Wayniels Dine San Enrique : Creating Unforgettable Moments: Cherishing Friendship with Engiemar Tupas and Lei Lani Dusaban  


Culinary Experience in San Enrique, Negros Occidental: Wayniels Dine Review

On a sunny Sunday, with a scheduled power outage in our area, my friends Engfiemar Tupas, and Lei Lani Dusaban, and I decided to venture outside Bacolod in search of a place to spend the day. After reaching out to our friends for recommendations, we set our sights on the Municipality of San Enrique, Negros Occidental. With a suggestion to visit Wayniels, we embarked on a short journey to explore this beachfront dining spot.

In this review, we’ll share our honest experience, including the restaurant’s ambiance, cuisine, and suggestions for potential improvements. Please note that this review is based solely on our perceptions and is not sponsored in any way.


Savoring the Moment: Refreshing Mango Shake and Ocean Bliss

A Casual Beachfront Setting at Wayniels:

Upon arriving at Wayniels, we were greeted by the pleasant smiles of the restaurant personnel. San Enrique may not be a bustling town, but it offered a decent setting for our day trip. The restaurant’s location, right on the beachfront, added a relaxing element to our dining experience. While not extravagant, the ambiance was in line with our expectations for a casual coastal eatery.

Wayniels Offerings:

As we settled in, I couldn’t resist ordering a refreshing mango shake to combat the heat. The blend of sweet and tangy flavors provided a delightful respite. Moving on to the menu, we decided to try a variety of dishes. Our choices included mixed seafood, fish tinola, and grilled liempo. While the grilled liempo and fish tinola somehow met our expectations, we found the mixed seafood slightly overcooked, with an excess of tomato sauce. Despite these minor shortcomings, the flavors were enjoyable, albeit not exceptional.


Mixed seafood at Wayniels

Courteous Service and Room for Improvement:

One aspect that stood out during our visit was the commendable customer service. The staff at Wayniels Dine were courteous, engaging in friendly conversations that made us feel welcomed. However, as discerning diners, we would like to offer a few suggestions for potential improvements:

  1. Maintaining a Clean Beachfront: We recommend that the local authorities and the restaurant management work together to ensure that the beachfront remains free from garbage. Regular cleaning initiatives will contribute to a more pleasant environment for diners and visitors.
  2. Considerate Volume Control for Karaoke: To enhance the overall dining experience, we suggest establishing volume limits for the karaoke sessions at each restaurant. This will prevent excessive noise that can disrupt the tranquil atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy their meals and conversations without distractions.
  3. Enhancing Food Presentation: While the flavors were satisfactory, we believe that an improvement in food presentation could elevate the overall dining experience at Wayniels Dine. Attention to detail in terms of plating and garnishing can make a noticeable difference, adding a touch of visual appeal to the dishes.

Celebrating Fond Memories: Striking a Pose before Our Departure 


Our visit to Wayniels Dine in San Enrique, Negros Occidental, provided us with a pleasant dining experience. The casual beachfront setting, courteous service, and enjoyable flavors made our day trip worthwhile. Although there is room for improvement in areas such as beachfront cleanliness, karaoke volume control, and food presentation, we appreciate the efforts made by the restaurant staff. Should we find ourselves in the area again, we would consider revisiting Wayniels for another laid-back dining experience.

Fish Tinola [Wayniels Dine, San Enrique]

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