Japan Visa Requirements, Application | from the Philippines 


Here are your Japan Visa Requirements and Application guide. This post is for people coming from the Philippines.

Japan has a lot of beautiful places to offer. There are so many popular and unique destinations here to explore. No wonder it is on the top of the Go-To list of Filipinos. From its unusual landmarks nature, such as beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and bamboo forests to the exotic Japanese culture boasting there ancient temples and shrines, Japan puts a lot of reasons for you to visit it.

If you are considering visiting this culturally filled country, you have to keep in mind that a trip to Japan is costly, not to mention its Visa requirements are strictly followed. Even though the Japanese Embassy has very rigidly enforced guidelines and policies, it is quite relaxed to get a Japan Tourist Visa here in the Philippines, if you follow these simple steps:

Japan Visa Requirements, Application | from the Philippines 

6-Steps in Getting Your Japan Visa Application Approved

1. Know the Visa you are applying for

You have to be sure about the type of visa that you will need when visiting Japan. There are several types of Visas, and each of them has a specific purpose and requirements required.
This article is only intended for applicants for a Japan Tourist Visa for a passport holder living in the Philippines. This means that your purpose for visiting Japan is only for TOURISM and you have no intention of getting a JOB.

If you have fully decided that you will apply for a visa as a tourist, the next thing you will have to think about is to whether you will apply for a visa WITH or WITHOUT a sponsor/guarantor

2. Prepare all of the Japan Visa Requirements for your Application

TAKE NOTE: Any form of documentation that you will be required to submit for your Japan visa application has to be printed on an A4 size paper. Other travel agencies will give you a print-out of the application form, but it is best that you have your copy. All documents should also be an Original Copy, or unless they tell you otherwise.

Download Japan Visa Tourist Visa Requirements here 

a. Philippine passport

Your Philippine passport must have:
At least six months validity
With at least two blank pages.
Inspect the expiry date of your passport. The passport must be SIGNED if you have an up-to-date Philippine Passport with ten years of validity. It is required that the passport must be in the right conditions and do not exhibit any forms of defects. Passports in bad conditions will not be accepted.

Japan Visa Requirements, Application | the Philippines 

Japan Visa Requirements, Application | from the Philippines

b. Japan Visa Application Form

You can retrieve a pdf copy of the application form at the official website of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines on the link below:

Download a  Japan Visa Application Form here 

Other travel agencies may provide you with this application form, but it is best to be sure always to have your own personal copy. Print out the Japan visa application form on an A4 size paper and fill it out, without leaving any fields blank. If there is any information that you can’t provide, just put “N/A”(Not Applicable). Avoid any form of erasure. It is best that you type in your answers on the PDF file. This is to maximize readability. Also, be sure that you have downloaded the latest Japan Visa Application form.

c. ID photo.

Your ID photo has to be a 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm photo with a white background and must be:

  • Taken within the last six months
  • With your name and birthdate written at the back of the photo
  •  Appropriately posted on the designated area of the Japan Visa application form.
  •  There aren’t any forms of obstructions towards your facial features

d. Birth certificate [Japan Visa Requirements]

You are required to submit a birth certificate that had been issued by the PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide), within one year. If the document that you submitted happens to be INCOMPLETE, you are to pass the birth certificate issued by the PSA with a birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar.
If PSA cannot find a copy of your birth certificate, you must submit a birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar with a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA.

TAKE NOTE: You should submit a birth certificate from PSA if you NEVER HAD a Japan visa before. If you HAVE an expired/used Japan visa, no need to send this, but you need to provide your old passport with your expired/used Japan visa.

e. Marriage certificate (for married visa applicants).

If you are a married resident, you are to submit a marriage certificate from the PSA’s Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide) delivered within one year. If you have no recorded documentation of your marriage certificate, submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from the PSA with a Marriage Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.

f. Schedule of Activities| Travel itinerary

Present to the Embassy your itinerary which will tell them what your planned activities in Japan are. This schedule will also be the basis for the Japan Consul to know all of the needed expenses you need to cover to do the activities that you had listed.


Japan Visa Requirements, Application | from the Philippines 



These are required financial documentation for the Japanese Consul to know if you can cover all of the needed expenses for your trip.

Bank Certificate

Submit a bank certificate that has been issued within the last three months. There is no required balance from the embassy, but you have to show proof that you can afford all of the necessary expenses during your stay.

Applicant’s Income Tax Return

As part of the Japan Visa requirements, you are to submit a clear and readable PHOTOCOPY of your latest Income Tax Return (Form 2316). This is to indicate that you are to return to the Philippines because you have a job.


These are required financial documentation for the Japanese Consul to know if your sponsor can cover all of the needed expenses for your trip.

Guarantee letter

Part of your Japan Visa requirements is to submit a guarantee letter explaining the reasons and relationship between you and your sponsor. This also includes personal information and contact details such as email, address, and contact numbers. You are also to provide a Bank Certificate and Income Tax Return (ITR Form 2316) of your sponsor.

Japan Visa Requirements, Application | the Philippines 

Japan Visa Requirements, Application | from the Philippines 

3.Submit all Documents for your Japan Visa Application

DO NOT directly submit your Japan Visa requirements (documents) to the Japan Embassy, as they will not accept any. You are only able to apply for a Japan Visa through an accredited travel agency. The agency will make all of the submissions for you. See the list of official travel agencies here in the Philippines, and look for one that suits you best

4. Find an Accredited Travel Agency to process your Japan Visa Application

After finding a travel agency of your choice, you are to submit all of your COMPLETE Japan Visa Requirements.

TAKE NOTE: Transact only with an Accredited Travel Agency

List of Japan  Accredited Travel Agency 

5. Wait for the Results of your  Application

After submitting all Japan Visa Requirements/Documents and paid the processing fee of the travel agency, you are to wait for the confirmation either via SMS message or email notification if it is ready for claiming. They are not to inform you whether you got approved or denied for your Visa application, you have to know when you need to claim your passport personally, so always keep your payment receipt.

6.Time to Claim your Japan Visa

Claim your passport from the travel agency that you had processed with. They should have sent a message or email notifying you that it is now ready for pick-up. If you are unable to retrieve it personally, have a representative to pick it up for you, provide a valid ID and an authorization letter signed by you. Once you have retrieved your passport, locate the sticker at the back to see if it is white or red. A white sticker indicates that your Visa has been approved and a red one, shows it has been declined.


Japan Visa Requirements and Application | from the Philippines

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  1. Hi, I have dual citizenship, I’m Filipino-Canadian, I still hold a Canadian passport but I’ve been living in the Philippines for a while now more than a year. I know I need to pay for travel tax already at NAIA. But I’m wondering if I’m going to require visa at all? Also, I have a 5-year old son who was born in the Philippines and holds a Filipino passport, what requirements does he need? Thank you for answering my question

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