Francisco Macabulos monument  | Tarlac Tourist Spots | Photo by  Judgefloro


Visiting Tarlac is one of the excellent travel decisions one could make. Why? For one, it is just close to Manila (around 130 kilometers). Thus, reaching this place will only take about a couple of hours. The next reason is that Tarlac has a lot of things to offer. If you are after the food, scenery, history, or whatever it may be that you are looking for, Tarlac has it. In this write-up, a list of the tourists’ spots to visit in this beautiful province is prepared for you.

List of Tarlac Tourist Spots


San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church of Capas  / Capas Church Photo by Ramon FVelasquez

La Sagrada Familia Parish

Situated in Gerona, this church is famous since the altar here was used by Pope Francis during his Papal Visit in the country in 2015. Aside from that, the architectural beauty of the church is worth the visit.

Monasterio de Tarlac

The Monasterio de Tarlac is perhaps one of the most popular tourist spots in the province. Believers and tourists alike would go to the top of the mountain to attend mass and enjoy the view from the top. The trees, the city, and everything your eyes could reach the peak of this place is a beauty to behold.


San Sebastian Cathedral | Tarlac Tourist Spot  |Photo by  Judgefloro

San Sebastian Cathedral

Situated at Barangay Mabini, the San Sebastian Cathedral or also known as the Tarlac Cathedral holds an impeccable history. Opened after World War II, this Cathedral has been witnessed to centuries and decades of history.

St. Jose Maria Escriva Parish

Situated in Gerona, this church is the first-ever church in the country dedicated to St. Josemaria Escriva.

Isdaan Village Water Park

This floating water park in Gerona is one of the most recommended spots to visit in Tarlac. Those who would like to grab some authentic grilled seafood and all other Filipino cuisines may come here and enjoy the newly harvested fish.


Capas National Shrine | Tarlac Tourist Spot 

Capas National Shrine

Situated at O’Donnell, this place marks the end spot of Death March during World War II. Thus, the site is like a cemetery in vibe, but it is still noteworthy—the walls where the names of the people who joined the death march are also worth seeing.

Museo de Tarlac

It is situated at the office of the Provincial Tourism of Tarlac, the Museo de Tarlac or also known as the Museo ng Tarlac holds numerous arts and crafts produced by local artists.

Tarlac Recreation Park

Those who are more into adventure may go to Tarlac Recreation Park. They have tons of activities like ATV rides, fishing, and the likes. Overnight stay for campers is also conveniently offered.


Corazon Aquino Monument | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo by  Judgefloro

Cory Aquino Monument

This monument was also built to honor the late president Cory Aquino for her immeasurable contribution to serving the country.

Death March Monument

This monument located at Capas is another landmark which aims to honor and commemorate the hardships and trials of the fallen soldiers who were part of the infamous Death March.

Bamban Museum of History

The place is loaded with memorabilia and exhibits of the fallen soldiers in 1941 up to 1945. Hence, a historical perspective of the previous war could be widened by visiting this museum.


Ninoy Aquino Monument Barangay Cut-Cut, Tarlac City  | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo by  Ramon FVelasquez

Ninoy Aquino Monument 

This monument was built to honor the late senator and the hero of democracy of the country, Senator Ninoy Aquino.

Nambalan River

Situated in Mayantoc, this place is known as the Summer Capital of Tarlac. Aside from sightseeing, you may also enjoy some swimming activity here.


Nearby San Sebastian Chapel, right at the city center is where you could find the Plazuela. It is a simple park where you could sit and relax while enjoying the sunset; there are also available food stalls if you wish to grab some food while relaxing.


Tarlac Provincial Capitol | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo by  Ryomaandres

Tarlac Provincial Capitol

Located at San Vicente, this building was built in 1909, making it a historical spot to visit. It had managed to stand the test of time, war, and all other past events.

Ubod Falls

Ubod Falls is in Mt. Damas in Camiling. Heading here may need some hiking at Mt. Damas. It is not a comfortable journey since it is a steep mountain, making it not suited for beginners in the field of hiking.

Maria Cristina Park

This park is the hub of families who would like to sit and relax while enjoying the afternoon vibes. Kids could run and play in the area.


The Aquino Museum | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo by Judgefloro 

The Aquino Central Museum

The history of the country during the era of the Aquino administration could be seen in this museum. It is situated in Hacienda Luisita, and it is available for a visit from 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm.

KCT Kart City

In front of SM Tarlac is where you could find the KCT Kart City, those who love riding carts or just want to give their kids some fun activities may head here. Nearby food stalls and restaurants are also available.

Santa Faustina of the Divine Mercy Parish

This church is situated in Paniqui-Anao Road. The place is usually flocked during Holy Week due to pilgrims and mass-goers.

VES Food Resorts and Villas | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo from the Fb page of VES Food Resorts and Villas

VES Food Resorts and Villas

Filipino dishes serves at its finest is possible in Ves Food Resort and Villas in Capas Tarlac. From the authentic cuisine down to exotic food, they have it all ready for you.

Canding Falls

Situated in San Clemente Tarlac, it will only take about 20 minutes of trekking to reach the destination. Once you are here, you will be welcomed with the refreshing view of the waterfalls.

Mt. Damas | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo by Aninah Ong

Mt. Damas

Heading here would take about four to five hours of challenging to strenuous hiking and trekking. Thus, this is not recommended for beginners. You may also visit the Ubod Falls on your way to the peak.

Bulsa River

Bulsa River is located at San Jose Tarlac. The water here is wild, making it suited for those who are into a higher level of adventure. Thus, this place is a fun and pleasant spot to visit.

Saipan Beach

Saipan Beach is not a beach; it is a river. You can rent a cottage here and stay there while enjoying the smooth flow of water in the river. Halo-halo is also offered for purchase as a refreshment.

Mt. Pinatubo | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo by Sindre Helvik

Mt. Pinatubo

The trekking activity in this mountain will need an entire day to enjoy the place thoroughly. Thus, there is a need to ride the offered 4×4 ride to reach the viewing area. There are varied packages and offers which you could take in exploring the place.

Mt. Telakawa

Mt. Telakawa is 630 meters above sea level. Hence, this place is the must-visit spot for those who are looking for extreme and at the same time challenging mountain hiking activity.

Tanedo Street

May it be shops or food hubs that you are after,  then heading to F. Tanedo Street will never disappoint you. Buying some items in this shopping district as a souvenir from people back home is also a good idea.

JSJ Goat Farm | Tarlac Tourist Spot  | Photo from JSJ Goat Farm FB Page

JSJ Goat Farm

This 10-hectare goat farm also offers a variety of products from cheese, milk, and meat – all from their goat farm.

Local Market

Visiting the local market of Tarlac is a convenient one for the place is big. You can walk around without worrying about too much crowd. Plus, prices are always open for some haggling.

Ylang-Ylang Center

All Ylang-Ylang products from soaps, insect repellants, perfumes, and all other crafts are on display and for sale in Ylang-Ylang center. This aromatic flower can be used as the main ingredient in producing these products.

Aquino Family Ancestral House,Concepcion Tarlac | Tarlac Tourist Spot  |  Photo by Ramon FVelasquez

Aquino Family Ancestral House

The structure is the ancestral house of national hero Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. in Concepcion, Tarlac. The structure was declared a historic site because of its national significance, being the home of the Aquinos who have served the Filipino people.

If you are still having a second heart about visiting Tarlac, then it is time for you to remove all those doubts and begin planning your trip. Stay safe and have fun!

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