Gilded Expressions

Gilded Expressions L-R: Mr. Archie Javellana, Park Inn – FO Manager; Jang Yap; Leilani Dusaban; Rabby Nuevo Park In , Marketing Manager, the Artist, Jojo Vito, Ms. Portia Familiaran, CG Gisona and Engiemar Tupas


Jojo Vito, a Bacolod-based artist, celebrated his birthday with a bang by opening his one-man exhibit titled “Gilded Expressions” on March 22, 2023, at the Park Inn Hotel by Radisson Bacolod. The exhibit, which will run until June 30, features the artist’s latest sculptural pieces made of fiberglass, wall art mixed medium of organic materials and resin, huge jars, and his famous mask creations. The works are rendered in metallic colors, and some feature golden capiz, shells, barks, and twigs, all locally sourced from Negros Occidental.

The event was a hit, attended by the artist’s friends, bloggers, media, and art enthusiasts who couldn’t wait to see Vito’s latest creations. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by the artist himself, along with the FO Manager of Park Inn Hotel, Mr. Archie Javellana, and Madam Portia Familiaran, wife of Bacolod’s Vice Mayor and a close friend of the artist.

 The Artist with the Negros Occidental Tourism Officer, Ms. Cheryl Decena

Featured Pieces at Gilded Expressions

For his latest exhibit, Vito decided to explore new mediums and techniques, opting to create sculptural pieces and wall art using organic materials and resin instead of traditional paintings. The exhibit features various depictions of mother and child as well as family, laminated in metallic shades, giving the pieces a distinct and eye-catching character.

Vito had always been fascinated with art. Even as a child, he would spend hours drawing and painting, experimenting with different colors and materials. As he grew older, he started to realize that art was more than just a hobby for him – it was his passion, his calling.

After finishing college, Vito decided to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. He started small, selling his paintings at local art fairs and exhibitions. But as his reputation grew, so did his ambitions. He began to experiment with different materials and techniques, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in art.

Artist’s colleagues from the University of St La Salle Bacolod: Dr. Jojo Bayona, Dr. Rowena Banes (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences), the author (Rowena Graciano), Department Chair of Accountancy,  Leah May Mijares Santiago, and Archie Valderama (Gilded Expressions)

One of Vito’s most stunning pieces is the “Adlaw”. It’s a humongous wall art made of fiberglass with golden capiz shell inlay, and rendered in a very glossy finish. The first time I saw it, I was blown away by its sheer size and beauty. It’s the kind of piece that commands attention and would make a perfect centerpiece for a wide space, or a stunning backdrop for a buffet or a front office of a hotel.
But what I love most about Vito’s art is the way he incorporates different organic materials into his pieces. The “Familia Maharlika” is a family abstract rendition inlaid with various organic materials and finished with a glossy coat that makes it look luxurious and expensive. The way he combines different textures and colors to create a unique work of art is truly remarkable.

Another thing that sets Vito’s art apart is his love of ornamental plants. He often incorporates them into his pieces, like the shape of monstera leaves adorned with metallic butterflies. It’s a beautiful way to bring nature indoors, and I always feel a sense of peace and tranquility when I look at these pieces.

The Artist with his first buyer during the ribbon cutting ceremony, Ms. Julia Estrella-Javellana, SM Bacolod, Mall Manager (Gilded Expressions)

Another crowd’s favorite piece of Vito is the school of fish wall art. It’s a metallic-colored rendition of a group of fish swimming together, and it’s absolutely stunning. The way the light reflects off the metallic surface creates a shimmering effect that’s mesmerizing to watch.

What is admirable about Vito’s art is his willingness to take risks and experiment with different styles and materials. He’s not content to simply reproduce the same kind of work over and over again – he’s always looking for new ways to express himself and push the boundaries of what’s possible in art.

It’s exciting to hear that Vito is preparing new batches of art pieces to add to his existing collection. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next, and I know that whatever it is, it will be beautiful and inspiring.

 The Artist, Gilded Expressions

Jojo Vito is a self-taught artist who is known for his unique and innovative art pieces that showcase his creativity and skill. He has earned numerous accolades for his works, including the 2017 Annual Gawad Kalinga Bayanihan Arts Award and the 2018 Tourism Advocate Award from the Province of Negros Occidental. Jojo Vito is not just an artist, but also a man of many talents and achievements. Apart from his exceptional skill in creating unique and innovative works of art, Vito holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and is a university professor. He is part of the YAL College of Business and Accountancy teaching team, where he teaches in the marketing and entrepreneurship programs.

In addition to being a professor, Vito is also an award-winning travel blogger, business coach, and freelance trainer. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work, including the Kerala (India ) Blog Express and several winnings in Thailand Tourism Authority Annual Awards.

Despite his busy schedule, Vito manages to find time to create his signature mask creations, which he is known for in Bacolod City and beyond. His works have been sent to various parts of the world, showcasing his talent and creativity on a global scale. Vito’s passion for the arts and business has led him to explore various avenues for his creativity. He has used his knowledge and expertise to create unique marketing strategies for his art exhibits and has even collaborated with local businesses to promote art in the community.

Gilded Expressions

The vibrant marketing team of Park Inn by Radisson Bacolod (Gilded Expressions)

Overall, Jojo Vito’s “Gilded Expressions” exhibit is a testament to his talent and artistry as an artist. The exhibit showcases his ability to create unique and captivating works of art using organic materials and resin and highlights his signature mask creations that have become a staple of his art. The event was a huge success, with great sales and a positive response from attendees and the media alike. The exhibit will continue to run until June 30, giving more people the chance to appreciate Vito’s exceptional works of art and his unparalleled artistic style.

Gilded Expressions

One of the buyers of Jojo Vito from the Province of Aklan, requested to meet the artists

Gilded Expressions

with Bago City Counselor,  Hon. Mayette Javellana (Gilded Expressions)

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