Damires Hills Tierra Verde Iloilo 

Damires Hills Tierra Verde, Iloilo |  A Staycation

Iloilo is one of the top-visited places in the entire archipelago. With the number of places to visit paired with the warm welcome of the locals, one would inevitably feel very at home in this beautiful province. One of the areas that I would highly recommend if you plan to visit Iloilo will be the Damires Hills Tierra Verde located at Janiuay. With the number of things that you could do here as well as the peaceful environment, this is going to be your next favorite tourist destination.

What is it about?

The Damires Hills Tierra Verde has a vast area of 45-hectares. The hilly nature of the place makes it a prime location to visit since it enables people or tourists to feel safe and at peace at the same time. Away from the noisy crowd and city, this is the place if you would like to spend some quiet and quality people with your family or friends. As a resort, the site reserves a lot of things to do for tourists.


What to do in Damires Hills Tierra Verde Iloilo 


Spending three days and two nights here will be a perfect idea. They have accommodation which could cater to your overnight needs. All rooms are air-conditioned, so there is noth9ing to worry if you are bothered about the possible humidity or hot climate.

Day tours

At the same time, if you plan to stay for the day, cottages are also available in the area. As to price, I can say that they are high as compared to other resorts of similar standards. You have to be here for the entire day and enjoy all the things that the resort has to offer.


They have an available adult pool plus two kiddie pools, all to accommodate all members of the family. So either you are traveling with your special someone or going with the kids, your needs are their top consideration. Damires Hills Tierra Verde has made sure that they would give everyone the ultimate vacation experience.

Outdoor Adventures

ATVs, zipline, canopy walk, and all other outdoor activities are also offered. You have to pay for a minimal fee, and you can already get to experience the adrenaline rush. Whatever action you are up to, for as long as you have the guts to do it, they are all yours to conquer.

Fruit Picking

During harvest season, visitors will be allowed to pick or harvest their produce. They will then have to weigh it afterward and pay for the needed amount. So, if you are up to some fresh fruit food trip, heading to the Damires Hills Tierra Verde is the perfect place.

Amazing Food Trips

The coffee shop and restaurant available inside the resort are also top reasons on why you should go to this all-around resort. They have the unique Damires coolers, Ginapusan na Manok, and Turon de Valenciana as some of their specialty.

Visiting Damires Hills Tierra Verde is very satisfying. It will enable you to experience life in a much quiet, peaceful, and fresh manner. If you would like to breathe a taste of fresh air for a vacation, this resort is the right one for you. Have a Happy Trip!

swimming pool

How to get to Damires Hills Tierra Verde, Iloilo

To get to the place,  take a jeep in Ungka Terminal which costs around P28

The moment you get to Janiuay Plaza, take a tricycle going to Damires Hills Tierra Verde. Fare is PHP 20.

Jeepney Schedules:

From  Ungka terminal  
The earliest jeep goes around 6:00 AM
The last jeep at around  9:00 PM

From Janiuay to Iloilo
The earliest jeep goes around 4:30/5:00 AM
The last jeep at around  6:00 PM

jojo vito at the hanging bridge in janiuay

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