ERON’S CANSI HOUSE A Haven for Cansi Lovers , Bacolod City

ERON'S CANSI HOUSE A Haven for Cansi Lovers , Bacolod City

Eron’s Cansi House. Feast your eyes on this hearty bowl of Cansi goodness! Packed with generous beef chunks, it’s a feast for the senses. This shareable delight at Eron’s Cansi House can easily satisfy up to four hungry souls. Don’t forget to request extra broth for an indulgent and flavorful experience! 

Eron’s Cansi House: A Haven for Cansi Lovers

In the midst of my writing endeavors, I received an unexpected invitation from two friends waiting at my doorstep. CG Gisona, recently rejuvenated after a relaxing spa session, craved something hot and satisfying before heading home. Mark Canieso accompanied him, both eager for a quick dinner. With no time to spare, we set off on our adventure, regretfully leaving behind our friends Leilani Dusaban and Engiemar Tapas, who missed the spontaneous gathering.

Bacolod City was alive with excitement as the BACOLOD CHICKEN INASAL Festival filled the streets, with countless stalls offering the renowned grilled chicken inasal. However, on this particular evening, our palates yearned for a different delight—a hearty beef soup. When it comes to satisfying this craving, two places in Bacolod City stand out: Sharyn’s and Eron’s Cansi House, both conveniently located at Capitol Shopping Center. These establishments are renowned for their mouthwatering Cansi dishes.

Kansi, a local specialty similar to Bulalo, holds a special place in the hearts of Bacolodnons. What distinguishes our Kansi in Bacolod City is the use of a unique souring agent called Batwan—a fruit exclusively found in the Visayan region. The addition of Batwan lends a distinct tangy flavor to the rich and savory beef soup. Kansi is a beloved dish among night shift workers, providing them with a comforting and hearty meal. It also entices tourists who visit Bacolod City, eager to explore its culinary delights.

Savoring the flavors of Bacolod at Eron’s Cansi House with CG Gisona and Mark Canieso. Missing our dear friends Lei Lani and Engiemar on this culinary adventure. The perfect bowl of Batwan-infused Cansi soup warms both the heart and the palate.

Among the choices, Eron’s Cansi House was our destination of choice that evening. The establishment had recently undergone renovations, increasing its seating capacity and enhancing the overall ambiance with pleasing decor. Although the restaurant is not air-conditioned, the warmth adds to the authenticity of the dining experience, transporting guests to a time when meals were enjoyed in a cozy environment, free from modern frills.

Upon entering Eron’s Cansi House, the tantalizing aroma of simmering beef soup enveloped us, instantly whetting our appetites. The friendly staff promptly seated us, offering a view of the bustling kitchen and the vibrant atmosphere of a busy restaurant. The menu presented a variety of Cansi dishes, each promising to satisfy our cravings and warm our souls.

After careful consideration, we decided to indulge in Eron’s famous Cansi, a dish that needs no elaborate name to captivate diners. The piping-hot bowl arrived at our table, brimming with succulent beef, and bone marrow, all immersed in the tantalizingly sour Batwan-infused broth. Each spoonful delighted our taste buds, offering a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. Served alongside steamed rice, the experience was nothing short of a culinary symphony.

Eron’s Cansi House has become a cherished destination for both locals and tourists seeking an authentic taste of Bacolod’s culinary heritage. The warm and rustic ambiance, combined with their expertly prepared Cansi dishes, guarantees an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of comfort food or an adventurous foodie eager to explore Bacolod’s gastronomic offerings, Eron’s Cansi House promises a memorable and satisfying meal.

As we bid farewell to Eron’s, our appetites satiated and our spirits uplifted, we departed with contented smiles. Our spontaneous dinner outing had transformed into a delightful culinary adventure, leaving us with a newfound appreciation for the rich flavors and traditions of Bacolod City.

ERON'S CANSI HOUSE A Haven for Cansi Lovers , Bacolod City

if you find yourself in Bacolod City, don’t miss the chance to try this incredible dish and see for yourself! Head over to Eron’s Cansi House and experience the amazing flavors firsthand. You won’t be disappointed!
Review Summary:
Eron’s Cansi House offers fantastic food with its delicious dishes and generous provision of free additional broth upon request. However, to enhance the overall dining experience, it would be beneficial if the establishment could consider adding an air-conditioned area. The lack of air conditioning can make dining during the daytime, especially amidst the scorching heat of El Nino, somewhat uncomfortable. Providing a cooler environment would greatly contribute to a more pleasurable dining experience at Eron’s Cansi House.
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