Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

Halong Bay Cruise

Charting Your Course: The Ultimate Halong Bay Cruise Guide for Happy Trippers

Hi, Happy Trippers:

Embarking on a journey to Halong Bay, Vietnam is an adventure etched with the promise of unforgettable memories. As you gear up to explore this captivating destination, let this comprehensive travel guide be your compass. Filled with invaluable insights and practical advice, it’s designed to ensure an enriching experience for all aspiring Halong Bay adventurers.


Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

 Halong Bay Cruise: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Opting for Klook: Your Gateway to Convenience

When it comes to planning your Halong Bay adventure, convenience is paramount. Selecting Klook as your travel partner is a game-changer. This platform streamlines the booking process, offering a seamless start to your journey, complete with hotel pick-up if you’re staying in Hanoi. Bid adieu to logistical headaches and welcome the stress-free launch of your Halong Bay escapade.


Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

  1. Making Pit Stops: Handicrafts and Local Treasures

Before you set sail, seize the opportunity to explore enriching pit stops along the way. Marvel at the remarkable talents of differently-abled individuals in the realm of intricate embroidery. Then, dive into the world of cultured pearls, gaining insight into the meticulous process of crafting these precious gems. These stops not only offer a window into local craftsmanship but also provide a chance for a quick refreshment break and restroom stop.

Halong Bay Cruise

  1. Choosing Your Vessel: Amanda  vs. Hera Cruise

Your first pivotal decision is selecting your cruise experience. Originally booked on the Amanda Cruise, we received an enticing offer to switch to their sister company, Hera Cruise. This upgrade promised VIP accommodations, complete with a luxurious bathtub and more spacious living quarters. While Amanda boasts a larger vessel and a livelier atmosphere, Hera offers a quieter, more intimate setting. Consider your preferences and the personalities of your travel companions when making this choice.

With Engiemar Tupas, Lei lani Dusaban and CG Hisona

  1. Embracing the Full Spectrum of Experiences at Halong Bay Cruise 

a. Culinary Adventures: Vietnamese Cuisine Unveiled

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with the bold and flavorful world of Vietnamese cuisine. While I personally relished every bite, it’s worth noting that the robust flavors may not resonate with every palate. Embrace this culinary adventure with an open mind, and don’t hesitate to seek out dishes that align with your taste preferences.

b. Activities on Deck: From Caving to Swimming

Your days in Halong Bay are filled with a variety of activities to choose from. While caving offers a unique exploration of the bay’s geological wonders, a refreshing swim in the calm waters may be more your speed. Tailor your itinerary to suit your interests and energy levels, ensuring every moment is cherished.

c. Evening Extravagance: Cooking Demos and Sun Deck Dining

The evenings on board Hera Cruise are a celebration of Vietnamese culture and hospitality. Indulge in a cooking demonstration, immersing yourself in the art of local cuisine. As the sun sets, dine on the sun deck, surrounded by the beauty of Halong Bay. The experience is truly an exquisite blend of elegance and entertainment.

Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

 with the (Halong Bay) Hera Cruise Staff

  1. Morning Rituals: Tai Chi and Breakfast Buffet

As the new day dawns, consider participating in a graceful tai chi session, a serene way to connect with the natural beauty of Halong Bay. Alternatively, opt for a leisurely breakfast buffet, providing sustenance for the adventures that lie ahead.

  1. Embrace Nature: Kayaking and Lagoon Exploration

Venture out onto the calm waters of Halong Bay, either by kayak or on a guided exploration of a serene lagoon. These experiences offer a deeper connection with the bay’s natural wonders, allowing you to appreciate the sheer beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

Travel Tips and What to Bring on Your Halong Bay Cruise:

  • Sunblock: Shield yourself from the sun’s rays while basking in Halong Bay’s natural beauty.
  • Swimsuit: Be ready to take a refreshing dip in the calm waters of the bay.
  • Outfits for OOTD: Pack several ensembles to capture your unforgettable moments amidst the stunning backdrop.
  • Expect Vietnamese Cuisine: Embrace the local flavors of Vietnam and savor every culinary delight.
  • Tips for the Crew: Show appreciation for the exceptional service provided by the dedicated crew.
  • Respect Cultural Differences: Interact with fellow travelers from different nationalities with respect and open-mindedness.
  • On the Bus: Maintain a serene environment, especially when others are resting or sleeping.

With this guide in hand, you’re primed for an exceptional Halong Bay adventure. Approach each moment with wonder and respect, and let the natural beauty and cultural richness of Halong Bay leave an indelible mark on your heart. Bon voyage, happy trippers!

Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip


Halong Bay Cruise Guide | The Happy Trip

Halong Bay Cruise


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