Tourist Spot in Camarines Norte/Calaguas Island. Photo by Ramcandelaria


There are not many people who used to have the province of Camarines Norte in their bucket list which is what made it relatively obscure for many travelers. When there are undeniably more popular destinations like Albay and Camarines Sur, not to mention the country’s top hotspots, it becomes more overshadowed, but not enough for it to fade to total obscurity.

But, in light of last year’s event that had Boracay been closed from public access for its rehabilitation, people had been finding alternatives left and right for their next probable destination. Subsequently, this led to Camarines Norte’s soaring prominence in the travel space which saw it having an influx of tourist visits, particularly as a launching pad to the Calaguas group of islands, not too far from the province’s mainland.

Calaguas Island has come a long way from being a landmass with little human presence that would almost give exclusive accommodation to anyone who visits. Nowadays, this tourist spot in Camarines Norte has seen a dramatic shift in development which had establishments springing in concentrated areas and, subsequently, more human presence than what was once impossible.

However, the Calaguas group of islands is a more varied place to be taken as a whole and be generalized simply as a more developed place. After all, when you speak of a small archipelago just across the mainland, you refer to an assortment of atolls, each of which has its own distinct features and offers. Thus, opens to a myriad of exciting possibilities.

For instance, if you feel like getting in touch to nature, you can always choose to skip the room accommodations that are available in the area in favor of the more nature-centric experience such as choosing to camp out on the beach. To top it all off, you also have the choice to live like an island native by choosing to restrict your diet to foods that are only available in the area, such as a freshly-caught fish.


Mahabang Buhangin, Tourist Spot in Camarines Norte, Photo by  Maffeth.opiana

Then, there are also activities.

What makes it a great choice to be on an island is that you are always up close and personal to the nearby seawater. Whether you just like looking at the wider horizon from the land, love to stroll around to stretch your legs, or have a more enjoying experience such as swimming, playing, or doing various water activities, all of these are possible when you are by the shore.

But let us not forget that going back into the mainland has its own set of possibilities as well, for adventure.

As a land that is not a stranger to world events, Camarines Norte has its fair share of both good and bad happenings which were commemorated for the future generations, such as the very first Rizal monument, the Monument of Heroes, and a museum aptly dubbed the “Golden Museum” for its rich collection of memorabilia hailing back from the World War 2 days.

It is also worth noting that Camarines Norte has some of the best pineapples in the country, known for their sweetness and less the sour taste.


Tourist Spot in Camarines Norte, Calaguas Island, Photo by Monette Nyem


Top Tourist Spots of Camarines Norte: An Exploration

The usual connotation that I had about Camarines Norte is that it is about mining, coconut industry, and agriculture. But as a had my research about the tourist destination which can be found here, I cannot help but feel in awe and surprise of its beautiful spots to must-see. Are you planning to visit this province soon? Get to know the list of the must-see places for you to explore the area fully and enjoy all the things that it has to offer.

  1. Calaguas Island

A paradise on earth that is Calaguas Island is all about. With its scenic views and fantastic experience it offers, I am sure that you will feel that you are a part of a socialite group, trying to indulge in an equally easy activity. The powdery white sand matched with the pristine blue water will leave you speechless. Just a note, you may want to bring your own set of food since the island has managed to maintain its natural and straightforward vibe by not allowing a lot or establishments or stores to occupy the place.

  1. Bagasbas Beach

If you’re tired of the white sand, then go for the grey one! Bagasbas beach stretches for as long as 4-kilometers, and it offers equally amazing opportunities for surfing enthusiasts. The waves are big throughout the year, and it makes it ideal for those who would like to go on a surfing adventure any time of the year! If you’re just a beginner in these sports, you won’t have to worry because there are available instructors in the area.

  1. Siete Pecados, Mercedes Group of Islands

Yes, a group of island is real in this place. It includes the Apuao Grande, Apua Pequena, Canton, Canimog, Malasungi, and Quinapaguian. Imagine going on an adventure which allows you to explore all of these islands with unique beauty and experiences. Some of which even have their respective caves and sanctuaries! The white sand paired with the turquoise-color water is a must-try activity.

  1. Mampurog River

If you’ve had enough of the beach, then head to the Mampurog River. The lush running water, the freshness of it along with the sound of it is indeed relaxing. Spending the rest of the day here will make you feel that you are one with the nature amidst a serene environment. Note that you have to bring your food as you go here since you may not get to see a lot of establishments in the area.

  1. Malatap Falls

The bright blue waters in the middle of a lush green forest will give you a much-needed break from the busy city center. If you feel tired of the busy environ, head here and enjoy the serenity of the place. Hiking is also possible, along with a swimming adventure for kids is possible since a part of the bottom of the falls is shallow and is perfect for kids.

  1. Mahabang Buhangin

A beauty closer to the well-known Boracay, that is what other people have to say. This tourist spot in Camarines Norte offers powdery white sand of the place stretches long that you can take a walk and enjoy the scenery. On the mood for camping? It is also possible here! An eco-village is also available here along with other activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and island hopping.

  1. Colasi Falls

This 70-feet high natural waterfall is also famous in the province. The bottom part of it, or the basin, is broad and deep enough that people would usually go for diving as well as swimming. A bamboo raft going around the basin can also be seen while having a round trip around the scenic basin.

  1. Cadig Cave

Located at the bottom part of the mountain and amidst a lush green surrounding is also a must-try adventure called Cadig Cave exploration. The stalagmite and stalactite formation of rocks is indeed a sight to behold. Better get a local tour guide to accompany you in going here for the trek may sometimes be tricky if you are not familiar with the place yet. Once you’re inside the cave, you’ll be greeted with a natural pool filled with cold and fresh water.

  1. Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort

A place perfect for kids is what Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and resort is all about. Inside the area are the playground, pools, and jacuzzi. This is also best for those who have team building activities since the site is vast enough for some running and jumping. Also, the farm of the area of it will also allow you to purchase fresh products.

  1. Pineapple Island Resort

This tourist spot in Camarines Norte is a waterpark amidst an eco-tourism property and is famous for a lot of tourists. What makes this tourist spot in Camarines Norte even more interesting is the restaurant inside called Chef Mama. This place offers an authentic taste of Filipino food and the local delicacies of Camarines Norte.

Are you ready to experience the different adventures found in the beautiful province of Camarines Norte? Have a Happy Trip!

Sandbar in Parola Island, DaetTourist Spot in Camarines Norte, Sandbar in Parola Island, Daet, Camarines Norte, Photo by Biag Arnel

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