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Sinulog Festival. [ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

 Sinulog Festival

One of the most celebrated festivals in the country, the Sinulog Festival of Cebu offers a colorful grand parade and numerous events.

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Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

This ancestral house was built back in the 17th century, and with such age of establishment, it continues to inspire people and visitors with its beauty and old looks. The furniture, displays, and everything in this place will make you think that you are back in the Spanish era.


Magellan’s Cross.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Magellan’s Cross

Built in 1521, this huge cross symbolizes the arrival and the beginning of the propagation of the Spanish of Catholicism. Thus, making it the very first landmark associated with the Spanish in our country.

Mactan Shrine

Mactan shrine served as a commemoration place for the brave hero, Lapu-Lapu when he fought for the land during the first arrival of the Spanish colonizers. It marks a significant event which highlights the battle at Mactan.

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Fort San Pedro. [ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Fort San Pedro

Built in 1565, this originally military base has become a historical tourist spot now. The displays and all other content of its museum are enough for you to have a throwback feels of the rich ancient past of the country.

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 Heritage of Cebu Monument

This sculpture depicts the historical and significant events that happened in Cebu starting from the colonization era down to the glorious and triumphant days of Cebu. The artistic representation was built by the local artist, Eduardo Castrillo.

Colon Street

The very first street in the country was established back in 1565 by the Spaniards headed by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Yes, you can be at the very first street in our country by being here. Isn’t that historical?

 Museo Sugbo

Also known as the Cebu Provincial Museum, these places hold  a lot of displays and galleries which can make you learn and discover the place better. Though the place was once a provincial jail back in the Spaniard’s era, it did not stop the people from making it into a significant place.

 Fuente Osmeña Circle

This circle makes visitors and locals alike feel that they can be comfortable being here. The fountain, the grass, and all the other aspects present in this circle allow an individual to be one with nature.

Cathedral Museum

Items gathered during the Spanish colonial times as well as a compilation of things throughout the years are on display in this museum. They were able to gather presentations starting from the 19th century.

Casa Gorordo Museum

Another Spanish-inspired casa turned into museum holds different display such as artworks, furniture, and religious artifacts. This museum is open to the public, making it ideal for those who would like to see a glimpse of the rich historical past of the place.

Kota Park

This park allows you to watch the spectacular sunrise and sunset view of the sea. This is both natural and historical since there is also the Kota Fort which was built to serve as a protection of the citizens back in the Spanish era times.

Address: Bantayan – Madridejos Rd, Madridejos, Cebu



Sumilon Island.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]


 Sumilon Island

White sand and clear water, this island located in Oslob is a perfect summer getaway! This is available for day trips which allows one to visit the famous white sandbar. Other activities such as snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming are perfect on this island.

 Basdaku Beach

Basdaku means great sand, and from the name itself, you can assume that as you go here, you will be greeted with a longshore of white powdery sand. Famous activity here includes scuba diving as well as snorkeling.

 Nalusuan Island

This marine sanctuary is perfect for activities such as diving and snorkeling. I am sure that the beauty and diversity of life at the bottom part of the water will leave you mesmerized in all aspects.


Moalboal.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]


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Camotes Island.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Camotes Island

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Bantayan Island

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 Sirao Flower Garden

The mini-Amsterdam will never fail you if you would like to be exposed in a much freer environment. Let alone, a place where you could see a lot of flower species and take a lot of great photos.

Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden

Blooms of flowers in terraces add experience to your trip. Just a few minutes away from Sirao, you can find this beautiful botanical garden. A place to rest? Do not worry because they have cabanas here.

 Obo-ob Mangrove Garden

Mangroves are pivotal in the ecosystem. Thus, raising awareness about it has been the primary purpose of those who are managing this eco-tourism park. Be here and be one with their advocacy.

Ogtong Cave

Located underground is another freshwater cave where one could take a cool dip. The water is shallow, making it ideal for those who are less adventurous in terms of depth.

Address: Santa Fe (Bantayan) – Hagnaya, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu
Phone: (032) 438 9129


 Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

Be in this garden and see a lot of flowers plus a lot of butterfly species! Run around and be mesmerized with the beautiful flying buddies they have. With a total of 55 species, I am sure that your journey will be complete.

oslob whale shark

Oslob Whale Shark.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Oslob Whale Shark Watching Experience

This is one of the top tourist attractions in Cebu, and I urge you to try it out, the whale shark or also called as butanding will be there for you to see, and if you are up for a much adventure, you can also swim with them.

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kawasan falls

Kawasan Falls.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]


Kawasan Falls

The turquoise color of the water here is merely a picture perfect! This three-tiered waterfalls will never disappoint you if it is an adventure that you are after. You have to be patient and steadfast in doing some climbing tasks to do it.

