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Top Tourist Spots to Visit in Rizal and Things To Do 

Rizal province is part of the region of CALABARZON and the best location for a weekend vacation, especially those who come from Manila. In a short period, you can easily roam around the province, getting to every spot, and admire its aesthetics. Here is the list of the top and some hidden wonders of Rizal province.

List of Rizal Tourist Spots

Jala-Jala Sunflower Farm

Cordillera mountains aren’t the only one who has sunflowers here in the country, Rizal also has a farm of sunflowers where you can take pictures and enjoy the views of the dancing sunflowers. If you want to grow seeds in your home, you can buy them here.

Pamitian Cave

It is located near the Wawa dam and said to be that here is where Bonifacio conducted the initiation of the new members of the Katipunan. You can also see the visible charcoal writings of Bonifacio on the walls of the cave.


Angono Petroglyphs | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo Raffy-ish

Angono Petroglyphs

It gives us the figures on how the old civilization of the country communicates. And if you are interested in it, come and visit this place as it dates back up to 3000 B.C.

Mt. Parawagan

One of the best mountains to hike for beginners in hiking in the Mt. Parawagan. Hikers, who became pro in hiking, started here in Mt. Parawagan. On top of it, you’ll see the panoramic view of Manila and other places in Wawa.


Antipolo Cathedral | Rizal Tourist Spot 

Antipolo Cathedral

Also called the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Voyage and a popular pilgrimage site, especially when it’s Holy Week. It has been witnessed multiple milestones that changed the Rizal province.

Tinipak River

Despite the challenges in going towards the river, you will surely enjoy the rock formations as your feet lie beside it. There is also the glamourous turquoise-colored water to make your tour magical. There are also pools to enjoy relaxing or swimming if you would like to.


Avilon Zoo | Rizal Tourist Spot |  Photo by Ninjakeg

Avilon Zoo

Just like the other zoos, this contains more species of wildlife that everyone wishes to be back to their natural habitats.

Palo Alto Falls

Turquoise water cascading to a vast pool from the forests pristine upstreams, the wildlife’s habitat. You can rent cottages and other amenities if you are planning to have a getaway with your families.


Batlag Falls | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by jojo nicdao

Batlag Falls

One of the eccentric views to visit in Rizal province, and it shows a pristine beauty to complete your adventure. With its natural pool, you can enjoy and refreshingly swim in its pool with a crowd less population with you.

Mt. Sinai

Are you shocked about it? The Philippines also has a Mount Sinai, and it hosts the Largest Ten Commandments tablet scripture. From here, you’ll experience the view of eye-opening Sierra Madre mountain ranges, and it is one of the new tourist attractions in Rizal.


Boso Boso Church  | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by Urbanroamer

Boso Boso Church

It is known for being the Nuestra Señora de La Annunciata Parish and recognized as a tourist destination in the country. It was built around the 16th century and conquered many challenges like fire and the war, but in the current year, they conduct a renovation, but the original design remained the same.

Angono Forest Park

Angono Forest Park is one of those remote places to go through Rizal with its natural reserves. There is no entrance fee seeing the wildlife like pigs and snakes, and also the flora species, but you can donate an amount to improve the protection of the wildlife further.


Bahay Na Bato | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by Judgefloro

Bahay Na Bato

It was built while the Spanish are reigning in the country; that’s why it shows a Westernian style of architecture. While touring inside of it, you’ll learn many things like daily life during the Spanish regime, and it will bring you back to history.

Calinawan Cave

Near Daranak Falls is the Calinawan Cave containing jaw-dropping stalactite and stalagmite formations within. Some of the structures lost their glamour due to some inappropriate human activities. Despite it, the locals are continuously protecting the cave.

Casa Santa Museum | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by  Randy.dionio

Casa Santa Museum

Christmas season is the best time to visit the Casa Santa Museum because it shows thousands of motifs and figures of Santa Claus coming from different countries. Before visiting the magical place, you need to have an arrangement on their website.

Hinulugang Taktak Falls

Here, it used to be a magical place wherein you can see a glimpse of the rainbow through the crystal-clear waters. Still, then, the continuous growth of settlements affects the river giving out water for the falls making it available only for picture taking.


Daranak Falls | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by Elmer B. Domingo

Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is one of the well-known tourist destinations from Rizal because of its rustic geography. The waterfall’s height is measuring about 20 meters high with a pool beneath holding turquoise water. It will make you feel enchanted when you notice the lush forest surrounding it and do cliff jumping or swimming to feel refreshed.

