Cadiz City  Tourist Spots

Cadiz City  Tourist Spots



Dinagsa Festival is happening every January  

Cadiz City, Negros Occidental: The City Which Reminded of Spain

Many places in the Philippines had undergone a name change since the arrival of the Spanish. Some got their name at the whim of significant people at the time, while some got theirs due to their similarities with that of Spain. The city was among those places.

Located in the northern section of the province of Negros Occidental, the city now Cadiz got its name for its similar location in the north to that of a Spanish seaport which reminded the Spaniards of the semblance. The place, while not immediately a city, has had its name since 1861.

However, apart from the name it borrowed from a harbor in Spain, Cadiz is also known for other things. As a basin for whales which history accounts as a place where these large sea mammals washed ashore, this city is also renowned as the “City of Whales.”


Cadiz City  Tourist Spots


To the north, the place is bounded by the Visayan Sea, to the south by cities of Silay and Victorias, respectively, and to the west, by the municipality of Manapla. Given the prominence of Bacolod as a city in Negros Occidental, the city of Cadiz is also often described based on its proximity to it—a city north of Bacolod.

Rich in both aquatic and agricultural resources due to the perfect combination of sizeable fertile land and vast waters surrounding the city, Cadiz inevitably owes its riches as a 2nd-class city in its bountiful agro-fishery resources. Due to this fact, the bustling city is also known as a primary spot for both agriculture and fishing goods.

Although a thriving city, a large majority of the Cadiz land area remains rural which reflects the area’s primary root in farming. Consequently, this also meant that the city has a lot of space to develop into should the people of Cadiz opt for a transition.

Cadiz City  Tourist Spots


As an agricultural region around the north, Cadiz burgeons is primary for its sugarcane products which it passes to the nearby city of Victorias for further processing. Almost 2/3 of its overall agricultural area is dedicated to the planting of sugarcane.

For a city that has direct access to seawater, the city of the province never runs out of the needed supply of fish. As the Visayan Sea has been a thriving source of diverse aquatic resources, the city is also being envisioned as a seafood center in line with the tourist destinations of the island. Within the barangays of Tiglawigan and Daga alone, the making of dried fish and the manufacturing of boats is a major source of income for its settlers.

When not planting crops for harvest or crossing the seawaters to catch fish, other inhabitants of the place make a living conducting business or by being employed to a company.


Tawhay in Lakawon Island | Cadiz City  Tourist Spots

Things to Do In Cadiz City | Tourist Spots

Lakawon Island

One of the most popular resort destinations in the Province of Negros Occidental is found in Cadiz City, The Lakawon Island Resort.

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Dinagsa Festival

With Senor Santo Nino as its patron, Cadiz is also known for the Dinagsa Festival, a week-long event that typically starts on the last week of January in honor of its patron saint.

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Dried Fish

While visiting the place, don’t forget to buy their famous delicacy, the dried fish. You can ask the locals where to buy the delicacy which you can bring home with you.

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Visit Neighboring Places When You Visit Cadiz City

Bantayan Island Cebu

Visit Bantayan Island Cebu

One of the jump-off points for Bantayan Island Cebu is in Cadiz City, the Bangquerohan. Big motorized bancas are traveling to and from Bantayan Island daily viz Bangquerohan.

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Try the Puto Manapla

The Municipality of Manapla is adjacent to Cadiz City. The place is famous for their Puto, a rice cake delicacy which is very famous in the entire province of Negros Occidental.

Take any vehicle bound for Bacolod and tell the driver to drop you off at Manapla proper.

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Suyac Island of Sagay City

Visit Carbin Reef and Suyac Island of Sagay City

Some tourist spots in Negros Occidental that are very close to Cadiz City are the Carbin reef and Suyac Island found in Sagay City.

Just take The Ceres bound for San Carlos and ask the driver to drop you in Sagay City. The moment you are in Sagay City, take a trike and tell the driver that you are heading for Carbin Reef. It is recommended to pass by the Tourism Office of Sagay located in the old city hall (just beside the highway) for some information.

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How to Get to Cadiz City for the Tourist Spots

You can reach the city from Bacolod City by Ceres Bus (Ceres North Terminal). Travel time is approximately 1.5 hours.



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    the dinagsa festival in cadiz city is a happy occasion to celebrate here the smearing of ashes like charcoal started now the paints that are used in this festival and Dinagsa festival is in honor of Cadiz ‘patron saint, Senor Santo Nino de Cadiz and that’s all thank you

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    Negros occidental is one of the best tourist attractions because of the beautiful places and different culture of every city and municipality of negros. If I will be given the chance to make a change in the province of negros occidental. I will conduct a meeting with some engineers to present my ideas and plan then I will give some renovation with the help of our local engineers to insure that the renovation we make will be safe second I will put up some business stores to sell like delicacies that represent our own places. Then I will conduct an improvement to the tourist Spot that was not most likely to be visited by some tourist if the place was in mountain places I will put up some attractions like mini zoo to attract more people and I will put some animals that represent our country which will be posted in social media account to be able to attact client like teenagers also to attract foreign and local customers. Also I will give a seminar for the worker’s to teach them how to be pleasent and hospitable with the client or how to interact with them in respective way therefore the tourist will be happy and satisfied with our service also the tourist could be able to refer the place to their friends and families or give a good feedback regardless not only in the place but also with the people working there.

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