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When it comes to beaches, the Philippine archipelago takes pride in a plethora of choices. From stunning island landscapes to breathtaking dive spots to perfect barrel surfing waves to crystal clear blue waters for swimming, you name it, the Philippines has it all. Despite this feast of choices, though, the island of Boracay never fails to capture the heart of anyone who has come to visit it for the first time. 

Boracay holds that unique charm that will make you fall in love at first sight. You’d fly to the island each time a chance is given. We’ll never get used to that long stretch of powdery white sand where you can walk all day even in the scorching noon without your feet getting burnt. We’ll never get used to that small slice of paradise that offers a little bit of everything—a mixture of the island and urban life in one. 

Well, the island of Boracay is everything from fine dining restaurants to fast-food chains, convenience stores, and small eateries, from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly backpackers’ hostels and Airbnb homes. There’s literally everything that can serve any traveler’s needs based on his budget. No doubt, you’d fly to this island whenever you feel like going and if you have the budget to make that happen. 

Since the end of the six months of temporary closure, a lot has changed on the island. We can say that there has been a lot of improvements that made Boracay so much better and more beautiful. Our feet are all itching to get there soon! But wait, have you chosen the best place to stay yet? If you’re jotting down a full list of options right now, be sure to include Belmont Hotel as one of your top accommodation choices. Why? Read on. 

Yapak Beach

5 Reasons Why Belmont Hotel Should be Your Top Accommodation Choice in Boracay

1. Quick Access to Yapak Beach

If you think about Boracay, for sure, the first thing that would come to mind is the world-class White Beach that boasts a long stretch of powdery white sand from Stations 1 to 3. It is, of course, what made the island so popular around the globe that every year, the influx of both foreign and local tourists continues to increase. 

The island isn’t all about White Beach, though. In fact, a single visit in the island might not be enough to cover all of the interesting beaches there, including Diniwid Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, Tambisaan Beach, Balinghai Beach, and Puka Beach to name a few. 

In most tourists’ opinion, Puka Shell Beach, which is also known as Yapak Beach, is in second place next to White Beach if we talk about the top popular beach choices on the island. What do we love about it? If Stations 1 to 3 feature good eats and parties—everything that an extrovert who loves to socialize dreams of, Yapak is quite the opposite. And yes, Yapak Beach is for the quiet, peace-loving individuals who simply want to chill, escape the hustles and bustles of the urban jungle and enjoy the bliss of island life. 

What you’ll love about Yapak Beach are its stunning blue, green waters that appear to be more intense and vivid on days when the sunshine is abundant. It may not be as conducive for swimming as the waters in the White Beach, yet it boasts ideal snorkeling spots where you can explore the rich marine life of the island.

Yapak Beach

Since Belmont Hotel is located in the same place, you have easier access to Yapak Beach, where you can bask in the sun, practice your photography skills and indulge yourself in a feast of fresh seafood all day. 

And oh, don’t worry about getting to and from White Beach. Transportation on the island is convenient. There are several modes of transportation you can choose from, including trikes and motorcycles locally known as “habal-habal.”  More importantly, Belmont Hotel has regular shuttle service for bringing guests to and from the white beach.

Also, if you’re in the mood to burn some calories, why not go for a jog in the early morning from Yapak to Station 1? If you have several days or a week to chill, relax, and unwind on the island, you can always include this in your morning routine. The restaurants and cafés in White Beach are too hard to pass up, too!


Belmont Hotel Boracay

2. Cozy, Modern Rooms that Exude Comfort and Elegance

The Belmont Hotel features rooms with sizes that range from 27 to 52 square meters, which could cater to solo travelers, couples, families, and big groups. You can choose among the superior room, deluxe, premier, premier deluxe, or an executive suite, depending on your needs and budget. 

Whichever you choose, though, rest assured that each room is equipped with modern and ideal facilities that will make your stay in the hotel as relaxing, comfortable and convenient as possible. Yes, folks, it feels like you’re in a home away from home. The beds would make you sleep like a baby. 

Are you on a workcation mode cause you’re a freelancer like that, and any day could be a workday for you? Each room is equipped with a strong and reliable wi-fi connection, executive writing desk, data port for computer and fax modems, and more that could make your workcation easy-peasy as it should be. 


Belmont Hotel Boracay

3. Sophisticated Hotel Amenities

Since Yapak Beach isn’t as great for swimming as the White Beach, you’ll be delighted to take a plunge in Belmont Hotel’s tropical-inspired swimming pool facing scenic mountain views from afar. After doing several laps, sit back and relax on one of the poolside lounge chairs while sipping a tall glass of fresh fruit shake. 

If you’re worried about the extra pounds you’ve gained from the pigging out sessions you couldn’t resist in this vacay, you can still get back in shape and maintain that six-pack abs in the hotel’s fitness center. 

Your kids can also have fun and meet new friends in the playroom. After a day full of fun activities, you deserve some pampering in the aqua spa. 


The staff of Belmont Hotel Boracay

4. Professional and Friendly Hotel Service

What would you do with sophisticated hotel facilities if the hotel fails to provide quality service? If the staff are inattentive of the needs of their guests, nobody would ever settle for that. 

Good thing, the Belmont Hotel is attentive to its guests’ needs, and so, it is dedicated to providing professional and friendly service to everyone. 


Belmont Hotel Boracay

5. Reasonable Prices for the Quality of Facilities and Service

For as low as Php 4,000 pesos, you can book a room with breakfast inclusion, use of non-motorized activities, scheduled shuttle service, use of gym and pool, and wi-fi access. If you can split the bill with your friend or anyone else traveling with you, this price would really be awesome if you think about the inclusions provided. 

Book a Room at Belmont Hotel Boracay

As you might be aware, you are required to book in advance when visiting Boracay. You will be asked for a confirmation of your booking at the Jetty Port Caticlan.


If you’re seeking a tranquil place to stay in the secluded, quiet part of Boracay Island, you’ll surely love the Belmont Hotel. You’ll never go wrong with the choice. In fact, you might want to come back immediately even before you’ve checked out! How cool is that? Try it and see what happens.


Belmont Hotel Boracay

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