fantastic vacation. Just head to Caramoan, and I know that you can already try out these best activities.

Guinahoan, Caramoan Island by JannahTepace

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