Laguna Tourists Spots |

Laguna Tourist Spots | Duck Junction, a welcome landmark in Victoria, Laguna is a composition of giant, colorful ducks representing the man product of the place, the  balut, and salted eggs. Photo credits: Judgefloro

Laguna Tourist Spots | Top-Notch Places

An hour-and-a-half journey from Manila will bring you to the CALABARZON Region. Specifically, the Laguna area. With this close distance, a lot of people from Manila, as well as other regions in Luzon, would usually head here for some weekend activity. In this write-up, I will be listing the top places to visit in Laguna. 

Laguna Tourists Spots |

Laguna Tourist Spots |  Photo credits Dionisia.besas

Buruwisan Falls

The Buruwisan Falls in Siniloan will entail a travel time paired with trekking and hiking, but as the majestic falls welcome you, all the hardships in reaching the destination will be paid off. Take some swimming activity and of course, don’t forget to save the moment through photos! 

Heritage Site 

Pila Laguna has a heritage site where you could visit and learn a lot of new things while enjoying it. The early history of the place, along with the early settlers back in the previous centuries, will entertain you. This educational trip will leave you with a pile of new information. 

Hidden Valley Spring

Located at Calauan Alaminos Laguna, the Hidden Valley Spring is a resort in the middle of nature. The lush green environment paired with the basin of clear turquoise water will bring much relaxation and even peace. 

Laguna Tourists Spots |

Laguna Tourist Spots |  Photo credits Judgefloro

Japanese Memorial Garden

The Japanese garden is located at Cavinti. It was built back after World War II to commemorate the life of the Japanese soldiers who dies during the war. Myths and stories are told that there is a buried Yamashita treasure somewhere in this garden. 

Costales Nature Farm

The Costales Nature Farm is the first agritourism in the country. In this place, you could learn a lot of things, especially organic farming. Plus, you could also get to try the famous organic salad! 

Lake Caliraya

Laguna Tourist Spots 

Lake Caliraya

Lake Caliraya, located at Lumban Laguna, is a human-made lake. It was initially intended for the elite. Now, it serves as a function area for some s=reunions and other special events. The place offers a different level of peace and serenity. 

Seven Lakes

The Seven Lakes in San Pablo City are the Bunot, Kalibato, Muhikap, Palakpakin, Pandin, and Yambo. All of these offer a unique and peaceful experience. May it be the view that you are after the serene environment, the seven lakes will never disappoint you. 

Makiling Botanic Garden

Situated at Los Baños, the rich and diverse flora and fauna in the Makiling Botanic garden will welcome you. Rare species of plants could also be seen here. To maximize your time, it is recommended that you arrive here early in the morning – just in time for the early blooms of flowers. 


Liliw Church

Laguna Tourist Spots | Liliw Church, Laguna. Photo credits Elmer B. Domingo

Old Churches

The towns of Liliw, Magdalena, Majayjay, Nagcarlan, Pakil, and Pili, hold several century-old churches. Thus, the province is usually flocked with pilgrims for the yearly Visita Iglesia during the celebration of the Holy Week. 

Mt. Banahaw

Mount Banahaw is known to be miraculous for the locals – naming it “Holy Mountain.” For tourists, it becomes their favorite hiking and trekking spot, for it also offers a fantastic view of the province at the top. 

Laguna Tourists Spots |

Laguna Tourist Spots |  Photo credits Andrew Martin

Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Laguna. The majestic view of the falls surrounded by the lush green environment will welcome you. You may also choose to take a bath in the basin of the falls and experience the cold and fresh water. 

Dalitiwan River

The Dalitiwan river in Majayjay Laguna offers not only a swimming spot but also accommodation or cottages for travelers who would like to stay overnight. So, you could maximize your stay here for you could spend more time. 

Shoes and Slipper Stores

Heading to Liliw Laguna will allow you to shop your footwear, all at high quality, and low cost! So, the shopping spree is not a bad idea after visiting the area. 

Laguna Tourists Spots |

Laguna Tourist Spots | Photo credits Obra19

Underground Cemetery

The famous and only underground cemetery in the country is located at Nagcarlan Laguna. As a national historical landmark, the place is usually visited by curious and adventurous tourists. They would, at times, go for the diving and snorkeling activity to visit the actual site. 

Villa Escudero

The Villa Escudero is situated in the City of San Pablo. This massive coconut plantation extends up to the area of Quezon. Coming here for a culture immersion is ideal, for there are museums available as well as authentic Filipino food hubs. 

Laguna is a complete package. If you have not realized that by now, then it is time for you to plan your itinerary and see it for yourself, I know that as you come to this beautiful province, you will be going home feeling delighted with all the places you have seen. Have a Happy Trip!


Laguna Tourists Spot |  Paete, Laguna. Photo credits Judgefloro

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