List of Hotels in Iligan City

List of Hotels in Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte  

Known as the “Industrial City of the South” as well as “City of Majestic Waterfalls,” the Iligan City at Lanao Del Norte is proud to have its share of rich historical background, spectacular tourist spots, and festive celebrations. We will give you a brief tour of the place as a way of sharing and presenting all the pride of the place at the same time we have listed below List of Hotels in Iligan City to complete the information.

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Mimbalot Falls

Mimbalot Falls, one of the tourist spots in the area which lured tourists to stay to visit the place and book in some hotels in Iligan City 

Rich History

Iligan City started from a village called Bayug found in about four kilometers from the new city center. The settlers of the town were mainly natives as well as sea-dwellers. When the 16th century arrived, changes also took place brought about by the coming of the migrants from the Visayas. In 1565, the expedition of Legazpi took place, bringing another series of changes in the area. Thus, the name “Iligan” was derived from the Higaonon word “ilijan,” which means “fortress of defense.” 


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Land Area and All Other Aspects

With the total land area of 314.04 square miles, the city can accommodate the local settlers along with other migrants from other cities and provinces. Hence, the dominant language is the Iliganons, Marano, Tagalog, and other words used by the immigrants. The various or combined languages used in the city give way to the mixture of traditions, cultures, and people. Due to this, except that the place offers a diverse, colorful, and vibrant environment. The people will always be welcoming in expressing the warmth of hospitality. The top pride of the city is the hydroelectric power produced by the Maria Cristina Falls and the production of steel. With these high contributions, Iligan City is indeed a famous city not only in the province but in the whole archipelago in general. 


Hotels in Iligan City

Tourist Spots

Iligan City is proud to have a total of 23 waterfalls. One of which is the well-known Maria Cristina Falls, which sustains the electricity of the entire region of Mindanao. Others include Abaga, Dodiongan, Mimbalut, Timoga, and Tinago Falls. In being here, the fun and enjoyment that one may experience are indeed limitless. May it be sightseeing, trekking, climbing, or swimming that you are after, the Iligan City can joyfully give it to you. You have to be energetic and adventurous enough to fully explore and experience all the tourists’ spots that the place has to offer. 

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Hotels in Iligan City


Every 29th of September, the monthlong celebration of the Diyandi Festival is held in the city. As a way of giving thanks and honoring Saint Miguel de Archangel as their patron, they throw this festivity as a form of celebration. Hence, honoring their saint whom they regard as the protector from all evil. This monthlong celebration is filled with sumptuous food, festive street dances, night concerts, beauty contest, talent shows, and all other fun activities. This is perhaps the reason why a lot of tourists would usually come here to celebrate with the locals during the celebration of the Diyandi festival. 

Iligan City is undoubtedly a gem in Lanao del Norte. In the coming years, I know that the place will continue to grow and develop, heading towards one of the developing cities in the country. 

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Cozy Inn

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