Inday Nelly’s Mystical Cave

Due to its rock formations inside depicting religious designs, locals believe that entering this cave will get your body to heal. Its name came from the woman who popularized it. Either religious or not, this is one of the best to recommend to tourists.

Masungi Georeserve | Rizal Tourist Spot |Photo from Masungi Georeserve FB page 

Masungi Georeserve

If you are looking for a combination of thrill, fun, and adventure, Masungi Georeserve is the best for you. In getting into this attraction, you need to reserve for slots before experiencing the fun, and since it is one of the most popular attractions in Rizal, you will surely have difficulties in saving a slot. This place will offer you a great adventure with flora and fauna. Your eyes will also amaze by the large formations of limestones covered with the natural vegetation. The exciting part of this adventure is when you walk through different rope trails as you view the scenery of nature.

Mt. Nagpatong

It is known for the standing limestone rock on its peak and better viewing of the surroundings by climbing it. If you want to experience the magical sunrise, get on your feet, and see through the sky. Mt. Nagpatong is also one of the most visit hiking places in Rizal province.


Mt. Binacayan | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by  Camillebea

Mt. Binacayan

Are you looking for a place to view the sunrise and sea of clouds? This is the perfect place for you, but you need to observe at the challenging terrains. After that, you’ll experience the breath-taking view on the top of the mountain.

Mt. Daraitan

If you have a hard time walking, you can trek to visit the Mt. Daraitan and see the breathtaking scenery of Sierra Madre on the peak of it, with the branches of bodies of water trailing through the forests and boulders of rock formations will welcome your eyes. Chilling while looking at the flora species on your way will also give you an enjoyable moment.

Mt. Tagapo | Rizal Tourist Spot |  Photo by アブサン

Mt. Tagapo

One of the hiking ideals that beginners can go through. You can walk through the grassy road until you reach the peak wherein you’ll experience the eye-catching view of Laguna de Bay and the ranges of mountains and plains surrounding it.

Nemiranda Arthouse And Gallery

Most of the things you’ll find here are Filipino folklores and the rich stories about every province of the Philippines. Filipinos also have their version of gods and goddesses that will surely catch your attention.

Pililla Wind Farm | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by Judgefloro

Pililla Wind Farm

Ilocos Norte isn’t the only one who has giant windmills here in the Philippines. By visiting the Pililla wind farm, you can have a glimpse of these giant wind turbines with several 27 standing in the landscapes. Here, you can also have a glimpse of Rizal plains and the Laguna de Bay.

Pacem Eco-Park

If you want to experience a peaceful vacation, then go to PACEM eco-park wherein you’ll see wildlife sanctuaries and gardens. You can also find spirituality and serenity in this place because you will have the whole nature around you.

Pinto Art Museum | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by Ianlopez1115

Pinto Art Museum

This is another frequented place to go here in Rizal with its Mediterranian architectural designs. It also has six art galleries that hold paintings and other art crafts. Ancient and modern arts can be seen inside the museum.

Regina Rica | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by Ryme26

Regina Rica

Popular pilgrimage site in Rizal and holds a statue of The Virgin Mary. If you want to nourish your relationship with God, then this place is perfect for you. Others visit this place not only for spiritual seeking but also for meditating.

Sangab Cave

Sangab Cave is an off-beaten tourist spot with a hidden rich green vegetation and limestones. You can also enjoy the amidst the beauty of the forest, which is the habitat of different wildlife that will make you awe for an adventure.

Tanay Church | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by Judgefloro

Tanay Church

Also known as St. Ildefonsus of Taledo Parish Church, because it holds a remain of saint’s bone, that’s why it is popular among religious people. It also gives off the view of Spanish architecture design.

Tinipak Cave

After the tantalizing activities in Tinipak River, you can proceed to Tinipak cave to sight the wondrous rock formations and pools connected by different streams. Don’t fear the bats flying around; they show how rich the biodiversity of the cave is.

Wawa Dam | Rizal Tourist Spot | Photo by AmazingLoisa

Wawa Dam

Wawa Dam is one of the oldest dams here in the Philippines, and after constructing the Angat dam, the Wawa dam was soon abandoned. Being abandoned did not become a challenge; the views around the Wawa dam like the mountain and river attracts tourist on it. You can also visit the Wawa falls and feel the peacefulness as the water cascade onto your body. You can even ride a bamboo boat or swim and jump onto the crystal-clear water.

You don’t need to go out of the country to experience wondrous tourist attractions for your vacation! Just visit Rizal province, and everything you want to experience is here! From the natural environment to the museums containing the rich history of the country is all in here. Come to Rizal and have fun with the local destinations wherein you can take your photos for an Instagramable post.

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