Address: Badian, 6031 Cebu

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Tumalog Falls.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Tumalog Falls

Nearby the Oslob area is the Tumalog Falls. This is a hit for many because the water at the bottom of it is shallow, making it ideal for those who do not want to wear any life vests anymore.

Address: Cebu South Rd, Oslob, Cebu


Temple of Leah

Temple of Leah.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Temple of Leah

This place is located in the top part of the area, and you can be here to take amazing photos and get some fresh air. Built as a memorial house of the clan, the Temple of Leah has been standing tall here, waiting to be visited by tourists.

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10,000 Roses Café

You might have seen a photo of this somewhere, and I am telling you that these 10,000 roses are perfect for your Instagram feed. The vibes, the colors, and the roses are amazing!

Tops Lookout

Be at the top and see the Cebu City from the bird’s eye view. Yes, the view and the overall vibes of the view from the top is not only refreshing but also relaxing.


Canyoneering in Kawasan.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]


Canyoneering in Kawasan

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Sky Experience Adventure
Sky Experience Adventure. [ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ].Photo from the Sky Experience official Site

 Sky Experience Adventure

Offered by the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, activities such as walking on the edge of the tower will bring out all the creeps you have. But don’t worry because this is safe because they have safety gear such as harness and the likes.

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Sirao Peak

Trekking is the ultimate activity here. The trek course cam is taken based on how many hours you would like to do it. Just be cautious and robust throughout for it can be tiring. The view at the top is also fantastic.

Osmeña Park

Jagged hills from the top will be your reward as you join in the trekking of this peak. This is also considered as the highest one in the province in terms of trekking activity.

Danasan Eco-Adventure Park

ATV. Rappelling, zip line, and all other fun activities are p[resent here. More so, kayaking is also possible! In short, the best advantage of this place compared to the rest is that they have reserved a lot of outdoor activities for you.


 Cebu Business Park

Local and imported goods are available here for purchase. Ayala Center Cebu is also found here. So, some shopping and walking are also recommended.

Taboan market

Taboan Public Market. [ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Taboan Public Market

Shopping for local goods at its finest is possible here. A lot of dried fish products are for sale, and I am telling you, they sell the best danggit fish here. The more orders you have, the lower the price will be.

Boljoon Church
Boljoon Church. [ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]. Boljoon Church. Source here


Boljoon Church

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 Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu

Built back in 1565, this church serves as the oldest church in the entire country! This also serves as the haven of the image of the Holy Child. This historical church was at the same time declared by the Vatican as the “Mother and head of All Philippine Churches.”

Simala Shrine
Simala Shrine.[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ].Simala Shrine. Source here
Simala Shrine

Located in the southern part of Cebu, this church is another must-see place in the area. The architecture of the church along with its peaceful vibe invites a lot of visitors, most especially those that are pilgrims.

Address: Sibonga, Cebu

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Built-in 1595, this Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cebu was built and designed in a Spanish era. It is no wonder that because the place was the first to be reached by the Catholics, the place holds a lot of historic churches.


[ Things to do in Cebu City, Philippines ]

Taoist Temple

Built back in 1972, being here makes you feel that you are in Taiwan or China. The cool vibes and the beautiful architectural structure of the temple are simple, perfect for a peaceful visit.

Visit Cebu and be ready to experience a vacation of a lifetime! Good luck and have a Happy Trip!

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  1. Before, I always wonder why a lot of tourists are so excited to go to Cebu. Thank you for these things to do in Cebu. This will be my guide on my next trip.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for a really good and extensive list of places to see in Cebu. I would like to add that visiting some of the islands nearby is a great idea. I personally like Bantayan Island to the north. It’s such a beautiful place and well worth while the time spent to get there.

  3. I will go to Manila and Cebu on 6-15th of June 2019. This is my first time go to Fillipine. I want explore all the things in Manila and Cebu (all that you write in this blog). But i have trouble about the transportation to explore Manila and Cebu (i’m afraid there’s scam). Do u have any suggestion for me? What’s the safe transportation to explore Manila and Cebu?
    Also, i want visit the factory of Manggo. Is it must be register first or it can be come directly? I’m waiting your response. Thank you.

    • Hi Stella, Metro Manila is a huge city to explore, it would be best to download a google map application. Also, you can Grab a taxi for easy transfer from place to place. Traffic is quite a problem during weekdays so it would be best to plan your schedule well especially in going to the airport.

      Cebu City is quite congested also when it comes to traffic. But traveling outside the metro can be done using buses. If renting a car, it would be best to negotiate first on the rates. Scam? not much, again it would be best to agree on the price first before going.

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